Genre Shooter
Publisher Activision
Publisher in Russia Activision
Developer Treyarch
Minimum requirements Intel Core i5-2400 3.1 GHz/AMD FX 6300 3.8 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 2GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660/AMD Radeon R9 285, 46 GB on your hard disk, Internet connection and account in Uplay
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-3770 3.5 GHz/AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 4 GB memory NVIDIA GeForce 970 GTX/Radeon R9 290
Release date 12 Oct 2018
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Official website

In all the Royal battles basic rules are the same: the last surviving participant of the match (or a group of friends, if we are talking about twos or troopers) will be declared the winner. No matter, second place you took, thirtieth, or hundredth, it is the defeat. In “the Eclipse” Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is no different from similar modes in other games. So to win on a regular basis will not for every player, and anyone who does first will get the first line only after weeks or months. But there are some rules and tips that will help you sooner or later win, and I’ll try to elaborate.

Where to land?

Map “Eclipse” is not as large as in PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds, but still when you first look at it dazzled. 14 locations with their own names and lots of houses, sheds and other smaller objects beyond them. With the dropping of the associated one trick: jumping out of aircraft, you need to immediately tilt the camera and fly perpendicular to the ground, while your speed will not be 69 or 70 m/s, and then return the camera to its previous position. After that, you can literally fly to any point on the map — typed the speed will decrease very slowly.

Knowing the trick with the speed drop, you can get to any place

In this regard, Black Ops 4, there is some popular areas in the manner of “Abandoned towers” in Fortnite. Sometimes a lot of players can be found on the “Range” but often you’ll have to land there alone. “Island Nuketown” is not always avoided but there are games in which there is acquired some sort of a loner. If you just want a place to explore possibilities, gadgets, weapons and kits, you can go to the territory South of the “Windmills” — trophies there isn’t much, but in most cases the place is very quiet.

To learn to react quickly to danger, I recommend as soon as possible to land registered in the locations, remembering the buildings with the greatest number of rubbish inside (and their layout) and attempt to find a weapon. Of course, there is nothing stopping each time to fall away from everyone and hide, but at some point this tactic won’t work and will have to fight. And without understanding how to behave in such situations, achieve success, will not succeed. Better to start with some of the “Rivertown” or a “Cargo port”, kill a few competitors to warm up and after that to be cautious.

In search of prey

Before landing it is advisable to look around and see if there’s someone near you, or you are all alone. In any case, the first thing you need to find three things: a normal weapon, armor, and a couple of kits. What kind of problems will definitely occur — there may be situations when two adjacent buildings are no weapons, but the enemy for half a minute and found the armor and the machine. The Almighty random, what to do, take it philosophically.

Console players it is advisable to learn how to use the quick menu — saves often

What can be called “normal” weapons? It’s all subjective, but loved by most minions in the game. Among the automatic rifles the best is the “Maddox,” she has little recoil, a large clip and good damage. Due to its good accuracy and ICR-7, but at long range it will be as worthless as “Swordfish” and ABR 233, which are difficult to praise, even in melee. For any of the shootings fit VAPR-XKG, and the most well-aimed players can carry a “Rampart 17” (don’t miss the slow rate of fire will punish for it). A little easier to cope with KN-57, which is also rarely fails.

To the middle of the match it is highly recommended to find a good machine to play without him will be difficult. Submachine guns and regular machine guns are good at close to medium range, and shotguns and is only good up close, but it is likely that most of the opponents you ten minutes later won’t face nose to nose. These weapons can take in the second slot, the main thing — not to carry the pistol when playing alone. They are relevant only in groups, after all there are people much more likely to use helicopters and trucks.

In “Eclipse” it’s hard to find a better gun than the Titan, and more reliable gun than GKS with its high rate of fire, minimal recoil and sufficient damage. Shotguns in the game just two and they are so-so, but SG12 still better than MOG 12. Guns is useless to consider — they are not very good even in the first minute of the match, to say nothing about the rest of the time. Remain sniper rifles, and among them the favorites found during beta testing — “Cat” and “paladin” will become your best friends in the middle and the end of the match, if you learn to use them.

If you have normal weapons and health kits enough, it is better not to risk and not to touch holdalls

The details

A good weapon can be made even better with skirts. Pick up and equip everything they see, paying particular attention to the enhanced clips. You may badly injure the opponent, and then he will hide and start treatment. Reloading will take a couple of precious seconds, which increased the owner of the store can use for a decisive assault. Or, on the contrary, your health will drop to a critical level, and you will have a fraction of a second and a first aid kit to use and recharge. With extended clips cause for concern will be less — the “Maddox”, for example, with an external store in the MAG will have as many as 60 bullets instead of 40.

