Genre Roleplay
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Square Enix
Release date 12 Oct 2018
Age limit 16 years
Platform Nintendo Switch

Those who were able to reach out to The World Ends With You unpopular in our country, the Nintendo DS certainly has very fond memories of the game. She is so stylish, colorful and vividly portrayed the atmosphere of the famous Tokyo district of Shibuya that is instantly etched in

my memory. Square Enix have had all the chances to make a comprehensive Final Remix version of masterpiece a decade ago, however, the company again showed his disregard for the fans and once again carelessly ported to the mobile version.

I don’t need anyone

At first, TWEWY may seem like an ordinary jRPG middle-class. As the main character — a vicious boy named Neku, an amnesiac who thinks that all can cope and no he is not needed. However, then it turns out that the hero is a little, um, dead, and there is a parallel version of our world, and to return to life he must survive seven days, performing different tasks. In this game, pursued by the mysterious Reapers. Will not work — will erase forever.

Neku and Shiki — a beautiful couple

However, after a couple hours the plot begins to spin, so that it becomes impossible to predict future developments or to understand to a certain point the motivation of individual characters. Interest adds to the emphasis of the narrative is not only the protagonist and his environment — a cunning and charismatic organizers-the Reapers also took plenty of time. And the study they are not inferior to the major actors, and sometimes even cause more sympathy.

In between the story scenes you need to explore a virtual version of Shibuya, recreated with such love that the game can be used as a mini-guide. Discount changed the title, in which, however, easily recognizable prototypes of real life. Even a simple walk will bring a lot of discoveries — there are a huge number of shops with food and clothing of different brands, the local analogue equipment. Sellers should be friends: if you have purchased one, then over time improve the relationship with him that will open access to the subjects for her. From TWEWY generally succeeds to snatch the player from reality and to move in though not real, but bustling area of the metropolis, where I want to explore every corner.

Reinforces what is happening wonderful soundtrack authored by Takeharu Ishimoto, who boldly mixed in a playlist of different genres: hip hop, pop, there was even a place for a couple of heavy songs. Through this approach, the music in TWEWY is not inferior to the scene — she’s fashionable, incredibly bright, diverse and creates a powerful atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if the tracks will settle permanently in your player.

Funny, but points for leveling abilities are given even for something that does not come into play

Unlike other jRPG, here the contemplation of the surroundings do not interfere with the random battles. What’s more — you decide when to fight. Enough to activate the scan mode as on location will appear the monster Noises. Click on one icon or build a chain of up to four consecutive fights — and more pumped. Wishing to get a more valuable reward can at any time demote characters and increase the difficulty level (once it becomes available).

A distinctive feature of the DS version was the battle that took place on two screens — and it even explained the mechanics of the game. To oppose the enemy can only players who have signed with each other Pact. Only together you can use the icons-ability to resist threats. The character on the upper display is controlled by the keys, and the second, on the bottom, with the stylus, but the health bar they had a two for one.

And if during the study, The World Ends With You was surprised by the variety of shops and stores, the battles she offered dozens of techniques to suit every taste. In one case, the attack had to poke a stylus at the enemy, in the other — to destroy it. Or to circle the protagonist. Or grab lying on the arena object and smack them on the head to all who are not fortunate enough to Dodge. To experiment with the skill set you seem to be infinite, not to mention the fact that such a scheme with a pair of controlled characters looked very unusual and original.

For obvious reasons, in a version for smartphones realize this is impossible. TWEWY processed under one screen and his partner were summoned on the battlefield defined by the finger movements on the screen. Was controversial and not so exciting as in the original version. However, due to the specifics of the platform simplification can be forgiven.

Tower Records from lovers of Japanese music not so easy to hide!

But to forgive the same mobile port, move the Switch with the proud subtitle of the Final Remix, does not work at all desire. Moreover, the transfer process, Square Enix managed to make the already stripped-down version for smartphones is even worse! There’s no special episode, summing to a possible sequel, will not help, because SUCH control has all the chances to throw the game much before I see the final credits.

