Genre Tactical strategy
Publisher SEGA
Developers SEGA
Minimum requirements Intel Core i3-6100 3.7 GHz/Athlon FX-6200 3.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with 1 GB memory and DirectX 11 support, such as NVIDIA
GeForce GTX 650 Ti/AMD Radeon HD 6850, 40 GB hard disk, Internet connection and a Steam account
Recommended requirements Intel Core i5-4760K 3.4 GHz/Athlon FX-8370 4,1 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with 6 GB memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060/AMD Radeon HD 7990
Release date 25 Sep 2018
Age limit 16 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

The game was tested on PlayStation 4

It seems that SEGA still has again found the right path and in recent years feels very confident, producing projects for a wide range of audience. It will be the publisher of the classic Sonic games from the fans, the next Yakuza will be sent to the West with the minimum of delay, Shenmue is revived. Fortunately, I have not forgotten what a unique tactical series Valkyria Chronicles that after the first issue went on the PSP and only after many years back with the fourth part of the home platform.

Like home!

Though notice that it took a whole decade will be difficult. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is so trying to be like the debut issue of that first sight and will not say, where is the novelty, and where a visitor from the past console generation. Graphically the game is identical, the main part of the event starts with the “talking heads” in static dialogs, the lead roles once again, the tank commander and his squad, and the warhead has undergone only minor changes. Even the time period did not touch on the alternative 1935, is the second Europeiska war between the aggressive Empire and the Western Alliance.

If only they knew what awaits them

However, for so many years, though some imitators, not to mention worthy successors, the series never appeared. Moreover, mechanics, founded the first Valkyria Chronicles are outdated and work fine even now. Let the fourth part, and became personal feelings much easier predecessor, but this is just a continuation of a series that I would like to see, and roughness can be corrected in future editions.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is entertaining alloy three-dimensional shooter and tactics. From the familiar to the genre of cell developers have abandoned in favor of the free movement of units around the arena. Well, relatively free — fighter can run as long as he has enough stamina. Plus perform one action: shoot, throw a grenade, and so on. To go one soldier can be any number, but each time it will move a smaller distance, so it is better to estimate the route, and you can be out in the open at the most inopportune moment.

After completion of the active phase the camera takes to the skies, allowing on the tactical map to assess the situation and to choose a fighter for the following steps. On the possibility of someone “steer” consumes tokens as soon as they ended, the initiative goes to the opponent. Simple, clear, elegant.

Tactical map stylish and clearly demonstrates what is happening on the battlefield

However, it is worth considering that some classes can counterattack if the enemy is in range, and will shoot as long as you are in threat range. Nobody forbids to risk the bullets to climb into the rear, but in this sense not so much for passing Valkyria Chronicles 4 does not need to be a tactical genius, it’s all very natural and simple. Yes, technically the battle has allotted limit moves, but he is so gentle that even with lazy the promotion front, the restrictions do not pay attention.

In such relaxed conditions are especially visible desperate stupidity of the opponents managed by the computer. It costs nothing to send their poor soldiers in a suicide attack on the fortifications. Because see, I have three fighters sit in one place — well, you throw a grenade, make nervous at least a little, but no, instead, the opponent sends half of his squad to certain death. Even more reinforcements are not able to tip the balance in favor of the AI.

A new class of grenadiers and even turned out too strong — hit from behind far and hurt. With a couple of these guys under the guise of stormtroopers and engineer, bringing shells, you can easily clean the map with map. I’m not saying that tactical play should be fun and to suffer, as does, for example, duologue Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, but from the battles in Valkyria Chronicles 4 still waiting for more complexity and depth.

To storm the fortifications scary at first glance. The main thing — not to go brazenly forward

Fortunately, the stupidity of enemies with a vengeance kompensiruet interesting and the most varied tasks. In one case, you need to look for in the city real tanks among dozens of dummies. All anything, but have to do it in thick fog where the fake from the real machine it is possible to distinguish almost at point blank range. And it will be great if came in from the side, and collided nose to nose with an armored monster.

In the other task, you will need to break through fortified positions in the mountains, where there are not only snipers, but also avalanches. The last, if not to throw a squad into the abyss, it just delayed promotion, because the snow will either need to clear the explosives, or roll a tank. The third is to get rid of the trains support, which pose a serious threat. Every time the authors manage to surprise, so the next job waiting not only for rest from the long dialogues, but also to see how the situation just settle this time.

By the way, about talking. Valkyria Chronicles 4, as almost any Japanese tactics, seriously tied to the plot, so at times it seems that you pass a visual novel, which tightened the battle. To some this approach may not like it, because bright videos here a rarity, dozens of hours will have to observe the pictures. However, if you follow the narrative, and not to skip dialogues, it appears that they are hiding fabulous characters.

Of course, the detachment must necessarily be a few snipers-cuties!

Because the game tells most of the ordinary people. All this global clash of the evil Empire with the Alliance — for the most part the background. Nobody will grovel about politics, but personal stories, as funny and sad, gain a lot. Every soldier in the unit is a bright personality with its own character and preferences in partners.

Along the way, Pro fighters learn more and more, they talk about their past, the reasons to go to war, constantly make fun of each other and generally behave quite plausible (with a discount on some animalnet, of course). Therefore, to break away from Valkyria Chronicles 4 is rather difficult. On the one hand, we throw up different tasks in the battles, on the other — show a very alive characters that never want to leave.

After experimenting with a series, ended in a resounding failure of the spin-off of Valkyria Revolution, SEGA decided not to give up on their tactics and start from the same place as ten years ago. The first and fourth “Valkyrie” is very similar to each other in mood and gameplay, and that’s good.

The important thing is that Valkyria Chronicles is back on the home platform. This is not the most complex, deep or ambitious game in the genre, but it has personality, atmosphere, interesting missions and great characters. Tactical series, and so left a bit, so I would like to believe that at the second attempt the venture pay for itself, and the Chronicle will eventually be able to stand on a par with Fire Emblem and Disgaea.


  • a huge number of tasks with interesting situations;
  • each of the main characters was very alive;
  • game mechanics are running out of time.


  • stupid computer opponent;
  • the balance is seriously shifted toward the dialogues that can be not for everyone;


The game looks cute, stylish and neat, but its pretty difficult to call. However, for this genre the graphics were never an important component.


Often have to listen to the dialogue, so the main work went to the actors. Japanese voiced by good as always, and the Western colleagues according to the tradition, to reach them could not, but ears and rape will not.

Single game

Big, enjoyable tactical strategy game that lacks complexity. The rest do not even notice how playing time flies, because in addition to entertaining storyline quests are enough side missions for different tastes.


Not provided.

Overall impression

Valkyria Chronicles 4 after the terrible branches turned the series in the right direction, but the price is so careful of changes compared to the debut part is that they are practically invisible. It was a good continuation of a unique series, which we wish financial success.

Rating: 8,0/10

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