Genre Adventure
Publisher Focus Home Interactive
Developer Big Bad Wolf
Minimum requirements Intel Core i3-2125 3.3 GHz/AMD FX-4100 3.6 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with
1 GB memory and DirectX 11 support, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750/AMD Radeon R7 360, 15 GB on your hard disk, Internet connection and a Steam account
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-3770 3.4 GHz/AMD FX8370 4.0 GHz, 8 GB RAM, graphics card with 4GB memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960/AMD Radeon R9 380
Release date March 13, 2018 (the first episode) — 4th December 2018 (final episode)
Age limit 16 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Official website

The game is tested on PC

Telltale is no more, but her vision of modern adventure games have successfully adopted other studios. Dontnod Life is Strange-improved familiar formula extraordinary powers and is not the sweetest story, and the Big Bad Wolf went further and screw it to The Council, the game for the most part, “spoken”, the pumping elements straight from the RPG. Do not forget to dilute his creation in a viscous atmosphere of mystery, a good mystery and vivid characters. A cocktail mixed in the right proportions — the March debut episode captured in earnest, and the next two even more deeply immersed in what is happening, they faced difficult decisions and were trying to mislead. Then, the developers launched a cool story, killing the whole affair the appearance of supernatural forces. The fourth series looked already strained, and the final and did not disappoint.

Yes, why are you so mysterious?!

Although it began a all really cool! The player in the role of Louis de richer — a sort of expert on the occult Sciences — arrives on a bleak island at the invitation of a Lord Mortimer. In General, to communicate with him had the main character’s mother, but the woman suddenly disappeared and began to intrigue the inhabitants of the mansion. Why is she doing this, why they decided to be a partisan — it asked the young man.

The Council is missing the collar and throws you into a whirlpool of intrigue, so that in the first series at all difficult to understand what the hell is actually happening. Why under one roof met the US President, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, the Spanish Minister Manuel Godoy and several other dignitaries? And even without accompaniment, like on the next street walk. Who is the owner of the island? What a strange vision of the main character? At first, the questions fall on the head one after the other.

Be not deceived by the pleasant appearance of this lady, she also has its secrets

As you progress in the story a tangle of secrets is slowly unwound, and the strings led to a global political reasons. To talk a lot and all, but the game came to the talks is unusual for its genre. If the same Divinity: Original Sin closed due to lack of charisma or lack of talent in the order of things the adventure is probably new.

The Council offers several branches of character development with various skills, from pumping which depends on the flow of the conversation. In the first episode of Louie, like the player feels at ease. Moreover, that still does not fully understand what you’re getting into, and the dialogues really aren’t glued — the hero is able at the proper level to discuss serious topics like politics or art. Have to fend off well-read opponents generalities, but as you gain experience and increase levels (yeah, here and there) extra points can be invested in a particular area, making the character much more eloquent and resourceful.

However, it easy to talk someone still will not work. First, each of the interlocutors has its own particular character. One better yields to pressure and the other while trying to push can send and insolent, not giving one bit of information. In addition questions often require to keep in mind previous events and relationships of the actors, otherwise you can easily blurt out the wrong thing. And no pumping will not save.

Second, branching dialogue, requiring specific knowledge, waste of action points. Over time, skills can be developed so as to apply them for free, but it will occur far not at once. Energy slightly restored at the beginning of each Chapter, you can still boost the scale of special items, but they spend wisely, and you risk at the most inopportune moment to be in a situation like the screenshot below.

Ignorance is bliss, or how not to sound stupid when you do not have enough action points for competent answer

Although, as for me, the most interesting thing The Council failed verbal battles when you want to persuade someone or something to find out step by step inclining the person to the desired result. In some cases, to mention several times in other right to wrong answer there. A successful outcome results in new data (and saving the life of one or another actor), and in the case of failure of a well, if the person just get up and leave and not shoot themselves or someone else. Such intense situations in the game are also missing.

