Genre Fighting game
Publisher Nintendo
Developers Nintendo
Release date 7 Dec 2018
Age limit 12 years
Platform Nintendo Switch

Nintendo I like the constant search for the unusual approach to their games. Sometimes by management, as projects for the Wii, sometimes at the expense of ideas that turns the genre on its head. Just look at Splatoon, it seems as if the shooter, and try to find a second. The most

popular series of fighting games Super Smash Bros. was also born out by the experiments. It has been around for 20 years, and is now ready to offer the huge number of actors, the issue with the telling subtitle Ultimate.

What are you?

A little bit about what constitutes a series of Super Smash Bros. Unlike other fighting games, here the winner is not the one who shortened strip the enemy lives to zero (although such a condition can also be selected), and the player who managed more than once to push the opponent off the screen. It is not as easy as it seems. Is the health of the fighters have the damage meter in percentage — the higher the value, the further the character will fly when he is in running the reception. If there is no damage to worry about, of course, not worth it, if he did not jump into the abyss, and when the number exceeds a hundred, then there really should be afraid of rapid space travel.

Everything in the collection

Although the departure for the ring does not mean instant death, because to kill an opponent it is necessary that he flew a certain distance. On a hard surface, you can still come back from seemingly hopeless situations, using a double jump and any other techniques that allow the character to move in the air to the sides or up. In General, Super Smash Bros. requires not only fighting skill, how much skill platform: the ability to jump, run and climb the way. They are highly diverse, often composed of several floors. Moreover, some of them in the course of battle dramatically changed: the floor is crushed into several small platforms are converging, diverging and generally behave not like a normal fighting game. We can say that the location in addition to actors there is a neutral player — actually, the very arena.

At the same time control as simple: there are normal and special attacks that modifierade deviation of the stick, plus the block and capture. For example, with a simple press of the button, the hero will shoot, and if you lower the stick down and punch that will do the cutting. Techniques each fighter will be typed only on the minimum necessary, they are executed after a little practice intuitively. To settle with any fighter from a huge list of Ultimate SSB, including 74 persons (excluding DLC), can be quite fast.

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to know who of them is stronger?

Nearly eight dozen characters is quite enough for friendly get-togethers or entertaining network games, — jump to any map and make crazy mixes for four persons. Effects pour a good part of the screen can not see anything, and someone who has — it is not clear, the camera approaches and moves away, the arena is constantly changing, the fighters and then fly out of the heap, the small screen for a few seconds to revive and again to rush into battle. To be honest, in such moments, Super Smash Bros. is not the best way — at the forefront randomness and banal luck. For the fun of it!

However, Super Smash Bros. not for nothing is one of the most popular eSports title. In one on one fights, the game changes dramatically. In the course are hard timings, knowledge of the character, the ability to move, to Dodge the blows or absorb them with the security sector. Suddenly, the fighting of “Aha-ha-ha, here is solid snake from the pistol shoots Zelda, while he was chasing pokemon” turns into a powerful hardcore project. Despite the comic taking place, each fighter thought to the smallest detail, and the battles require the player care and the immediate reaction on the opponent’s actions and the constantly changing situation on the field. A skilled gamer will not leave any chance of a less experienced opponent, and if you have decided to conquer the ranked ladder, to train in Ultimate will be long and hard.

Very. A lot. SNAKE

Enter Metal Gear Rex, and an inkling Rayman into a bar…

On the part of the content and modes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate turned mad — eye run already in the main menu. The game pushed so many characters from a variety of references to the game series itself, Nintendo and other companies fighting dangerously bursting at the seams. Unfortunately, not all will play personally — the vast majority are presented in the form of spirits, improves performance fighter or temporarily appear on the battlefield after activating items. Used modified characters in the story campaign and custom network “battle arenas”, but not in the main competitive mode. Incorporeal creatures in SSBU already typed 1297 pieces, each with its own characteristics.

To enhance character, you will need one basic spirit, which is pumped in the levels. He has from one to three slots for auxiliary shower, adding a variety of modifiers, from reducing damage from lava open fight with arms in hand. And the largest of the auxiliary shower can take place not one but two or even three, so sometimes you have to Tinker with the settings before the fight.

Or leave all to the discretion of the AUTOFIT. When the number of collected people, monsters, robots, pokemon, fairies and other gibberish passes for a few hundred, then dig into this good problem, and I remember the properties of all and each and all can be a daunting task. At some point just start taking the strongest of the key spirits, and the computer will decide that it is better suited to support. Occasionally the result needs to be adjusted, but most often you’ll be fine.

