Devil May Cry 5 — realized for three

Genre: Action

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Platforms: PC, Xbox One. PlayStation 4

Release date: 8 March 2019

“Devil May Cry back!” under the cheers of the crowd heralded Hideaki Itsuno at E3 2018. Will powerchem a bit that the series never left, and DmC: Devil May Cry has been unjustly spat fans of Japanese game development, but Oh well, today it’s not about that. The fifth part of the famous

slashers again, Capcom, and so far it looks like a good job on the bugs of the fourth numbered edition. This time control will not only cool grown-up Dante and Nero, which I hope will be no more whining for no reason, but mysterious VI (V).

Each of the characters his fighting style. Dante, for example, wielded not only familiar with sword and pistols, but the bike (and why not), turning into two huge chainsaws. Nero lost his right hand instead of her removable dentures, giving him different abilities. Finally, part VI of the skills looks like a relative of Virgil. A deadly Arsenal man adds the ability to summon a variety of shadow creatures, some of them not inferior in size to the huge bosses.

Of course, anywhere do not share the pathos and style. In traditional rollers going on a mad Orgy and in battles will have a hard time due to the diversity of rivals. A little confused by the inability to cancel the animation of the stroke — this is probably not the best way to affect dynamics. Promise co-op, but not yet too clear how it will fit into the series.

Ape Out — shaggy, big bad

Genre: Action

Developer: Gabe Cuzzillo

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch

Release date: February 7, 2019

Pathetic little people shut down the gorilla in the cage. Now to sit in her little prison for the amusement of the idiots on the other side of the bars, and not to burst the bananas in their native woods. Well, they thought so, but the beast broke free and now is VERY ANGRY!

To Ape Out, we play the role of a gorilla that is trying to get out from some sinister place — whether laboratory, whether high-rise buildings. And does it most severely — what is happening on screen is often reminiscent of Hotline Miami. With about the same dynamics and rhythmic music, which explodes by percussion in your every action. Gorilla — conductor, and flying in all directions humans — disposable instruments and bad musical numbers.

The animal is able to use people as a shield, to shoot the hostage, and at the same time to throw the hapless guards into the walls and each other. The project publishes Devolver Digital, so the quality is not worry, you guys take disparate and seemingly strange game, but rarely miss.

Disco Elysium — drunk, but persistent

Genre: Role-playing game

Developer: ZA/UM

Publisher: Humble Bundle

Platform: PC

Release date: 2019

To the isometric fantasy role-playing games are all used, but as you RPG about drinking detective with amnesia, who has to investigate a mysterious murder along the way trying to figure out who is he anyway? And the first would be nice to find in a messy room of clothes, and the worthless to walk the streets naked. And how to get rid of a terrible hangover. And-and-and-and-and, well, the face looking at me from the mirror!

In the game you can behave as you want, and quests there are a few options for passing, but never know what will cause a particular path. Maybe we can reach some kind of clue, maybe the bullet will stop the detective once and for all. In any case, it will be grim.

One of the interesting features Disco Elysium, I want to mention a skill system. Each of the skills has its own personality and even face, done in abstract style. In the process of decision-making will need to talk not only with a bunch of people, but quarrel with the voices in his own head. Moreover, they can affect the choices in the dialogue with real people. I told you shouldn’t drink so much!

Ghost of Tsushima — enemy at the gates

Genre: Action

Developer: Sucker Punch

Publisher: Sony

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Release date: 2019

In the last few years the gaming industry is once again interested in feudal Japan. And games about it, make not only the inhabitants of the country of the Rising sun, but their Western colleagues. Sucker Punch, ending with a series of inFamous, did not appear on radar, and then made a completely new game in an open world, action which takes place during the first Mongolian invasion of the island of Tsushima.

The area is ravaged, however, the will samurai Jin is not broken — he goes on the warpath for the liberation of their country from the invaders. The developers promise a large map with many interesting places to visit: temples, bamboo groves and other beauty. Speaking of battles, the Japanese knows how to eliminate opponents as secretly and quietly, and in the battles with swords. They look as cool as in the classic film about Japanese soldiers.

The question is how interesting will make Sucker Punch their world. The Studio was always very vivid characters and interesting move on the locations, but just the filling part of the virtual space problems enough. Especially Jin is not Cole from inFamous, does not possess superhuman abilities and can only ride a horse through the beautiful fields, and not to fly between the skyscrapers. While the Ghost of Tsushima looks like a real cat in the bag — may be as pearl and technically impeccable but boring “OpenWorld”. Intrigue!

