AMD is intriguing: January 9, expect “exciting announcements”

As already known, the organizers of the upcoming exhibition CES 2019 has decided to provide a platform for the keynote address Dr. Lisa su (Dr. Lisa Su), President and CEO of AMD. This event is scheduled for 9 January, and we expect that in the framework of its benefit Lisa su will talk about the further strategy of the company entrusted to her, and maybe present some new products.

As stated in the announcement of the performance, AMD is going to just “catapult technology, computing, gaming and visualization through the world’s first 7-nm high-performance Central and graphics processors that are able to provide sufficient capacity to reach the next technological horizon.”

But what lies behind these high-sounding phrases? To bring some clarity tried on the website of the Consumer Technology Association – a trade organization that organizes CES. There appeared a short interview with Lisa su, where she was asked a direct question about what exactly she is going to discuss in his speech at the exhibition.

Answering, it is, of course, was not without common phrases: “I look forward to the opportunity to share a story about some of our latest technologies and how they had tremendous potential and affect the world around us.” Subsequently, however, were presented and more specific information: “To me on stage will be joined by some very special guests from different industries with whom we work. They will share examples of how partnerships can accelerate the pace of innovation. In addition, we will make several exciting announcements about our next-gen products”.

In other words, the head of AMD really has confirmed its intention to make some important announcements. AMD fans expect the company will announce the extension processor family Ryzen by models on the architecture of Zen 2, but will also introduce new graphics chips that will be produced at the 7-nm technology. From the words of Lisa su, it is possible to conclude that lay on her statement of hope might not be in vain.

3DNews will closely monitor what is happening at CES 2019. Report Lisa su will take place on 9 January at 20:00 Moscow time.


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