Genre Adventure, platformer
Publisher Devolver Digital
Developer Nomada Studio
System requirements Windows 7 and above or Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), and higher, processor Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 with a frequency of 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.6 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with 1 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 or AMD Radeon HD 5570 4 GB on the hard disk
Release date 13 Dec 2018
Age limit
Not defined
Platform PC, Nintendo Switch
Official website

The game is tested on PC

We all have dreams in which you long and hopelessly falling, falling, falling and can’t reach the ground. Or bottom. Black and white dreams. History of Gris began with such dreams about flying up and down — and if each of us wakes up in a terrible and fatal moment of contact with the ground, the Gris did not Wake up. It only remained to rise and escape through the gray lifeless desert. Until it ran with ink.


Meditative “game flow” Jenova Chen’s Flower and especially Journey, could spawn many imitators — after all, the success of thatgamecompany’s very attractive, and the recipe looks repeatable, but not generated: some vignettes, like the Gathering Sky, should be viewed as exceptions.

This is a dream?

Nomada Studio, perhaps ahead of all. Until the next game Jenova Chen, mobile Sky, still could not come out of the prolonged local beta, GRIS picks up the drooping banner of Journey. But, again, in his manner — where thatgamecompany only declares the focus on the aesthetics front, the mechanic (and in fact produces a perfectly polished game mechanically), there are Spaniards in his debut project just take and do it.

Gris, the girl who lost her voice (some more reminiscences on the best indie games in history), finds himself in a dreamlike world where not looking for glory, victory or at least salvation for mankind but only themselves. This is a highly personal, wordless story in which everything said by the music, the scenery and the rhythm of the game.

Walking on the stars

A girl with blue hair and a thin, barely-defined limb — walks, runs, flies, floats in your fluttering dress using a two-dimensional world. Formally GRIS can be called a platformer. There is a need to jump, sometimes exercising a certain skill, and solve the riddles, not always obvious — but the whole process is built so that nothing distracts and does not interfere with emotional immersion.

But not only the gameplay is subordinate to these goals. GRIS — product of purely mood-driven, which eroded not only the target character, but also is itself a promise. Gris gradually fills paints discolored world, bumping it as friendly creatures, and opponents — is unable, indeed, to cause her real harm, but intimidating. To resist them, the Gris could not only run for the time being, until you have to see the monsters right in the face without fear. This monsters born of her subconscious, which it will have to gain at least some contact, passing all the familiar stage of adoption is inevitable. But what she has to accept it — remains a mystery. Space. A white spot.

This gap fills GRIS beauty, and from all directions: from watercolor landscapes and animations of girls to sound design and music. Even tactile Gris felt great — felt the ease of her movements, the feeling of flight, and sometimes it can turn into a stone cube, is able to resist gusts of wind or to break through the fragile floor and you feel the weight.

A world of impeccable symmetry

GRIS — a real ode to the beauty of the swaying, sad, thin. Woven from simple images is geometrically built forgotten city, the shining constellations, a small figure on an overwhelmingly huge backdrop, a tear on the cheek of the beautiful — visually GRIS works flawlessly. Almost every frame, which gives the game, you can enjoy the style perfected brilliantly.

Visual enjoyment goes hand in hand with acoustic — the game is absolutely beautiful music written by a Spanish group Berlinist. Her exercises at the intersection of neo-classical, ambient and IDM it is possible to listen to separately from the game — this is the case when the purchase of the soundtrack more than justified. Very cool transferred to the sounds in the game — lost her voice Gris won’t breathe a word, but the echo of her footsteps in the vast empty halls, the rustle of wet leaves in the rain forest, resounding crunch of crystals in the cave, enveloping the density of the underwater world make you think about the Inside — the last game who equally impressed me with the clarity of the sound environment.

Blue period Klimt

GRIS is not too long, but extremely emotional journey that does not involve very much thoughtful and serious (from the point of view of gameplay) approach. To invoke that same feeling of flow for Nomada Studio is more important than to induce a sense of achievement and the creators of the game do their job. However, for fans to solve riddles and to explore the game world in GRIS something in store — there’s plenty of secrets and cavern, to find that move very difficult. At some point, once again in the original ruins — a kind of “database” of Gris, which she in his way to his returns, I notice a symbolic point about the found secrets, and realize that perhaps we should return to this watercolor dream again.


Video games today, nobody is calling, as in my childhood, toys. It is simply insulting — like poems called statemi, epic novels — books; and simply in these words a different meaning. But GRIS can call it not something that is possible, but I want to. Skillfully executed porcelain figurine, masterpiece of a master puppeteer. Hollow inside, it does not become any less beautiful. Not able neither to move, nor to say anything, it evokes genuine feelings and emotions — everyone has their own: from light sadness and ringing joy to cathartic merging of your self with it.

GRIS is the most delicate and probably the most beautiful game of the year. Clean and minimalistic act of art — with a fairly conventional gameplay and elusive meanings.


  • the great beauty.


  • a slight feeling of emptiness.


The most beautiful game of the year.


Not the most original music Berlinist no less beautiful. Sound design with the simplicity of the tasks (still before us a platformer, and not particularly technological project) worked perfectly.

Single game

Pretty simple, but can raise interesting challenges for the meticulous player puzzle platformer in which everything has a feeling of flow and emotion is much more important a sense of achievement.


Not provided.

Overall impression

Blue hair and soulful sad eyes of the heroine are not deceiving you. GRIS is a beautiful creation, delicate game with elusive meanings.

Rating: 8,5/10

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