Genre Tactics
Publisher Funcom
Developer The Bearded Ladies Consulting
Minimum requirements Intel Core i5-760 2.8 GHz/AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4 GHz, 6 GB RAM, graphics card with DirectX 11 support 1.5 GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580/AMD Radeon HD 7870, 8 GB hard disk, Internet connection and a Steam account
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-6700K 3.0 GHz/AMD R5 Ryzen 1600X 3.6 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 4 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/AMD Radeon RX 480
Release date 4 Dec 2018
Age limit 16 years
Platform PC, Xbox One, PS4
Official website

The game is tested on PC

Tactics in recent years leaves a lot and for every taste: the space Space Hulk: Tactics, military Valkyria Chronicles 4, the well-known XCOM 2 with various additives, spyware Phantom Doctrine and so on. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden opens the genre to a new world — a flourishing post-Apocalypse, full of intelligent mutants. And with a good sense of humor.

In search of tactics

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is based on the current version of tabletop role-playing game Mutant. It was developed in Sweden and was released in 1984. World fame “nastolka” not achieved, but the home was popular and went through many iterations, the latest of which is Year Zero.

In any game about postapokalipsis there is such an unlucky fisherman

Once again mankind befalls a sad fate: the depletion of resources, pollution, terrible Red plague, mows the population is worse than the bubonic, and the nuclear exchange in the end. Passed century. The human race is almost lost. The only known extinct hearth glimmer of civilization in the Ark, which is ruled by a wise Elder. He, according to the story, is the last of the Ancients. What you call a people from the past, mutants are a new full-fledged inhabitants of the Earth.

The ark survives through the efforts of stalkers, who every day go into the Area in search of supplies and resources that support the existence of the city. For DAX and Bormina — bipedal duck and hog is a usual job. Not to wander off, to avoid collisions with ghouls — and all will be well. So friends live, until one day I lost the Ammo — the most skilled Stalker in all of Ark. The old man decides that he needs to go DAX with Boredom.

Pretty soon it turns out that Hammon had gone in search of the legendary Eden underground bunker, where he managed to hide and survive people. If you suddenly decided that it will be a long epic adventure, then do not uprate the bar ahead of time. Intriguing plot never develops into something more. Almost the entire game our squad, which will grow to five members, will only go on the trail without any events around.

In the Ark you can stock up on useful consumables and gear

The beauty of this journey — not the destination, but the journey and how it reveals the world of the future. Characters buried in many different places, from the destroyed train stations to abandoned Ghost towns. Characters actively comment on what he saw, trying to understand the lifestyle of Ancient that what is happening adds a fair amount of humor. It is particularly interesting to read the descriptions fall into the clutches of our heroes, “artifacts”, whether it’s a broken iPod or a Christmas garland.

The gameplay is divided into two parts: the study of the world in real-time and turn-based tactical battles. Available for the study Area is divided into several dozen small but lovingly detailed locations. Looking at them is not boring and two dozen hours later, so meticulously traced all these overgrown rubble of old equipment and dilapidated abandoned house. It is a pity that in addition to resources and rare notes, look here nothing more. No puzzles or even a hint of interactivity not — know yourself yeah go’t look at the excellent work of designers.

When you come across aggressive ghouls or uncontrollable robots, it is time to get a gun. Mutant Year Zero uses tactics familiar to modern formula — each character per round give two points which are spent on movement, shooting, using items or special skills. To the familiar cocktail the authors have added a serving of stealth — some gun equipped with a silencer, so you have a chance to catch some enemies around the corner and shoot.

Shooting at close range, impossible to miss — a rarity for tactical games

Or at least try. Silent weapons are extremely weak and attack from ambush does not give any advantages, except that some skills increase the chance of a critical hit in such conditions. You will be able to apply not seven, but eight points of damage! What generosity. On the other hand, had spent not unnoticed enemy forces to win the battle is almost impossible — the balance here is not on your side. For example: your most thick-skinned character in the best armor has about sixteen units of life to the end of the game. But enemy tanks from the middle of the boast of thirty points. Who said that would be fair? In most cases, enemies will be much more than your fighters — operative group limited to only three.

After a couple hours the conditions are so unfair that he did not know how to approach the next battle. But I was playing on the second of three levels of difficulty. Quiet can be put only the most feeble opponents — only they have time to “remove” for one round, and if you fail, the enemy will alert the whole neighborhood about your stalkers. Unfortunately, the game does not offers any freedom. If something does not work, you can’t try a different strategy — the combat system lacking. Scanty bleeding allows you to learn different skills, so-called “mutations,” but first, half of the mutations of the characters coincide, and secondly, allowed to choose only two active skills, and not to use what is learnt, which further narrows the possibilities for improvisation.

With perseverance, ultimately you will find the perfect tactic (and it necessarily includes the skill “mind control”, I don’t know how without it to pass later stages) that you will use in every battle. And when you consider that the entire game consists of combat, with the “diversity” it is a risk to get bored long before the final credits. And this despite the fairly modest genre duration — nearly twenty hours on a full sweep of all the locations.

The game perfectly manages to convey the spirit of a lost world

It is a pity that many of the features of almost not used. For example, if you throw a grenade on the floor above the first, then you can blow up the floor, and all the characters will crash down, and all the wood and stone shelter is destroyed. Alas, multi-level arenas are very few, and pomegranates — a scarce commodity in the world of post-Apocalypse. Spoil the picture and the rare but nasty bugs: the enemy will shoot at the character, although you line of fire would be closed, the ability not going to work as stated in the description.

* * *

To final get more out of curiosity — what is this Eden? But here, the sheer frustration — Mutant Year Zero, frankly, “merges” the final story long before the ending, if you read the note. And after a failed climax on the screen will run the credits, alluding to the fact that the budget is over, so waiting for the sequel. If the sequel is destined to happen, I would like to see it far more gameplay variety. Of course, it is always nice to admire a beautiful picture, but the tactics in the first place waiting deep combat with the ability for improvisation.


  • memorable aesthetics “blooming” .;
  • the characters are skillfully and concisely revealed through small comments.


  • the gameplay becomes routine long before the final credits;
  • the lack of tactical possibilities.


Artists and designers did, maximum to accurately portray the world after the end of the world. Looking at him is a pleasure.


The characters are voiced well, and the ambient music that plays while traveling, do not pay attention.

Single game

Nice tactics, which are lacking in diversity, and research part — though a bit of interactivity.


Not provided.

Overall impression

Mutant Year Zero a beautiful and atmospheric game, but it falls in the main battle it felt unfair, and stale too quickly. For tactics it’s almost a sentence.

Rating: 6,5/10

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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

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