It is expected that AMD will continue to be the main supplier of key systems-on-chip for next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Earlier it repeatedly pointed out to various leaks and rumors: how Microsoft and Sony confirm work on a new, and even assured that the PlayStation 5 can be expected in 2020. But still no official data about the participation of AMD in these projects may sound.

Crystal AMD Ryzen

However, in a recent interview with CNBC, the Executive Director of AMD Lisa su (Lisa Su) has confirmed that her company works with both Sony and Microsoft on next-generation consoles. The Convenor noted that by analogy with the chips for the Xbox One and PS4 new AMD solutions for both companies will vary and include “secret ingredients” were created under a certain system. We can talk about specific units: for example, allowing to overcome the main drawbacks of cloud gaming in the future system of Microsoft. At least AMD after Microsoft recently mentioned that the Xbox Next is created with an eye on cloud services.

At the moment it sounds information that the processors for both consoles, most likely, will receive core CPU Jaguar Zen is weak in the current consoles. At the same time graphics for the PS5, as stated in the rumors, will be based on the architecture of AMD Navi, which is itself largely could be the result of cooperation with the engineers of Sony.

Assuming the current rumors are true, it’s safe to say that CPU in new gaming platforms will become much more powerful. When developing PS4 and Xbox One Sony and Microsoft engineers have used relatively weak processors, offsetting this by the fact that integrated graphics have become more programmable and less dependent on the CPU due to the low-level graphical API. The success of these platforms, as well as many hits, including the latest Spider-Man for PS4, were proof that the console is really able to provide a great gaming graphics.

Today Xbox One X is a great gaming system, essentially bypassing the capabilities of any equivalent computer for $500. This was especially true during the cryptocurrency boom, when prices rebounded on the GPU and gaming PC market suffered greatly. However, it is worth remembering that the nucleus of the Jaguar was developed many years ago as an alternative to CPUs for low-power netbooks with Intel Atom. The result was some nasty performance features of the Xbox One and PS4, such as huge latency L2 when reading from a single 4-core CPU cluster to another. Yes and to display graphically rich projects in 4K or at 60 fps with weak CPU modern consoles very often becomes a bottleneck. And the next system will be focused exactly on 60 fps.

Intercluster latency of the cache on the PS4 is quite high, so companies had to develop innovative methods for local data storage and simultaneous continuous support of the GPU

In turn, the CPU core architecture Zen not only was developed with an eye on the competition with the most powerful Intel Core processors, but also show themselves in the already released single-chip systems that include graphics Vega and restricted consumption. In the result it is hoped that the new console will be deprived of most of the bottlenecks related to insufficient performance of the CPU blocks.

If Sony and Microsoft want to have a true eight-core single-chip system (unlike, in fact, two separate 4-core clusters in the PS4 and Xbox One), they can use Ryzen. Significantly higher efficiency of these chips compared to Bulldozer or Jaguar means that both companies will have the opportunity to keep power consumption at a low level, while ensuring that the fundamental performance gain. In terms of operations on beat Ryzen superior to Kaveri 1.52 times (despite the fact that the latter bypasses the Jaguar in 1,15 times from the point of view of the IPC). Don’t forget about the new technical norms: console 2020 can expect at least 7-nm and 5-nm chip production.

Without knowing the details about Navi, it is difficult to speculate on what features the GPU can get a new system, but it is likely that here the winnings can be significant. Since 2012, AMD uses, by and large, the same core architecture GCN, gradually modifying it and linking to the current generation of consoles. In Navi expected to be the most important architectural innovations — that is, the output PS5 and Xbox Next PC market may also get a completely new graphics card and AMD graphics technology.

By the way, there are persistent rumors that in addition to Microsoft and Sony on their own game console also running Google the solution should be built around cloud gaming. Supposedly Microsoft is going to release two separate Xbox Next — the traditional acting games locally and in the cloud.


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