In the Valley of Gods — once in Egypt

Genre: Adventure

Developer: Campo Santo

Publisher: Valve

Platform: PC

Release date: 2019

The creators of lamp Firewatch has been bought by Valve, so their next game In the Valley of Gods, will be released under the supervision of the Corporation Gabe. Looks like we will have another pleasant journey with elegant dialogue, only this time in the scenery of Egypt in the twenties of the last century.


Though not so lonely as the story Henry. In the adventures of the main character Rashid will help the girl is Zora is a former partner, with which Rashid had once sworn never to work. But fate decreed otherwise, and ladies went in search of an incredible archaeological finds.

Feel how open space for sentimental conversations that Campo Santo is well able to write? Can and old resentments to remember, and discuss things past, and to exchange barbs, and then again to make friends. I want to believe that the success of the Studio was not a matter of chance, and this time she too will surprise you.

Judgment — the law and (in)order

Genre: Action

Developer: Sega

Publisher: Sega

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Release date: Summer 2019

The team responsible for the Yakuza series, I decided “change of scenery”. Judgment is the story of a detective who is not worse than Kazuma Kiryu owns with his fists, in the same way fooling around in the mini-games and deals with much more serious things like investigations. It seems that the only significant difference from previous games is that we now represent the law. Not very humane, by the way.

The shift in perspective is intriguing. In “the Yakuza” mafia perfectly illustrates the world of Japan, and if possible not less exciting to show the other side of the fence, we only. The more unlikely Takuya Kimura, one of the most popular actors of the country of the Rising sun, would agree to play the main character anywhere.

Part of the gameplay, special revelation is not worth waiting. Added search for clues and QTE, the chase, but the battle and other activities will remain the same. Get a spiritual successor Yakuza — fans of the series will delight lovers of Asian flavor, too, will not want to miss.

MechWarrior 5 — better late than never

Genre: Action

Developer: Piranha Games

Publisher: Piranha Games

Platform: PC

Release date: 10 Sep 2019

MechWarrior 5 was supposed to come out this year and make the company Battletech, but something went wrong and action about huge fighting robots postponed the fall of 2019. The developers are very worried about the future of the series — after all, the last single release appeared back in 2002. It is better to touch up all the rough edges than to receive an angry retort from frustrated fans.

The game takes place during the Third and Fourth wars, and we are traditionally in favor of grubbing coins mercenaries. Earn resources and repair, choose factions and jobs. At the same time you think which of the regions should pay more attention.

In addition, the Studio promises co-op for four destructible locations and full supporting mods. Under the hood the game is Unreal Engine 4, so after the release you can count on an active community of modders. If the fall of the bottles will still be able to get out of the hangars.

Metro: Exodus — from the subway to the air

Genre: Shooter

Developer: 4A Games

Publisher: Deep Silver

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Release date: 15 February 2019

Recently Metro: Exodus was moved to a week ago, so now it all its apocalyptic power will fall upon the long-suffering Crackdown 3 (which had moved a week ago to avoid this). In fact, about a third part of the adventures of Artyom’s hard to say something new — you probably already know if you follow the news. Location will be much larger and more spacious, the seasons change with the advancement of the plot, there will be better weapons in the style of Crysis, and the performance of tasks can be approached in different ways.

I’d like to believe that Exodus will not suffer the typical fate of the final parts, when the game throws so much that it is bursting at the seams with useless mechanics and extra content, or leaves after the passage of too many dangling questions. So much to wait and get an open ending? It is possible, please?

On the other hand, under favorable circumstances, we get probably the best “Metro”. With a stunning atmosphere, varied gameplay and research locations. Let’s take the train across the country to gather supplies, trying to survive and get to the truth. But it will have to fork out to upgrade.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps — charming hardcore

Genre: Platformer, metroidvania

Developer: Moon Studios

Publisher: Microsoft

Platforms: PC, Xbox One

Release date: 2019

Fabulous Ori and the Blind Forest was one of the best games of 2015. It combines juicy picture, a challenging platformer and entertaining metroidvania, and wonderful music was a pleasant addition to the almost perfect project. Moon Studios has put the bar very high, and next year will try to reach her sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

You know, may happen. The game continues the heartwarming story of the first part, so as we meet new characters and old friends. Platform sections become even more tricky, so you have to practice and learn from their mistakes. The world, as they promise, will become more complicated, so without the help of a cartographer, offering to open certain part of the location, not enough.

And all of this is served with a stunning graphic style and equally beautiful musical accompaniment for the authorship of the same Gareth Coker, composer of the first part. Looking forward to it.

RAGE 2 — colorful Apocalypse

Genre: Shooter

Developer: Avalanche Studios, id Software

Publisher: Bethesda

Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Release date: 19 may 2019

Bethesda failed one postapokalipsis, but wised up the second. Craftsmen from Avalanche Studios and id Software make my version of life after the end of the world. Bright, cheerful, filled with madness. The atmosphere of Rage 2 is more reminiscent of “Mad max”: on the roads of huge trucks, and we certainly can attack convoys and loot caravans.

