Genre Race
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Developer Playground Games, Turn 10 Studios
Minimum requirements : Windows 10, CPU Intel Core i3-4170 3.7 GHz/AMD FX-6120 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 12 and 2 GB
of memory, for example the NVIDIA GeForce GT 740/Radeon R7 250X, 55 GB hard disk, Internet connection and a Microsoft account
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-3820 3.6 GHz/AMD R5 Ryzen 1400 3.5 GHz, 12 GB RAM, graphics card with 3GB of memory, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060/AMD Radeon RX 470
Release date 2 Oct 2018
Age limit 3 years
Platform Xbox One, PC
Official website

Game tested on Xbox One

Horizon — an offshoot of the Forza Motorsport franchise, clear and accessible interactive encyclopedia of Motorsport turned into a daring festival for the broader public. With closed tracks, the Daytona or the Nurburgring, we were taken on nature, where the ball is ruled fully developed the second part of freedom, catchy rhythms and positive emotions, and participation more important than winning. Without changing its essence, the fourth edition continues to expand the series, and in several aspects.

Geographical, in General, expected. Ogrenew in the United States, continental Europe and Australia, the event went on around the world. Before the official announcement, there were suggestions that the new venue may be the Japan, that would be its cool, but in fact it was the birthplace of the team of Playground Games, the United Kingdom, the region is no less original and atmospheric. The gaming area covers a significant part of the island of Britain, from Edinburgh to the Central regions of England — of course, creatively compressed view. It is worth noting that the feelings map is seriously inferior dimensions to those of Horizon 3, and a variety of climate zones, for objective reasons, can not boast, but to write it to shortcomings does not pull absolutely, and in addition banal “size is not important” there are at least two reasons.

Almost any frame of the game can be safely put on the Desk. Even in a frame on the wall will not be ashamed

First, the game world is, again, breathtakingly beautiful. Specifically, Britain was a small scale even to face — the developers have created a holistic rich picture, where there are no abrupt transitions and plenty of picturesque scenery with pretty little villages, meadows, forests and, of course, plenty of local attractions. So close to the festival site, you can find chalk figure of the Uffington white horse, buy a house in Broadway, then to admire the Derwent reservoir, and jerked to the North, posbivat shields on the famous Glenfinnan viaduct, which in the “Harry Potter” went the Hogwarts Express. The coast guard is a formidable bamborough castle and Arthur’s seat — the observation deck on top of a frozen volcano — beautiful views of almost the real Edinburgh.

From the mass of elaborate detail, coupled with a strong technical implementation one gets a strong impression. Magic Horizon, when you completely forget about the race, gamesmanship and just for fun roll on the world under the inspiring rhythms radio, from game to game not only continues but is growing in an amazing way. Of course, if you start to get a drone up to each statue, a passer-by or a runaway rabbit, the flaws are certainly there, but frankly — people, who in their right mind will purposefully do it, I just don’t understand.

The festival site again only one, but now you can buy property, from small cottages to such locks. Yes, and Edinburgh, too

Second and more importantly, what Forza Horizon 4 decorated and Britain, and the series in General — a full cycle of seasons. Fixed before summer at some point gives way to Golden autumn with frequent rain, then comes winter with snow and ice, well then have some more hybrids wheels the melted mud in the spring. And so round and round as in life. At first, study hours seasons scripted, but it is necessary to overcome the starting year and enter the registry of the festival, as your game will go to an independent cycle in which a new time every week. Time synchronized around the world, so be customized or slow him down will not work, even if you are riding strictly solo, without any multiplayer features.

In addition to, obviously, the visual transformation of virtual country seasons, especially winter, and even affect driving. The game has traditionally provided a lot of difficulty settings and turning off auxiliary systems, but even with the full arcade driving through the snow, off road or a wet asphalt requires some skill and appropriate rubber. Although, of course, on the laurels of serious racing series Horizon, as before, not swings — the most important thing to anyone, even the inexperienced person was at first nice to ride.

When they forgot that bumps hard to drive is not worth it…

The fleet is huge — just the start of four and a half hundreds of machines of different ages, classes, styles, countries and so on. From timeless classics through more mundane models to high-speed hypercars, powerful trucks, and exceptional specimens like the three-wheeled Reliant Supervan III or motorized Peel P50. As it turned out, between work, due to overlap with licensing in the fourth part did not get a Mitsubishi, Lexus and Toyota most. But unless you are a dedicated fan of these brands, in such a diversity shortage, and wonder not to notice at all. Garage and without direct purchase in the salon updated with enviable regularity: the new beauties opened as you progress in riding disciplines that fall in the money roulette and, of course, waiting for his master in abandoned barns — mini-game on search of rarities, fortunately, has not disappeared.

