Augmented reality technology slowly but surely make their way to the consumer in the mobile segment — and this is largely due to Google and Apple, who actively promote among developers FOR its platform ARCore and ARKit which make the process of creating AR apps easier and faster. Now in stores Google Play and App Store you can find many such products very different directions: from entertaining to informative and useful in everyday life. So none of the readers had any doubt in this, we have

compiled a list of the ten most interesting programs that support augmented reality, which can have iPhone (versions 6 and newer), iPad Pro, iPad (fifth and sixth generations), Google Pixel, the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, and other flagship Android devices 2017-18. A full list of compatible devices can be found at this link.

HISTARS (“Star stories”)

Developer: JSC “Electronic Moscow”
Download in Google Play, App Store

An application that uses augmented reality technology to promote cultural heritage. HISTARS allows you to do a photo op with a virtual double of the historical figures of sights in Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, Paris, and other cities of Russia and Europe. The program includes a 3D copy of Viktor Tsoi, Yuri Gagarin, Alexander Pushkin, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Mikhail Lomonosov, Ivan the terrible, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy, Napoleon Bonaparte and all the other iconic characters of bygone eras: writers, poets, musicians, artists, soldiers, politicians.

An important feature HISTARS is that digital copies of famous people placed in locations that are associated with their real prototypes. So, with Peter I can be photographed in the Dutch city of Zaandam, where the Russian Emperor studied shipbuilding. With a virtual Napoleon Bonaparte, you can make a selfie near the Eiffel tower in Paris and at the site of the battle of Austerlitz (in modern Czech Republic), with the 3D counterparts of Russian writers Pushkin, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky can “meet” in the Crimea, Saint-Petersburg and the state Museum reserve “Tsarskoye Selo”. Download the digital figures are available within 50 metres of the special tags. After that the character can rotate 360 degrees, zoom in and zoom out, and do photography.

Measure — Quick Everyday Measurements

Developer: Google
Download in Google Play

The app, which is an analogue of the “Roulette” from iOS 12 and is designed to measure the length and height of objects using augmented reality technologies. To work with the program is quite simple: select item, aim it at the camera lens and wait until the Measure will be evaluated within the frame environment and define the plane of measurement. Then resort to virtual roulette and get the result. To calculate the length and height application copes surprisingly well, supports different measurement units (inches, feet, centimeters, meters), it is also possible to create pictures with measurements.

AR Ruler

Developer: Grymala
Download in Google Play

Another program that uses augmented reality technology to measure various items using the smartphone’s camera. In contrast to the above, allows to calculate not only the linear dimensions in centimeters, meters, millimeters or inches, and angles on 3D planes, area, perimeter, volume, and height of objects. Also AR Ruler can be used as a rangefinder for the evaluation of distance measurements from the mobile device camera to the point on the plane in space. The logic of the application is the same as in the case discussed above Measure — to stop at this point, there is no need. It is worth to note that obtained by AR Ruler measurements are approximate, though quite accurate in most everyday situations.

Google Translate

Developer: Google
Download in Google Play, App Store

Mobile translator, thanks to AR-engine supports instant translation of any inscriptions with 38 languages. Just hover the camera of the gadget to the desired sign or text and the translation immediately appears on the screen even without an Internet connection. The technology of the future, nothing else! The possibility of translating “on the fly” in the first place will be useful for those who frequently travels the world, goes to business trips abroad, working with foreign language documents and strives to achieve the freedom of communication in any language. Google Translate has installed more than 500 million times. Impressive!

IKEA Place

Developer: Inter IKEA Systems B. V.
Download in Google Play, App Store

The program for the adherents of the Swedish furniture brand IKEA, which demonstrates the charm of ar technology for business and allows the user to try before buying a new bedroom to the real environment of your apartment or house. Just open the app on your smartphone to measure using the camera, the space around them, and then place virtual furniture from IKEA catalog — an exact copy of the real. After that you can walk around it, evaluate the dimensions, materials, pattern and thus get a better idea of how it will look in a particular room, and if the selected piece of furniture in size. The company assured that the program Place IKEA has enough options to make an informed decision about the purchase.


