The Chinese company Xiaomi announced the alarm Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock with an intelligent assistant: the sales will start this month.

In fact, the gadget is a hybrid of a traditional alarm clock and smart dynamics. Owners will be able to use voice commands to request particular information, for example, weather forecast, information on traffic, current news, etc.

To interact with smart alarm, you can remotely Mijia App on a mobile device. Supported the conclusion of various

notifications and reminders.

Moreover, the novelty can be used to interact with “smart” appliances in particular, with attached air purifiers, air conditioners etc.

“Smart alarm clock” Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock can play different sounds, helping the owners to relax after a busy day.

Of course, the new product can perform the traditional functions — to display the time and to signal for awaking the user.

To purchase the device at an estimated price of 20-25 USD. Sales start September 28.


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