Of the closest analogies is the finale of the second episode of Life is Strange, when Max lost the ability to go back in time, and a girl needs on the basis of his own observations to prevent an accident. Only if Dontnod was one such moment, here the entire game is jump on the train of inevitable consequences. Missed something, did not notice, not think, failed? Your problem, go ahead, look where it leads. However, it is not enough convenient plans of forks from Detroit: Become Human, but at the end of each Chapter is written what you did, what missed and what path would move. Useful when repeated, a more thorough playthrough.

The first Chapter simple, and here go on to succeed

It seems that The Council has all the chances to become a great game: lively and very different characters, interesting mechanics talk is present, the atmosphere is sticky and mysterious. However, it, like many other serial projects, pursues the problem of the last episodes when the writers takes it too far. I can take the secret meetings of the powerful, which mnogohodovok by cunning, manipulation and perebiranie decide the fate of entire countries and the political situation on the continent. Why not, even with a slight touch of mysticism in the form of resettlement in other body during sleep of the protagonist.

But the Big Bad Wolf decided not to be limited to pathetic little people and shoved into the narrative of the supernatural forces that for centuries, secretly controlled by humanity. And the game is so casually throws out this terrible truth for the user that at such audacity to not even know how to react. Five minutes ago Louie tried to unravel the mysterious events, juxtaposing characters from the Bible to solve puzzles, collecting the crumbs of information, wondered about the essence of what is happening… And then he just say: “no, No, no, everything is actually so, not to think too much, just the way the world works”, and even endowed with superhuman abilities. Because why not! Here involuntarily reminded of Fahrenheit, when the mystical Thriller suddenly turned into running around the walls with fights in the air. The Council, fortunately, is more mundane, but such feints ears completely kill the game off and kill the atmosphere of the investigation, substituting all this sluggish confrontation between the two brothers.

The fifth series, the idea was to give a Grand finale, but it turned out very short and crumpled. If the developers were tired of the project and desperately tried to get him to the end of the year. Here’s a couple of simple puzzles, empathetic suffering, reference to previous decisions, titles. Thank you, very interesting, Yes, happy holidays.

Young Napoleon — bold type. Trying to run down, so it must be upsetting

May heaven help the writers plot device with mystical powers until the very end, he would look much more appropriate (and really unexpected). However, it turned out what happened, and as such The Council has three gorgeous episode. The rest of the time is spent on trying to get too far in the history of mankind, plaiting to the heroes of the game.

However, if we discard spoiled the narrative, the Big Bad Wolf was a very good game. It is seen that the budget she was small, so all the action takes place in a mansion on a couple of dozen rooms, but in terms of dialogue, study of characters, puzzles and atmosphere of the Studio has performed well. And thanks to forks story and branching dialogue, The Council is interested to go again, — because you want to collect all the information and save everyone on this mysterious island.


  • the first three episodes firmly held in suspense;
  • though not too complex but entertaining logic puzzles;
  • diverse, interesting characters.


  • character animation is lame, and the clothes and then stick out from the hands and chins — like and a trifle, and immersion prevent;
  • the plot in the last two episodes so far and, perhaps, too early is taken in the supernatural, what kills all the suspense in the game, focused on narrative.


Nice environment and interior design, but the faces and animations are not all well — trouble serial projects with a limited budget.


The same melody quickly becomes boring, extraneous sounds themselves, and not, but the dialogues are well-voiced.

Single game

The Council is intriguing, addictive in its viscous environment and has to dig into what is happening and try to draw a picture of what is happening… and then destroys the carefully woven the atmosphere of the scenario with a sledgehammer in the form of supernatural forces.


Not provided.

Overall impression

The Council at the end went the wrong way and destroyed everything that was built before. However, game features like leveling, as well as interesting dialogues and entertaining characters help the game stand out from the serial mass. The Big Bad Wolf, waiting for another attempt.

Rating: 7,5/10

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