A full set of spirits looks like this


Collecting under a separate scene mode, and the duration and quality it can compete with full-fledged games. It seems that the campaign doesn’t do anything special — is gradually moving forward on a huge map, fighting in hundreds of spirits, but by gradually increasing the complexity and number of new characters wakes up the inner collector and the scheme is “another battle — and all the” working until late at night.

Though, with all the quality of execution is the feeling that Nintendo was not confident that the regime will actually launch, but will not run from online. So developers… blocked a significant part of the list. Not counting the initially available characters, the number of fighters that you want to open, crosses six decades. I’m loyal to many fossils remaining in the game from the last century, however, Super Smas Bros. Ultimate left, it seems the only fighting game where characters still need to earn a passing anything.

The entire set is not available even in training mode, not to mention the multiplayer, which is incredibly stupid! I want to play as cloud or Bayonetta, but not for the initial Kirby? Onward to adventure “Suzette”. Only to find, to win and to add old friends to the list you can hours later, so five, six, maybe seven.

Besides the newcomers to the series won’t even be able to understand who they are best suited, without spending much time on opening and all. While fighting with the computer and you pass hundreds of battles in search of new characters from the game may be corny tired, and not getting to the most tasty — the competitive multiplayer. Add to the story, the need to try a whole bunch of different fighters in normal conditions, to determine the favorites, as the minimum entry threshold (read — ability to train and play for all) in SSB Ultimate happily upright for 20 hours. Even a simple “take someone who like the look” does not advise, because, damn it, no one to recommend, all closed!

Link met Bayonetta, nothing unusual

And a couple of words about the multiplayer mode. For their home games years before Nintendo was only one task — to make stable online. Besides him not so long ago began to take the money. So why in the absolute fighting “big N” you can’t filter players by connection quality and region? The matches still work relatively well, except for throwing in combat with conditions different from those that asked, but it is almost fixed by the patches. However, in team fights or in a mode “all against all” if someone proposes one, the battle will slow down at all. Just try to do something when the game freezes for a few moments every five to six seconds. Neither Dodge the blow, nor out of the abyss will not work.

Especially fun, when the background works perfectly Tekken 7, Dragonball FighterZ and Soul Calibur 6 Nintendo to improve the quality of the connection recommends to buy an adapter for 30 bucks that allows you to connect the Switch to the Network by cable. Dear N, maybe the problem still lies not in the type of connection and in the network code SSBU? Why only oak so you have the solution?

Despite some flaws, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is really the great issue of the series. The roster includes an insane amount of different characters with the most distinguished abilities. Mount modes will not get bored, and the campaign may tighten lovers of playthroughs for 100 %. And the game works great as a fighting game for parties: to join just on the screen all colourful and fun, and even in battles, can fight up to four people. Nobody will sit and wait your turn!

However, more serious players Nintendo somewhere specifically, but somewhere accidentally puts a spoke in the wheel. To open more than six dozen characters, especially if you already know what you need the lesson not fast. Why not give access to all, at least in multiplayer? However, the most disappointing network mode — it turned out to be just “raw”. Maybe in time to heal his life-giving patches and add some new filters. That is, if the company will take the initiative in their hands, and not continue to shift the problem to users and offer them wired adapters.


  • a huge number of modes, fighters, arenas and spirits — the game is downright bursting with content.
  • despite the apparent simplicity and comical events, SSBU will find something to surprise the hardcore gamers;
  • simple but tasteful story campaign, which should learn comrades in the genre with their attempts to make a movie with martial accents.


  • the need to open dozens of fighters;
  • in its current form online mode works on the principle of “lucky/unlucky”: sometimes the matches are perfect, sometimes you hit a enemy from another region with a high ping and everything collapses.


Nintendo traditionally does not take a technology and artistic level. The game looks clean and nice, however during the busiest moments, the frame rate may slightly fall.


In SSBU pushed an incredible amount of music from a variety of series. You will be a very long time to learn and to wonder.

Single game

Fighting on the surface is available and understandable, however the more you understand the features and mechanics, the deeper it becomes. For singles the game has a story campaign, and a standard arcade game, and the tournaments with the computer. The gap among this very simple.


With such a high level of performance of single-coil part of the multiplayer expect no less. However, he was the weakest link of the whole set. Available filters matches work barely, and the selection of players as there is no connection, because of what quite often, the fights turn into a lag festival.

Overall impression

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is really rich in content and incredibly diverse part of the heroes fighting game. She could earn the highest score, but running is not the best way network mode and the need to open a bunch of fighters slightly grease the impression of a great project.

Rating: 9,0/10

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