Genre Action
Publisher Square Enix
Publisher in Russia


Developer Avalanche Studios
Minimum requirements Intel Core i5-2400 3.1 GHz/AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 2GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760/AMD Radeon R9 270, 59 GB on your hard drive
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-4770 3.4 GHz/AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.2 GHz, 16 GB RAM, graphics
card with support for DirectX 11 6 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070/AMD Radeon RX Vega 56
Release date 4 Dec 2018
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Official website

The game was tested on PlayStation 4

Just Cause 3 remember the spectacular scenes, vivid colors and breathtaking stunts, and audience in addition, the console will never forget her horrendous performance on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As soon as the game exploded, it turned into a slide show that looked pretty funny — still shooting the red barrels and tanks — the basis of the local gameplay. This problem somehow tried to fix with patches, but things just got worse. But the owners of a Pro PS4 and Xbox One X can beat the game without any problems.

Island soap

In Just Cause 4 this problem I decided to fix a very strange way — on the base of the consoles the game is played in an insulting low resolution. Can’t remember when was the last time I had to place something in 720p at 30 frames/s, but to look at it at the end of 2018 unbearably painful. Circle scribble everywhere “ladder” and stretched textures. When you fly over any terrain on a parachute or a wingsuit, shrubs and trees occur before our eyes. Still, the game manages from time to time to hover and fly!

Sitting in tank, not to start everything blow up

But funny is not even that, and the fact that the story missions are still suffering from poor design and often have nothing to do with the capabilities of the protagonist. It is necessary for five minutes to drown ten booby-trapped vehicles, to activate the four switch, located in different parts of the region, we have to protect the hacker while he’s hacking there. To destroy buildings, create havoc and erase from the face of the earth bases are fun, but not really necessary — do it in your spare time, and here we have the story.

Sometimes the developers remember what needs to be Just Cause 4, and put us in a jeep with a machine gun or allow you to steer the tank. At such moments, the action really becomes fun when taking someone to a given point on the tail holding up a few cars, and ahead of hanging helicopters with snipers on Board, to fire and to organize the chaos exciting. In HD it looks so good, but still a game, at least not fall asleep. However, in most cases, such action-the breaks are only a part of the ongoing mission — and then up again to open the hook several hatches or doors for which you will have to get out of the transport.

Protagonist Rico Rodriguez, as before, almost neubivaemoy. No matter what desperate situations I put the character could not die (on average difficulty). It can withstand hundreds of bullets and survives multiple explosions. When our brave CIA agent is on the verge of death, the enemies around are painted red to make it easier to destroy them, but usually enough to fire a hook into the nearest wall and to go to hell — henchmen of the local mode shoot so bad more than half of their bullets flies into the milk. But even if they hit the target, hardly anything had changed — Rico hides the pain worse Harold.


In such moments, you realize that Just Cause as a series to the fourth part is practically not evolved — the latest iteration is still the same game on immortal, blasting everything superhero. And good, let it be, but relive the process! There’s no sense of danger, of the mission that sleepy, overwhelmed with meaningless errands. Shooting all the same miserable way as before — enemies can’t use cover, take a number, stand helplessly after being hit in melee. Well, the shooting is poor — what weapons to take, it bored.

So-so motivation

Not less melancholy and turned the plot: after a couple of hours cease to follow him, and the lengthy and completely devoid of any memorable episodes videos just eagerly anticipating. This time, Rico goes to South America, on the big island of Solis, divided into dozens of regions. Together with his friends he has to prepare his own “Army of Chaos” of the residents of Solis to repel a military organization “Black hand”. The plot development is about as dull as its premise, but hardly anyone plays Just Cause for the story — I want to quickly skip the pointless chatter and go blow something up.

To the newly made soldiers were confronted by the “Black hand”, it is necessary in each region to complete quests and destroy the property of a powerful organization. Once this is done, simply open the world map and click on the name of the district by sending there a detachment. Over time, using these operations rasplachivayutsya next story mission. The system is very simple and straightforward, that’s just no incentive to do any of this — you need to spend too much time on routine to get to something worthwhile. Including episodes of natural disasters, which the authors tirelessly advertised before release. The tumult of the elements was more of a disappointment than an advantage — strong thunderstorms with sandstorms hardly change the gameplay for the better, and the mission with them is over too quickly. But it is at least something new.

Helicopters and planes — the last century

To play this mess continue just for the sake of process, which sometimes brings a lot of fun. Ability Rico at any time to open the parachute and soar above the ground in a wingsuit makes it so nimble and agile that spider-Man never dreamed of. In the fourth part added the ability to call anywhere in the load from any vehicle and weapons, so if you want to sit in the helicopter, and sites around it is not visible, just press a few buttons and after a few seconds fly aimlessly. Legalized cheats!

What tricks you can do with a hook, too, never ceases to amaze — the process of binding the helicopter to the building looks ridiculous, but it’s good to watch as a pilot loses control and crashes into the wall! The hook on the arm of Rico now has three versions — it is possible to cling to the target balloons and raise it to the sky and attach to it small accelerators, because of which the transport accident or the enemy will fly away in an unknown direction. But, like everything else in this game, these innovations are not so much bored change the formula and are rarely used. But at first impossible to watch without laughing at how big the truck ceases to be an obstacle in the road and soars above the ground for a few balloons.

It is unfortunate that all these gadgets are rarely used as intended, but the game mostly forces engage in battle with the dumbest enemies and perform extremely idiotic job. You can diversify boring fights, tying men to exploding barrels or trying to derail them on the tank, it is either inconvenient or redundant. The snipers will appear on the tower, the whole team will land somewhere near the battle with the dolls are terribly boring, and the mission design hasn’t changed for the fourth part of the series. Like the new options the player a lot, and these natural disasters did not exist before, but no idea brought to mind, and therefore the difference with the third part of the small.

Everything it touches Rico, transformed into ruins


It’s hard to say hastened if the creators of Just Cause 4 with the release or they just don’t know what to do with the series next. If it’s all created exclusively for fans of the adventures of Rico Rodriguez, then, no question, but to the fans of this monotony ever get tired of. When a player is again forced to fly from one switch to another and then fill up their mindless and helpless soldiers, the interest fades away very quickly. More and graphics on normal PS4 nightmare. And the story is not normal. In General, it’s just a new Just Cause with a couple of bright moments, which is hardly something new.


  • a large area with different regions;
  • parachute, wingsuit and grappling hook allow you to move quickly without the use of transport;
  • interesting gameplay innovations…


  • …which are used not as active as I would like;
  • frustrating mission design and a dull story;
  • big emphasis on shooting from stupid opponents;
  • terrible graphics on normal PS4.


Holders of ordinary PS4 and Xbox One with no luck. The game is more or less working stable and not slow, but at 720p resolution it looks terrible. Textures are blurry, objects appear out of thin air. On PC the situation is much better.


The explosions sound pretty good, music in General impossible to remember, and the Russian voice was good. In General, the usual pattern.

Single game

To sweep everything will take about 25 hours. During this time, you about two times you’ll see the main villain, look at the ground immersed in the dream of the rollers on the engine, do a lot of stupid assignments and povzryvayut tank. Not a bad game, but not the best.


Not provided.

Overall impression

Just another Just Cause with a few minor innovations and a solid set of challenges, which are unchanged inherited from its predecessor. If you play on PC or newer versions of current consoles, you can add to the score even half a point.

Rating: 5,0/10

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