For the open world meet the creators of Just Cause, and shooting got recognized masters of their craft. Or someone doubts shuternyh abilities of the authors of DOOM, Quake and Wolfenstein? Occupations related to sending enemies to peace, will be a great many — about the authors thoroughly told.

Open world built on connected with fire entertainment is cool, but not too late the Duo recognized studios at the ball “openwindow” as Fallout 76 was late to the party “vyzhivalok”? I want to believe that there is.

Resident Evil 2 Remake —a classic returns

Genre: Horror

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Release date: January 25, 2019

A remake of the second part of “resident” fans asked for years, maybe fifteen, and Capcom finally heard them. To the point the developers came up with alarming seriousness. We will get not just a revamped version of classics with a few innovations, as it was with Resident Evil HD, and a completely new game with modern mechanics, look over his shoulder, created from scratch locations and rewrite the narrative.

The latter is what confuses most, since cross-scenarios of Leon and Claire are going to replace separate storylines. Perhaps it’s not so bad, but on the four different ways of passing will have to forget. But everything else is very hard to find fault. Developers, for example, promise to give more opportunity to run on the infected raccoon city, and not just on the familiar police station. Yes, and viscous atmosphere of constant danger and fear, it seems, struggling to keep.

The remake looks bloody and disgusting. It’s nice that the game is not shy of the intestines had fallen and broken mutant bodies. since it is about zombies, it is not necessary to make amends for the cruelty — Resident Evil 2 Remake, at least, on rollers, and makes. Wonderful and release date — the wait is very long, since the project will be released on three major platforms on January 25.

The Last Night we are still waiting for you!

Genre: Action

Developer: Odd Tales

Publisher: Raw Fury

Platform: PC, Xbox One

Release date: 2019

Dark trailer the cyberpunky Last Night blew E3 2017, but since the game is somehow missing from the news feeds. Apparently, something went wrong: the Studio from time to time in evading his Twitter, but the information is essentially all this time is almost not increased. And recently there appeared a disturbing, but not too specific news, forcing to worry about the future of the project.

Mainly the game is still intriguing visual style, consisting of a mixture of three-dimensional graphics and pixel art. Although if the development drags on for several more years, the idea may go bad — the same Octopath Traveler even looked simpler, but moved in the same direction.

Not in the least surprised if The Last Night would be a project for five hours or six. But the main thing not length, and that the Studio will have time for this time to say, right?

The Stillness of the Wind — a quiet life

Genre: farmer Simulator

Developer: Memory of God

Publisher: Fellow Traveller

Platform: PC

Release date: 2019

The silence, the hot sun, no one around. Residents of the villages one by one moved to the city. There was only the old lady Talma, peacefully living out his days in the care of the vegetable garden and the goats. Of simulators farmer is already out a lot, but The Stillness of the Wind still stands out for its warm atmosphere and serene demonstration of making your own destiny.

Know yourself, do a leisurely cheese from milk, collect eggs, and vegetables, and then exchange them at the dealer for something useful. He brings letters from relatives living in the city, but the message is hardly joyful.

The style and mood of a game very similar to free Where the Goats Are, not surprisingly, because both were created by one developer. Last, the project received very warm reviews from the press, let’s see if we can repeat the success with the commercial release.

“Mor” — now a trilogy

Genre: Adventure

Developer: Ice-Pick Lodge

Publisher: tinyBuild

Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Release date: 2019

Rethinking the “Mora” which year is in limbo. The game release was postponed several times, eventually Ice-Pick Lodge decided not to delay the release indefinitely, and to release the project in pieces. The first will see the light of the scenario of the Haruspex and the Bachelor and the Imposter will catch up sometime later.

And at the time of writing the Studio has not decided whether the new story branch to be added to the already released draft or will appear as separate episodes. Still today the release of the parts is no surprise. According to the main “ice pick” Nikolay Dybowski, statistics shows that the user first runs the game for one character, and after some time returned to other characters. So, with additional scenarios and to wait.

The original pathologic was a game not for everyone, like almost all projects Ice-Pick Lodge, but had an incredible appeal and powerful atmosphere. Therefore, we have come to expect from rethinking at least the same addictive gameplay and dark moods. The game will be a little easier in favor of modern gamers, to navigate in an infected city will become a smidgen easier, but this should not greatly affect the overall mood. In General, expect and believe that soon will get a release version, not the regular news about the transfer.


That’s all, but wait! If you can not find the game in the article, it may be in a special issue Gamesblender, which is also dedicated to emerging in this year’s draft.


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