“Birdhouse” boasted that screwed the game support “cononov”, only did it in his manner. Waving the pad in the air, it is proposed to simulate the motion of the stylus/finger across the screen. Moreover, the circuit operates in the worst traditions of the Wii: the pointer constantly flies the wrong way, lost, it takes forever to align, especially if the console is on and displays the image on the TV. And the battle goes on, and the enemies move! Abilities require different movements, but just try something to do when Neku runs where the cursor shows. And the same cursor must point at the enemy to inflict damage. To pass the game in this mode is pure masochism, but it is possible to give the second controller partner to suffer along. And accidentally kill each other in the process. Yay!

The second control scheme, in portable mode and connected to the device controllers, a little more viable, but it… won’t let you use the keyboard. At all. At the console, hell a lot of them, let me at least run with the stick! But no, we’ve got the mobile port, if you please to poke at the screen. Of course, this made the wrong definition of taps, and of the variety of techniques you have to choose any new or unusual, and those that are easiest to perform. Because there’s a risk to drop the gadget.

So wait, like Hachiko, the new version, and they give you here IS

Square Enix has long been spit in the face of fans, throwing on all the platform ports from smartphones. So it was with many of Final Fantasy, where the company managed to fuck up their own pixel art, and even the damn menu. So it was with Chrono Trigger, around which broke the scandal, that “starlings” six months apologized and patches brought the game done. TWEWY, unfortunately, not an exception — it’s another attempt to make some quick cash on the fans, tired of waiting the return of favorite game DS. Of course, over time you can get used to the touchscreen controls, but not stupid waving a controller… the same way you can learn to play fighting games on the wheel or take Dark Souls on the reels, hanging upside down. From what you are used, management will not become less wild.

And such an approach is insulting to tears. After all, The World Ends With You — the kind of game that you want to cherish and show to all who are interested in jRPG. Enjoy the battles, surprising plot twists and empathize with vivid characters. Yes, just walking, listening to wonderful music and pumping ability. Why doesn’t she deserves a good updated version? The size of the display “Switch” and the presence of buttons make it possible to implement the scheme that was on the DS. Look at Tearaway Unfolded, which is being ported from PS Vita to PS4 refurbished almost from scratch, brilliantly fit the features of the platform.

However, Square Enix don’t care. Here’s a mobile port, eat. Do not like, do not want to buy — well, let’s say that sales Switch version failed to meet expectations, so forget about a potential sequel. The World Ends WIth You — the game is wonderful and fall in love with at first sight, but, unfortunately, not in this incarnation. Butting with inadequate management of spoils the enjoyment, but battle and leveling abilities — considerable and one of the most fun parts of TWEWY. The patches here will not save the situation. If at all.


  • a vivid and memorable style.
  • powerful and unpredictable plot carries no joke;
  • the Shibuya district is recreated with such love that I want to run for the plane tickets;
  • atmospheric soundtrack, which hardly anyone indifferent.


  • disgusting, monstrous control in stationary and portable modes created without regard to the capabilities of the platform;
  • another mobile port of the console. Square Enix, how much more will you mock?


The design of The World Ends With You still remains among the best works of Square Enix. And with successful visual style, he is unlikely to ever become obsolete.


Fashionable and vivid soundtrack fills the battle energy and adds interest to the study of the environment. And in General, makes a significant contribution to creating a special atmosphere TWEWY.

Single game

Unpredictable plot and memorable characters, atmospheric and sophisticated, a huge amount of combat abilities. All that gets overshadowed utterly crooked management.


Local co-op where a second player can take control of the opening as you progress through the companions. Just don’t hurt each other, swinging “jailname”.

Overall impression

Square Enix in his lazy style once again sent to the mobile version on another platform. Not only that it was worse than the original, due to poor management port for Switch misses the second floor, killing the beautiful game. To pay for this money? Thanks, but no thanks.

Rating: 6,0/10

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