Dr. The Web needs no introduction and is widely known throughout the world. During his more than quarter-history (the first version was released in 1992), the flagship product of the company “Doctor Web” has managed not only to win the trust of millions of users in 200+ countries, but also to set new standards and directions of development of security solutions. Dr. Web from year to year demonstrates its relevance in the competitive market of information security, and there is nothing

surprising in the fact that the specialists of “Doctor Web” I try to pay maximum attention to the product and improve the involved technologies. Striking evidence of this is the recent release of a new generation of Dr. Web 12 Windows.

Dr. Web for Windows designed to protect home users from various cyber threats and comes in two license options — “Dr. Web” (provides basic protection for your PC) and Dr. Web Security Space (offers maximum protection). In the first case, the product only includes antivirus and firewall, the second of these components is supplemented by monitoring web and email traffic, parental control tools and mechanisms for the protection of personal data, which operate in a single complex and provide comprehensive protection for your computer. “Dr. Web” is the optimal choice for building your first shield, but the rich functionality of the Dr.Web Security Space will be useful for those who spends a lot of time on the Internet and wants to feel in maximum security.

Improved anti-virus engine

In the new, the twelfth version of Dr. Web for Windows developers primarily focused on improvements antivirus engine that provides higher quality detection of various types of digital threats and malware. The most significant changes are the following:

  • the extended range protected by anti-virus entities (processes, system services, drivers, registry, Windows Management Instrumentation, system task scheduler, network connections, processes, events, file system);
  • new advanced techniques to scan files and processes and methods of non-signature detection of threats;
  • radically redesigned heuristic algorithms that not only provides detection of “disembodied” threats and attacks class LOLBINs/LOLScripts (Living Off The Land Binaries and Scripts), and stop the execution of miners, introduction of malware downloaders and install malicious extensions for the browser;
  • improved system protection adware adware-programs that prevent sneaky substitution of parameters from the browser, shortcuts, home page, proxy, DNS, blocking antivirus, system applications (such as regedit, taskmgr) and other actions;
  • the detection of potential contamination;
  • reducing the load on the protected device by optimizing anti-virus engine and cloud computing.

The combination in Dr.Web traditional signature-based virus database, improved non-signature detection technology and preventive protection allows you to hold the line against any malicious threats

Further development in Dr.Web 12 Windows received behavioral algorithms of malware detection and preventive protection, from now on, side by side operating with the signature and cloud technologies. Unlike traditional behavioral analyzers that rely on hard-coded in the knowledge base, intelligent protection system Dr. Web years” analyzes the behavior of all running processes in the OS and programs and checked against a constantly updated cloud the reputation of the company “Doctor Web”. On the basis of current knowledge about the behavior of malicious software, antivirus software makes the conclusion about the danger of an object, and then taking the necessary steps to neutralize the threat. This approach allows us to be proactive and to minimize losses from actions of the malware with minimal resource consumption of the protected system.

Behavioral Dr. Web 12, for Windows to recognize the processes of malicious programs, changing an undesirable way custom files (for example, the actions of Trojan encoders), monitors the integrity of the process, making it impossible to implement them using existing exploits of vulnerability of the operating system and is installed on the computer, and analyzes treatment programs to various system resources. An attempt to introduce the driver, changing Windows, modifying boot disk — these and similar unauthorized actions are automatically detected and blocked Dr.Web.

Improving cloud monitoring system Dr. Web and rapid reaction to threats

A lot of attention by the specialists of “Doctor Web” was paid to the improvements of distributed cloud monitoring system that is integrated with the Dr. Web and in real time provides relevant information about the IT threats in different regions of the world. In the updated cloud Dr. Web applied a number of new heuristic approaches for detecting threats, and also implemented a test extension browsers. In addition, the new version of cloud antivirus technology is a key component of effective PC protection. No files from the protected device are not sent to servers “Doctor Web” — unlike many other anti-virus programs.

A new graphical user interface

Did not remain without attention of the programmers of the company “Doctor Web” user interface security complex. Now Dr. 12 Web for Windows provides the security center, where all the main components, configuration, and statistics operation.

