Genre Shooter
Publisher Activision
Publisher in Russia Activision
Developers Treyarch
Release date 12 Oct 2018
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Official website

The game was tested on PlayStation 4

Paradox: the Royal rumble is watching us from monitors, but good games can be counted on the fingers. Fortnite Battle Royale attracts no cost and

cartoony visual style, but pushes the possibility to build walls in seconds. PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds like the realism and earthiness, but is mired in bugs, flaws and cheaters. And more to remember something and nothing — all Realm Royale, Fear the Wolves, and the like were doomed to oblivion almost from release. And then came to the aid of Activision with Treyarch to show everyone what should be a battle Royal from a major publisher with a huge budget.

They managed

The result was impressive — when do you expect a hastily cobbled together nonsense, and get almost perfectly working shooter, it simultaneously causes both surprise and joy. Surprise due to the fact how much effort was invested in all of this and how different the game is different from what Call of Duty has offered for many years. But joy — because of the appearance of the battle Royal, which is a serious fault and there is nothing. At the stage of “beta” it works great even on a standard PS4, and Treyarch is actively communicating with the community and makes changes based on feedback.



You can grumble and blame the developers to use old maps — as you know, in the Blackout (is the name of this mode in Black Ops 4) huge by the standards of the series location is a Frankenstein’s monster made of several cards. There is a Raid, Turbine, and Hydro from Black Ops 2, there is war from World at War, and without the famous Nuketown has not been. Oddly enough, in practice it well — between zones are large enough distance, dotted with small houses, and the use of different locations has made some parts of the map are completely different from each other.

Gameplay the game is not much different from other representatives of the genre. 80 people (their number during the “beta” has grown to 88, and probably will continue to increase) are flying over the map, jump out at the right time and land at the selected point. This happens much faster than in Fortnite and PUBG, — before I know it, you are already starting to frantically search the nearby buildings in search of weapons. So far, the local equivalent of “Abandoned towers”, where in the first five minutes killed 2/3 of the server was not found, but probably many will fall in some specific, most “rich” to the extraction point.

A allowed to wear any two types of weapons: submachine gun and sniper rifle, and a shotgun, powerful gun and missile launcher options a lot. In the starting the bag contained only five objects, which may include first aid kits, temporary boosts and items for weapons like silencers, butts and sights (the number of cells can increase to ten, if you locate a new backpack). In a separate armor slot is one of the three types. First and second similar to each other — they completely cover the body and save the time of the shots, but the head remains vulnerable. But with the armor of the third level, the character wears a helmet, and then there is a problem with the balance that the helmet is difficult to break. Fortunately, Treyarch is aware of the problem and plans to solve it.

So many bags to search!


It sounds like almost a complete copy PUBG, but Blackout offers several interesting features. For example, there are a lot more vehicles, there is a Quad bike, truck, boat and even a helicopter. From Call of Duty you least expect adequate working equipment, but in “beta” it looks like the helicopters and ATVs have been in the series all my life — all of this is conveniently controlled and allows you to quickly get to the next round, if gape and don’t want to lose much health in the local “storm”. Of course, this madness, what was shown in the trailer is Blackout, the game is not all too much value, the only “life”. But to fly a helicopter with a squad that shoots running down the poor guy, funny as hell. At the same time to destroy this problem, so obtaining a helicopter and the game ends.

Another innovation associated with the amplifiers, which grant special abilities for a few minutes. They take up space in your inventory even after you use them, and some of them are very useful passive skills, which you definitely shouldn’t mindlessly spend. Why make the steps louder opponents, if you hardly anyone will see in the near future? Why highlight all the items in this place if you are in the field and to the nearest house too long to run? Not all amps are equally useful (hardly in the final round will be useful for a more powerful punch that will to cure you), but when the player will decide what and in what situation it is better to activate, to defeat him will be difficult.

Finally, Blackout is different from other games is the presence of AI zombies. Often they guard the crates with the best gear like sturdy armor, or cool weapons. Fighting with them is dangerous not only because they can surround while exploring boxes, but because of the noise, inevitably attracting other players. Costs too much to get involved in a battle with the reanimated dead, as someone on the sly will come up from behind and bring you down. Killed zombies drop ammo, medkits, and even unique weapons, including a ray gun.

Sometimes the ammo is better to save — all the zombies still do not interrupt


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

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In the preview it is hard to cover all that offers Blackout. Here dislike “campers” — in the bushes to hide do not allow invisible walls, but through them you can pass on the ATV. Here is a very quickly up the allies, in just a few seconds. Here is almost instantly following the match. Finally, there is a great pace — the game is not swinging for long, but ends too quickly. And to leave this mode is very difficult, time flies by and I want to run one game after another. Until that Blackout seems a fantastic thing with immense potential, which will be 4 Black Ops the best Call of Duty in recent years.


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