Genre Puzzle
Publisher The Voxel Agents
Publisher in Russia No
Developers The Voxel Agents
Minimum requirements Windows 7 and above or Mac OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan), and higher, processor Intel Core i3-2115C 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon II X3 455 3.3 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with 2 GB of memory, for example the NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 / AMD Radeon R5 340, 2 GB hard disk
Recommended requirements Intel Core i5-750S 2.4
GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4 GHz, 6 GB RAM, graphics card of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti / AMD Radeon R7 360X
Release date 20 Sep 2018
Age limit Not defined
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Official website

The game is tested on PC

Arina and Frindt (drugs?) they live in neighboring houses and sometimes in their own tree house. And they live in a world that combines fantasy — drawings of imaginary adventures invented games, maybe even their language. She is obviously a little older, a leader, and a Tomboy. He is a classic nerd, straight out of the textbook for aliens studying contemporary culture.

Before we get into the whole story of their friendship — the characters will sail on her in the truest sense of the word, adapting his rain-drenched house with wood as the ship. From island to island, from one of the memories such ordinary and such a warm to another. From the first meeting — to the fact that almost every one of us can find in his childhood.

Summer is over

The Gardens Between — not the most ambitious game ever, its creators, The Voxel Agents, are not threatened to talk about life and death, do not delve into the psychological abyss and do not answer the question, you see the androids dreams about elektroauto. But Australian developers take very accurate notes and skillfully make ends meet. In their game, all working towards the same goal: the entourage eighties-early nineties (when and passed his childhood and developers, and a significant part of the audience) with characteristic colors, and nostalgic ambience, substitute here any of the words (the characters are dumb), and the Islands themselves-puzzles, which turn out to be accurate metaphors of the nature of memory.

Drifting in the ocean of the unconscious, they come up heaps some household items, things that do not pay attention in daily life, but are bound to stumble upon them in the attic of my memory. Worn to Shine the videotape with the “your” film; the calculator is a common tool for solving the homework, which from a distance of 20 years seems so touching; compulsory carpet that once were necessarily set the style of each room; and a dinosaur skeleton that you was looking when you went to the Zoological Museum — and at rises a colossus, the most important of which is that favorite video game.

Episode one — introduction

Exactly what memory works — she tells no tales (except that in the dream) and offers a linear chronicle of events, and creates moments of such Islands, which each of us is then in a bit of a dreary solitude. But here we are talking after all about a video game in which the allowable conventions — Arina and Frendt plunge into their past together and successfully interact in their shared memories.

But to manage this interaction we can’t. The Bane of many games-puzzles — the rough intersection of form and content, far-fetched mechanics, which, in essence, does not follow from the meaning of the game. Between The Gardens — a happy exception to this “rule”, it all works on the big picture. The only thing the player can control on the Islands-the memories this time. Or let it flow in the normal direction, or rewind. Come on and interact with certain pre-agreed items — that’s it. The heroes move independently on their routes. In the end, it’s their memories, not yours.

What self-respecting game now no internal retro games?

Each island is a separate puzzle. Each of them is solved slightly differently- the rules are set at the beginning, but in the course of “swim”, new details and measurements. Somewhere added an extra dimension where there is an important action (for example, a video game on TV or a picture drawn on the wall), where some familiar elements will get new opportunities. Ascetic tools that we use will not change until the end.

The Gardens Between promises some kind of challenge- the game is in an emotional experience, not the sense of achievement. All the puzzles are solved quite easily — for the most part they do not require stopping to think and search of a way; the feeling of flow is almost not affected. A couple times I had to sit extra 5-10 minutes, after trying different ways, but situations that require you to go to Youtube in search of a solution or — for the most persistent — to make a break in order to refresh the mind does not reach. The game is perfect in order to pass it at once — it will take 3-4 hours. She manages to catch, but no time to get bored.

This island is inhabited by dragons

Looks like the creation of The Voxel Agents is very great. A nostalgic story by some miracle without the hefty pixels, and even encouraged lovingly spelled out the details, sketched a couple of strokes of the characters Arina and Frenda to so dear to the heart of materialism. Everything moves: the yellow leaves, smetnye a gust of wind will blow over the island, the wind picks thrown over the steel jacket, it will go cold November rain will take with me the warmth of friendship, but can’t wash away memories.


Arina and Frendt travel the country full already bored order nostalgic “analog” stamps, but the game is not slipping into vulgarity, and someone, likely, their story will truly touch your. As touches found a blog with my old records and notes in it, suddenly awakens in the memory of longtime friend.

Between The Gardens — a great way to spend a chilly autumn evening, when the bare branches bristling unfriendly outside the window and soul covers light melancholy. It’s time to take a boat of memories to swim in the past.


  • albeit light, but original and not breaking the rhythm of the game puzzle;
  • all The Gardens in Between working on the overall concept;
  • great music and visual style;
  • simple but touching story.


  • the game can pokazateliam easiest and in terms of gameplay and in terms of history;
  • overexposed cliches of the 80s.
Graphics Simple but neat work — each island lives its own life, the characters are well animated, and to deal with all of these time puzzles tactile pleasure.
Sound Nostalgic ambient, topped with a final folk chord that can make a player a tear — Yes, this is another indie game with beautiful music.
Single game The whole game is a set of Islands-puzzles, for the most part quite simple: The Gardens Between more insisted on the wrong, to think and to feel. But the mechanics, however, interesting — and just don’t have time to get bored.
Multiplayer Not provided.
Overall impression Modest, like Frendt, but confident in its virtues, like Arina, a game in which the best is how all its components work in the overall concept. Nothing superfluous, nothing across.

Rating: 7,5/10

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The Gardens Between

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