One of the most attractive aspects of competitive team shooter Overwatch — even for those who are are the short animated films, made on a different level and talk about certain heroes. The second season of the cartoon long, but the first episode was finally presented in the German Gamescom 2017.

Curiously, instead of the standard of the previous season duration 6 minute duration of the cartoon “Rise and Shine” was as much as 10 minutes — maybe future episodes will be just as intense. Cartoon action takes place at the ecological station “Antarctica”, which is familiar to players on the same map-the arena for arcade modes “1 × 1” and “3 × 3”.

Costanzia was built to study the weather anomalies that occurred after the Uprising of the machines. It worked there 30-year-old climatologist Mei Lin Chou, along with five other scientists from different countries. Once at the station erupted unusually strong snow storm, lost explorers from the outside world. When food supplies dwindled, the scientists decided to take in cryostasis, confident that Overwatch will soon find them.

However, this did not happen, because soon the team Overwatch was declared criminals and collapsed, and the rest of costanzia closed. After 6 years of cryogenic sleep could leave only one may. The world has changed and accumulated over time station data give the chance to save millions of lives. Energy and resources are almost out, antenna connection broken, and there is no help. Then the Chinese decided to try to escape from the trap with the help of science, and the first thing it occurred to her to create an endothermic Blaster. These events, as well as relations academic and a small droid Snow and dedicated to the cartoon.


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