In General, all the usual activity from the previous part of moved to new, except that some with the new “label”. For example, an automotive recklessness (to pass the site on time to collect the required amount of points for driving technique, and the like) became more, now they are called “stories” or “project Horizon” and tied to a specific theme — in some you say, moonlighting as a stuntman on the set of the blockbuster, and other well-known blogger recreates the classic races of the games. Essentially it does not change, but it looks funny (especially if you read what the scene is removed in your races) and in the future can be easily updated with new content. Well increased the proportion of drift and drag racing. A whole layer of prepared purely for the multiplayer mode: team adventure, and leagues, and trials, and more. Debuted in the previous section the ability to modify the races and create their own also returned with an expanded Toolkit for the joy of creative comrades.

Edinburgh hosts the championship of the classic Aston Martin DB5 of James bond. The cars of agent 007 to a set (paid)

Well Halo fans waiting for the sixth part will certainly appreciate, I think, already included in the compulsory program of themed race, this time executed with impressive panache, appropriate environment, roaring in the sky “by Pelican” and “Banshee”, the Master Chifom driving and incessantly broadcast by Cortana. No joke — to shiver.

In addition to pre-defined events that are available at any time, the developers plan each season to arrange a number of seasonal events: it may be racing through previously inaccessible areas (e.g., frozen surface of a lake), and special Championships or specific findings. The same principle works Forzathon system regularly updated tests with their bonus points and shop. In this scenario, a weekly rotation of must support the community in the right tone, giving enough time to the job and risking to bore one lingering at times. Although old habits may want to stay longer in the summer, but that, alas, nothing can be done about the passage of time does not stop.

Bonus points for the tech now for cars bought separately, each with its own set

And the beauty is that none of this is strictly necessary. Horizon demands nothing and nowhere calls, she only said: “You can be one of the best. Have fun!” — and how to do it, only you can decide. After all we are not in a serious sports competition, but on the bright festival, created for fun, which to each his own. My best friend is very sociable racer, trigger races with extreme twists Aki seeds. I prefer to play alone, do not. because they do not know how, and sometimes gravitate to the quiet study of the world behind the wheel of nice cars and get acquainted with new music on the radio (so 4 Horizon suddenly opened up to me song side actress Charlotte Gainsbourg). We are different, but the brainchild of Playground Games in full gives us both what we want. Isn’t this an unqualified success?

PS And the next stop really would be interesting to do in Japan.

The dubbing was lost in the past and was not found until now, but it’s not terrible, good say here. Another thing is that on the radio it’s not even subtitles, and the roar of the engine to hear them is not always possible. Yes, the information load of their performances is minimal, but still…
In the text of all translated adequately, now, in places with proper humor, however, the eye sometimes cuts galloping font size (when the record was jimali designated place) and apparently, the problem encodings in some secondary menu where the tabs adorn multiple question marks. Perhaps this is correct patch, but at the time of writing, the problem remained.
Rather, these technical aspects were implemented by the developer and have no relationship to the work of localizers. However, we appreciate the experience of translation, and because of these mistakes they were not the most pleasant.
Evaluation of localization: 7


  • beautiful Britain, an impressive fleet of vehicles, diversity of activities the excellent soundtrack, which has already become the standard package of charms series Horizon;
  • the change of seasons transforms the world, and the rules of the road;
  • multiplayer elements are seamlessly woven into the main game.


  • in the third part it was a pleasure to develop the festival site, here all progress is finally reduced to numbers;
  • disappeared some pleasant things in single player mode like special songs for a combo of techniques and commands drivethru.
Graphics In the background Horizon 3 new game looks more restrained, but it’s not her problem — it’s just the UK that such. Technically, all executed perfectly and is stable.
Sound Actually, the last part has changed selection of radio stations (partially), but their playlists, but it no complaints — the music is pleasing and often asks to go to the player. With machines and the environment is also in order — frankly, it is hard to imagine what would happen to verified database of sounds, something major was spoiled.
Single game Solo players lose access to some types of events (e.g., trial), and on the roads instead of the living people will go all their substitutes-drivatar. However, even in the silence and tranquility of loneliness employment is so much that the eyes diverge.
Multiplayer Ceasing to be a separate mode, multiplayer has penetrated virtually all elements of the game — it is a convenient platform where it is easy to cooperate with other drivers and finding a goal to go into all sorts of adventures.
Overall impression Have Forza Horizon two years ago, there was no serious competition, and now the not appeared, while she with the last issue only increased horsepower. Even if you are in General indifferent to race, but like, for example, IMO, try can tighten. Precedents have already been.

Rating: 9,0/10

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