Genre Roleplay
Publisher Deep Silver
Publisher in Russia Mail.Ru
Developers Owlcat Games
Minimum requirements : Intel Celeron E1400 Dual-Core 2.0 GHz/AMD Athlon II X2 260u 1.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with support for DirectX 11 and 1 GB of memory, for example Intel HD Graphics 3000, 30 GB on the hard disk account on Steam or GOG
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-920 2.6 GHz/AMD FX-8120 3.1 GHz, 8
GB RAM, graphics card with DirectX 11 support and 1GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650/AMD Radeon HD 5770
Release date 25 Sep 2018
Age limit 16 years
Platform PC
Official website

The game is tested on PC

Times: tough lady in armor hiding behind a tower shield, inevitably comes to the Orc. Two: their views intersect. Three green-skinned giant raises his axe and utters a furious cry. Four: his eyes full of anger, but the warrior stoically withstand the blazing eyes. Five: she does not intend to give the enemy the initiative, and brandishing a sword, on a perfectly polished surface which highlights the sun. Six: round ended. The Orc lowers his arms and grins. The warrior sighs, recognizing defeat. Lays next to a huge shield, falls, throws a sword right above him and closes his eyes, submitting himself to the fate of the dice. No one is immune from critical failures.

The power of cubes

About the role-playing game you can tell a lot by the character editor. The creation of the protagonist in Pathfinder: Kingmaker’s easy to spend an hour that hints at a long and thoughtful adventure. Role-playing game system Pathfinder is based on D&D 3.5, so fans of Neverwinter Nights 2 will immediately feel right at home, like Han Solo and Chewbacca in “the force Awakening”. Eyes run from the abundance classes (there’s even “the prestige”!), a variety of races and worldviews. A monk must be lawful, and a paladin — good… Thanks, Owlcat Games, the warmth of nostalgia disperses throughout the body.


It will be a long time before you will be able to compete with the enemy

The adventure begins not with another prophecy or luck, which throws our hero into the limelight. The protagonist is just one of the mercenaries hired to Stripping Stolen Land from a gang of bandits. The reward is tempting — the Land where the winner will be named Baron, providing an opportunity to build your own Kingdom from scratch. If you expect that after a short prologue will be able to settle on the throne, something very wrong. The first ten to fifteen hours Pathfinder: Kingmaker satisfied severely tested for compliance with the coveted title.

Opening hours teaching them the basics, can create a false sense of simplicity. Maybe even thought – “not to increase my level of difficulty?”. Think carefully. And then think again. Once the group is selected in the open world, the picture becomes quite different. Even a few rats can kill all the characters, if lady luck turn away from you. The complexity can not only choose from the standard options, but also fine-tune for themselves. Use.

As in the other adaptations of Board games for D&D and systems close to it, at the forefront are the dice rolls. Fell great value — good luck, and a barbarian with a mighty swing severed the enemy ridge. The enemy, however, can make with your children exactly the same. If this Board game a bad throw though would be fun interpreterpath lead, only to replay again and again until you get lucky with the cards.

Pillars of Eternity has introduced a real fashion for the interactive scenes in the new “classic” RPG

The important role played by the various gain and attenuation, allowing you to maximise the chances of a successful outcome. It is a pity that the first hours a set of tools for tactical maneuvers are scant. Low-level characters have an extremely limited set of skills, and the adherents of melee and did virtually no active abilities. Save and load for a long time will be the most useful skills.

You have to poke to locations on the global map, hoping to find the enemy yourself on the shoulder and get hold of a little bit of decent gear. Around the world reminiscent of Pillars of Eternity — you can wander only on roads between locations, of which there are hundreds. Some are small, like small groves or meadows, others you can hang out for a few hours and to decide the fate of the two neighboring peoples.

Reminds of old times and the time limit for the execution of certain instructions. However, in the back is not pushing and homework time to complete, and surroundings to wander, and to have a good rest. In Pathfinder: Kingmaker is very cool implemented the halt. You designate responsible for the kitchen, hunt and guard, and can choose additional classes, giving different characters their own bonuses, and then watch as the characters preparing for the holidays and poison stories, sitting around the campfire.