Centre security Dr. Web

The new interface is more focused, comfortable and easy to use, and open it at any time by clicking on the spider icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. In the centre security Dr. Web 12 for Windows, you can enable or (not recommended!) disable any antivirus module, as well as to access advanced settings of the defensive complex. To avoid accidental changes to the antivirus settings, their configuration is allowed only in admin mode, to switch to it press the lock icon at the bottom of the screen.

Management of preventive protection now consists of three modules: activity monitor, protection from ransomware, and protect against exploits. All modules have flexible settings

File protection and network

The protection of personal data

Settings behavioral analysis

In addition to pop-up messages of antivirus in the new centre security Dr. Web 12 for Windows introduced the ribbon notifications with important information requiring your response. Also available are the possibility to specify a convenient time you restart the computer after you install the priority updates Dr.Web and automatic cleaning of quarantine with statistics after a certain period of time (this allows not to accumulate the data no longer relevant to the user).

Time setting for restart after install priority updates Dr.Web

Protection from surveillance

In the new version of Dr. Web 12 for Windows for more functions of privacy, namely added protection against unauthorized connections to the webcam and microphone of the computer, blocking attempts to hidden their malicious use and malicious programs with the purpose of spying on the user and his subsequent blackmail. New Dr. The Web makes it impossible for such invasion of privacy and provides control of web cameras and microphones to avoid surveillance. Antivirus settings allow to manage application access to audio and video devices, as well as to prohibit or permit their use.

Protection from surveillance

Controlled access to folders

A great addition to the protection from malware is another new function Dr.Web 12 for Windows — “data loss prevention”, which allows to protect photos, work documents and other files from unauthorized modifications. The system monitors the treatment programs of the selected directories, the attempts of third-party applications to make their contents any changes and inform the user. In the antivirus settings you can not only specify the protected folders, you can define a list of trusted software. The relevance of such a protection mechanism can not speak, especially in light of ever increasing threats from malicious ransomware blocking access and demanding payment of a certain sum for the return of access to valuable information.

Protection from data loss

Improved parental control

Significant improvements in Dr. Web 12 for Windows was subjected to the parental control that allows the user to not only care about their own safety, but also about the protection of their children and loved ones. Now antivirus you can specify the duration of continuous work at the computer and set the time for the break. In addition, with the release of Dr. Web 12 for Windows parental control system informs about the remaining start up lock time that allows the child to plan their time and the timely completion of the work for the PC.

Parental control Dr. Web

Where to buy new Dr. Web 12 for Windows

These are the main differences between the updated Dr. Web 12 for Windows, offering users even better protection from cyber threats. The new product has already went on sale. You can buy it in stores, and also in electronic form of the license of the partners of the company “Doctor Web” and on the website estore.drweb.ru. The Cost Of Dr. Web Security Space “Dr. Web” has not changed — it is 1 290 1 090 rubles for an annual license for a single PC (as a gift offers protection for mobile devices based on Android). For evaluation of the products developers offer free versions of security solutions, the duration of which is limited to three months. The term is quite sufficient to evaluate all the advantages of the new generation of Dr.Web and decide on buying.

Important note. With the release of Dr. Web 12 the company “Doctor Web” was excluded from the list of supported legacy Windows XP operating system. Users who are still using computers running this OS, it is strongly recommended to upgrade to 10/8.1/8/7/Vista or continue to use Dr. Web 11.5 until the end of support of this version of the antivirus. It should be remembered that the lack of support from Microsoft and the presence of non-reclosable vulnerabilities in Windows XP, every day to make this framework increasingly insecure in light of the latest Internet threats.

And one last thing. Dr. Web Security Space “Dr. Web” presented in the national registry and therefore, with equal success can be used to protect not only home users, but also workstations, small organizations, implementing a policy of import substitution FOR and not in need of centralized management of antivirus protection. It is also one of the advantages that can be recorded in the Treasury security solutions of the company “Doctor Web”, definitely recommended to buy.

Source: 3dnews.ru

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