But the sights should be examined independently, selecting the most suitable and convenient for you. But this is not 2X and 4X at once on both arms — near skirmish will be uncomfortable. It is better that the inventory was guns on all occasions, and don’t forget to switch between them during exploration. In the open field it is advisable to take a weapon with a sniper scope (or his likeness), and enter the house with this to anything.

An interesting feature of Eclipse is that not only is there live players, but also zombies. They can appear in five places (look up in the sky vertical rays), but at the same time out of “graves”, only two. They often leave behind valuable trophies like first-aid kits or even unique weapons. Only with them, for example, will be able to “knock out” ray gun, single shot destroying the enemy. But it is extremely rare. But after killing all the zombies in the area (they are usually less than ten) will open a chest with the prizes, and there are often valuable things. Among them — the armor of the third level, the only protection from falling into the head, so to fight it is clearly necessary. You can just land next to the chest, if you are the adventurous type, and you can fall nearby, collect weapons and other gear and be ready to meet with both zombies and other players.

Zombies are not so dangerous, but the players who heard the shooting…

Almost all useful

Only one weapon is not limited to — “Eclipse” is full of other items, whose value initially is difficult to determine. Among them — all sorts of grenades and other disposable items for more slot. Molotov cocktails are good, but run away from them too easy, the same applies to normal grenades. But the cluster and blinding to take is sure — if you throw such a gift behind a rock, where sits the enemy, it will make him completely defenseless for a few seconds.

Smokescreen is also useful when you need to quickly retreat, but at first it is better to use more useful items. The axe can instantly kill an opponent, portable fencing and barbed wire will protect the house where you hid, but in most cases to carry it all with you is not necessary. Situational useful touch it is possible to call dart: it is especially useful in the final when you are per second can find out exactly where the last opponent, and how he moves.

Perks save lives (and Rob too)

Now, the perk — green boxes around the world to every corner. Time to sit and read their descriptions, usually not, so it is better to remember the names of the most useful bonuses.

  • “Dead quiet” — lower the volume of your footsteps, allowing you to quietly get close to the enemy. Especially useful in the middle and the end of the match.
  • “The creeper” — when moving crouching, and crawling speed will be almost the same as in normal running, and the volume steps will be reduced. A good thing to covertly reduce the distance or a sudden change of position.
  • “Awareness” — enemy footsteps become louder. If you are worried about what is out there can be people who benefit will be indispensable, but he was only active for two minutes.
  • “Solid skin” is a great perk for the final laps, when the probability that your side will throw stuns or cluster grenade. This perk increases resistance to such explosions.
  • “Paranoia” — emits an eerie sound when enemy aims at you. Handy if you ride a transport or know near a sniper.

These five perks is the most useful in the middle and at the end of the game. There are many other suitcases, but it is better not to clog inventory space. “Iron lungs” is useful only snipers, and increase the duration of breath-holding when aiming “Engineer” will allow you to quickly find the technique and show enemy equipment (including touch Darts), but it is not so often. No “Collector” showing the location of all nearby caches and trophies, too, can do.

Used perks continue to take up space in the inventory until the validity period expires

Rules of conduct

If we talk about the “rules of conduct” during the match, the “Eclipse” work the same laws as in other shooters and Royal battles. Always try to occupy a high position, whether it is a hill, a rock or the roof of the building. Black Ops 4 — Fortnite not here to build stairs in five seconds is impossible, so the enemy will have to find workarounds. Also don’t run in open fields, always move from cover to cover — this may give a few precious moments when you open fire.

In the middle and at the end of the match it’s hard to deny yourself, to open falling from the sky a crate and get the item to unlock a new character, in the vast majority of cases it’s not worth it, because the load probably moved a couple of players. The same can be said about the desire to collect trophies with the just-slain enemy — do not relax, your shootout with him, probably was heard by others, and now they will come to see what’s making that noise. Escape to the sound of gunfire, by the way, is also not necessary if you are not confident in their abilities. When you have a high position, and the opponent is clearly badly hurt, you can try to hit him a couple of times, but usually to look for trouble is not recommended.

If the firefight started, try to aim at the head. Armor of the 1st and 2nd level, which is the majority of members not to close this important part of the body. So you not only will kill the opponent, but “not to spoil the skin”, then you will be able to wear themselves. The vehicle is a great way to reach the desired point, but they are too noisy and can attract the attention of the brave (and accurate) shooters. It is better to stay near your destination and then walk. Only not jump out at full speed.

Not very festive, but still a victory!


Here, in principle, all the basic tips. In the end, the main teacher will be yourself, if you as often as possible to practice and try their hand in different situations. Can be and the toilet sitting out the game, and you can constantly attract attention and finish the match with 15 kills. Although in the latter case, this material is not exactly need…

Anyway, to win “the Eclipse” is not that hard — practice, learn, master card and do not focus on one tactic, and then the coveted first place you submit to. Good luck!



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