The battle of “wall to wall” only make sense with weak enemies. In other cases it is better to concentrate on one opponent

The burden of responsibility

The game perfectly manages to create a sense of the journey and to fully justify the title of your own role-playing system. If you find yourself on the pages of Lord of the rings, where the path to the goal of the characters enters in different lands. Adjusted for the fact that at one point will have to shoulder the burden of the Board and lead a new Kingdom to prosperity. Or ruin. Here’s how it goes.

The mechanics of the administration of the Kingdom — a separate, and very important, layer of gameplay. You have to appoint people to positions, to listen to the complaints of local residents, to rebuild the city and to connect all new and new lands. A number of issues can be entrusted to responsible Ministers, while others are decided solely his own. However, in the settings at any time allowed to switch the Kingdom on “autopilot” and go explore the world. In this case, the Kingdom will never come to a complete standstill, but to make him the pearl of the world will not work.

Pathfinder tries to give the player freedom of action in all. As in any self-respecting RPG, there are many ways to solve a problem — from confrontation to the art of diplomacy. But the authors still made concessions. For example, if an action requires a skill check, it automatically uses the most appropriate characteristics of the participant group. Convenient.

Every building in the city gives you a different bonuses, and their effectiveness depends on neighboring buildings

The story develops very slowly and allows you to choose what you interesting to do in this particular moment to advance the plot or make a few new decrees. Often you decide in what order to achieve the key objectives. Huge world, lots of quests, interesting system of government, entertainment in Pathfinder: Kingmaker abound, and they are ideally balanced with each other. Even interesting characters and badly written dialogue on the spot. It really is a great classic RPG with a deep role-playing system, thoughtful tactical battles, variability and consequences of choice. But you’re expecting a “but”, a big, fat and ugly “but”? No wonder, it’s not one.

Each “but” is a bug of different severity: from little things like incorrectly triggered scripts, giving incorrect options in dialogues, to failure of the main quests that make the game impassable. At the time of writing of the text (after more than two weeks after the release), judging by the Steam achievements, no one made it to the finals. This works fine, but the structure of missions, including the storyline, broken in many places.

No wonder, with such a number of ways of passing and parallel execution of related tasks! I can imagine how difficult it is to link as many threads, but from the point of view of the player I just want to enjoy the game without thinking about the kitchen. Some of the problems you can close your eyes — heck, if you broke one quest of ten. Unfortunately, the farther into the forest, the more problems arise, and now breaks down almost every second instruction. So write in numerous reviews. I personally still can’t advance beyond the second act (after about 25 hours of play), because at one point the game refused to run, and we are working with the developers still haven’t found a solution. Alas.

Receiving supplicants in the throne room is reminiscent of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Owlcat Games only prescribed far more interesting scenes

* * *

Pathfinder: Kingmaker — a real gift to all fans of D&D classics like Baldur’s Gate or Neverwinter Nights. But Owlcat Games rushed to release the game, and now desperately rivet almost daily patches. In this state, carefully evaluate the game just does not work. So the final verdict we will leave for later, when the bugs will be exterminated and finally flourish the complex, multi-level RPG some Pathfinder: Kingmaker and must be, judging by the first few dozen hours.


  • deep role-playing system, carefully transferred from paper to virtual;
  • interesting sapratisi with their views of the world;
  • somewhere in the fourth or fifth level of development of fighting becomes thoughtful and varied;
  • successfully implemented the system of government;
  • a good balance between storyline, free adventures and the Board.


  • periodic surges of complexity;
  • many bugs, including those that will not advance further.
Graphics Inspiration duologue Pillars of Eternity and imitation of the classic isometric RPG visible to the naked eye. The game looks neat and tidy.
Sound Pleasant, sometimes fascinating folk in the orchestra is great the atmosphere is classic fantasy. For the soundtrack answer, by the way, the famous Inon Zur.
Single game Pathfinder perfectly captures the spirit of the classics, but it does not seem dated. It could be a perfect RPG, if bugs ruthlessly pulled down the overall impression.
Multiplayer Not provided.
Overall impression For a bunch of technical errors visible brilliant RPG, but because of bugs to reach it is extremely difficult.

Without evaluation

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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

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