Developer: InkHunter
Download in Google Play, App Store

Mobile application for virtual try on tattoos before you visit the tattoo parlor. Thanks to the support of augmented reality technologies InkHunter allows you to see firsthand how it will look on the body or that the tattoo from different angles. The program includes a set of sketching a tattoo for every taste, there is a possibility to upload own images for wearable art and to share the resulting photographs of tattoos with your friends on social networks.

Star Walk 2

Developer: Vito Technology
Download in Google Play, App Store

App to visually explore the stars, constellations, planets, satellites, comets and other celestial objects. A real find for lovers of astronomy! With Star Walk 2 is not difficult to find out the name of a bright shining star on the celestial sphere — just aim a smartphone camera at an object and the program will complement the broadcast from the lens the image area on the sky detailed information about entering the field of view of astronomical objects based on the user’s current location and time. The application allows you not only to learn useful information and interesting facts about different celestial objects, but also view 3D models of constellations, and track the position and movement of stars, constellations, planets and satellites in the past and the future. For user convenience, provides a night vision mode, which makes the observation of the stars and other celestial bodies in the dark more comfortable for the eyes.

EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor

Developer: Schneider Electric
Download in Google Play, App Store

Mobile app designed with an eye on engineering services of industrial enterprises and using augmented reality technology for control of assets of industrial enterprises. The program allows you to test your settings, to analyze and to study the documentation on any hardware in real time and provides quick access to the required information for operators and technicians. You must point the camera of your tablet or phone with the application installed on the equipment, and EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor displays the required information about his work on the display of the mobile device.

EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor helps organizations to improve production processes and reduce operating costs. By using AR technologies it is possible to minimize the downtime of the equipment: for example, to virtually open the electrical Cabinet and see the condition of his content, there’s no need to stop workflows. In addition, the app allows you to quickly configure industrial equipment and organize its maintenance, with the necessary data (instructions, manuals, charts, etc.) is always available to the operator in the application. Finally, the program helps to avoid errors caused by human factor, and thanks to the step by step instructions you can carry out a competent maintenance of industrial equipment.

Spacecraft AR

Developer: NASA
Download in Google Play, App Store

A program that allows you to explore various spacecraft in the format of augmented reality. Established not aby whom, and managers and specialists of the jet propulsion Laboratory of the National Agency on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) in collaboration with Google. With the help of Spacecraft AR can be “placed” on any smooth surface of the virtual 3D model of a spacecraft NASA. It may be, say, Mars Rover, space station, Cassini or Juno probe. Models can be viewed from different angles and to photograph on the camera of a smartphone or tablet in a real environment. In addition, available information about each completed NASA missions and projects.


Developer: Datastack
Download in Google Play, App Store

The brainchild of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation portal “Culture.RF”, to help you obtain additional information about works of art in Russian museums. The program is an interactive guide to exhibitions using augmented reality technology and image recognition system. The app allows you to quickly obtain information about the user is interested in the object — it is enough to bring the camera to your mobile device. If the exhibit was held a restoration Artefact will show his condition before and during the work process. In addition, the program provides information about nearby museums and exhibitions, if they use the same technology. To use the application, studying even printed on a postcard or poster of the painting.

At the moment the app is available Artefact exhibits, past restoration at the center Grabar. Augmented reality technology has also been tested at the exhibitions in Sokolniki Park, in Vyatka art Museum named after V. M. and A. M. Vasnetsov, Nizhny Novgorod state art Museum, the Tretyakov gallery, the Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin, the Museum-panorama “Borodino battle”, and many others having historical significance and value.

To summarize. Main conclusion: the market of mobile software solutions, showing all the charm and opportunities of augmented reality technologies, in recent years, growing and developing by leaps and bounds. If only a couple of years ago this kind application was time-two and miscalculated, their present diversity forces us to prioritize and to choose a really effective and functional products. No wonder we decided to draw attention to them. If you have anything to add on the topic of the article, feel free to leave your comments below.


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