Genre Action, role playing game
Publisher Toadman Interactive
Publisher in Russia “Buka”
Developers Toadman Interactive
Minimum requirements: Intel Core2 Quad Q9500 2,83 GHz/AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.0 GHz, 6 GB RAM, graphics card with support for DirectX 11 and 2GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 v4/AMD Radeon HD 5770, 25 GB hard disk, Steam account
Recommended requirements: Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0
GHz/AMD FX-9590 4.7 GHz, 8 GB RAM, graphics card with DirectX 11 support and 3GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780/AMD Radeon R9 290
Release date 7 September 2018
Age limit 16 years
Platform PC, Xbox One, PS4
Official website

The game is tested on PC

Surprisingly, “Dark Souls with guns” had to wait so long. A lot of followers and clones of the hardcore series from from Software blindly took the combat system, in which the hero fizzles out after three swings and one rolling, but not very wondered what the creature Hideki Miyazaki so hooked players worldwide. Toadman Interactive, to its credit, tried to understand the secrets behind the magic of Souls. But I don’t think that makes any game good.

Space gray

That Lords of the Fallen that The Surge — more followers okay-what-game — stepped on the same rake: random borrowed for themselves, many elements of the work From Software, not understanding that they are suitable or not. Primarily I’m talking about brief and lengthy supply quite a common story. Immortal: Unchained, on the other hand, such a mystery.

You understand, we have one of the most beautiful landscapes in the game

In the far-distant future, a race of the primes seized power in the nine known worlds. They ruled with an iron fist, not abhorred slavery, but exalted humanity to unprecedented heights — the Golden age. Although history teaches us that no Empire can exist forever: that the primes fell under the onslaught of mysterious Darkness that gave birth to horrible monsters.

Now to prevent the extinction of all things can only ancient immortal warriors buried in the tombs. As you understand, for one of them we have to play. Immortal: Unchained did well gloomy atmosphere of the end times. All the worlds, United by a mysterious Monolith, are in decline and inhabited only by monsters and rare crazy. At the same time in different parts of the world and the descriptions of the items laid enough pieces of mythology to understand the big picture.

Immortal: Unchained draws is really interesting with fantastic surroundings, but present it to the player. The first impression is a crucial moment of any game, and here it’s all bad. We spend the first hour in the dreary gray-green rooms. Empty, boring room without a single noteworthy details. Even containers with things merge with the background, so monotonous these interiors.

The portal to adventure!

Okay — it’s an abandoned tomb, it be supposed to be. Here we’ll get to the Monolith and go on an epic journey through the promised nine worlds! So there we turn around! Yes? No. Are available for research only three of them: snowy Arden, tropical Vegan and abandoned the capital of the primes — Apension. Others, apparently, have in store for additions or a full-fledged sequel portals there are, but they will remain closed.

And caught in the game is now the worlds eyes are not encouraging. Everywhere dominates the monotony and boredom of different shades, whether a forest or a greenish purple glow of a futuristic fortress. There’s no scenery, which would capture the spirit and technical execution leaves much to be desired. In some locations the performance noticeably sags (especially suffering rainy Apension) regardless of graphics settings.

The ordinary can not be saved

On the other hand, the architecture of the levels are well thought out. The different region correctly connected to each other, cutting woven neatly and place, and sometimes you can find a cleverly hidden loophole that will allow to bypass the danger. Obelisks, playing the role of safe Islands where you can improve a character and change outfit, placed exactly so that when each of them exhausted, the player was relieved.

The leveling system is familiar to all fans of the genre

In Immortal: Unchained danger lurks at every corner — the whole environment is against you. Slipped and fell — back to the obelisk. Gape and got a machine gun in the face — go back to the obelisk. Of course, all defeated enemies respawn, and the experience remains in place ignominious death, and you only have one chance to get it back.

Melee weapons are, but the emphasis is on shooting. Swords and axes — rather extreme measure, well, or a way to finish off the enemy and save some ammo. Basically in the course are pistols, shotguns, rifles and the like. Really work shooting at the strange rules. It would seem the classic third-person shooter with rapids. But there are many “but”.

First, that life did not seem honey, the enemies are incredibly tough, and simple a zombie can handle a few bursts of machine head. Even a few missiles. Second, puzzled by the distance to the target. Ten or twenty feet, seriously? This setting can not increase characteristics of the character, it is fixed for each weapon. And it looks very strange — you see the bullet fall to the enemy, but if he is even a millimeter on position, the projectile just bounces from enemy carcasses without causing any damage.

Sneaky shot enemies in the back is the main way of survival

One of the interesting things the authors have implemented half-heartedly. Each enemy has a weak point, hit which causes critical damage. And what do you think? Absolutely all of it is on the back. But such a potential for weaknesses, each new opponent… And if you capture the enemy in sight and go back, shoot the hero will always see it. As well here, would fit the license plate from the most recent Grand Theft Auto when the default character to shoot an enemy in the body, but a slight deviation of the stick can be aiming to hit the limbs…

Finally, in the balance there is a clear bias towards shotguns and sniper rifles. When you open the ability to carry two primary weapons at the same time, the character turns into a real killing machine. Of course, dying a hero very quickly from any missteps, but rifles and submachine guns outright lose the above pair.

The combat system of Dark Souls is good because there is no single winning tactic. In Immortal: Unchained’s an obvious option is always before my eyes: take the best automatic shotgun, go to the enemy behind his back and put a clip. Repeat until victory, is effective against any monster and boss. Bosses, by the way, is another missed opportunity. After all, what is the interest to fight with them, if all the battles flow exactly the same?

Then I think I will refrain from commenting…

* * *

Toadman Interactive surprisingly accurately capture the essence of Dark Souls: the mystical atmosphere, the constant tension and sense of discovery. However, the game went controversial. From Immortal: Unchained is quite possible to have fun, but have to close my eyes to a lot of problems.


  • interesting mythology of the world;
  • competent architecture of gaming locations.


  • obsolete technology part of with bad optimization;
  • boring visual style;
  • the combat system with the skewed balance, and a bunch of oddities.
Graphics No interesting visual style, or technological achievements, the game looks very budget and faceless.
Sound The soundtrack is a little brighter visuals, but still does not stay in memory for a long time. But the rare characters are voiced surprisingly well, with care.
Single game The game manages to be a good spiritual successor Dark Souls, but many problems in mechanics and balance prevent her to open up and at least stop annoying.
Multiplayer Not provided.
Overall impression The first pancake — it is possible, but it would be better to redo it again.

Rating: 5,5/10

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Immortal: Unchained

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