Panasonic told of a curious development, which will allow you to replenish energy mobile devices away from the mains or on the go.

Novelty called Kangaroo Charger is a special “electrocarbon”, which can be mounted on clothes, bag, wall, window curtain, etc. Energy is generated by sunlight.

The main component of the new special material from the spherical photovoltaic elements, which is under development. For charging smartphones and other wearable gadgets, they just need to put inside

the pocket.

Like other tissue, unused pocket can be collapsed and removed for storage. In contrast to the heavy backup batteries and external charger, and a pouch pocket virtually weightless and does not require daily recharging.

Development Panasonic has awarded the prize Red Dot Design Award the 2018 in the category of “Design concept”. However, it is important to note that while the creation of unusual wearable charger is not completed. And so talking about the release of the commercial version of it currently is not.


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