Genre Strategy
Publisher Sega
Developer Two Point Studios
Minimum requirements Windows 7, Intel Core i3-6100 3.7 GHz / AMD FX-6120 3.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with DirectX 11 support and 1GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 v2 / AMD Radeon HD 6850, 5 GB hard disk
Recommended requirements Intel Core i5-6600 3.3 GHz / AMD Ryzen 5 1600X 3.6 GHz, 8 GB RAM, graphics card with 4GB memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 / AMD Radeon R9 290X
Release date 30 Aug 2018
Age limit 10 years
Platform RS
Official website

Those who at one time managed to get acquainted with the original Theme Hospital (which today is not a problem — wishing on a straight road or in Origin), Two of the Vertices from the first seconds you will feel at home. No words of developers about the “spiritual heir” and no stylized plasticine animation will not be deceived — we are a direct, almost literal remake of the game in 1997. Yes, now it looks cleaner and tidier, even steriline, Yes, as a nod to modernity there are several new features like personal characteristics of the characters and filters the view of the hospital, but the mechanics remained the same, preserved, and even many elements of the design, and most importantly — Hospital still impresses with its eccentric, light atmosphere. From any description invariably lips stretched into a smile, the characters pokerstat the girl on the loudspeaker emits flashing ads… And what disease! Talking about them is useless, better to see and to feel the subtle irony, but I note that for all its banality, my favorite was “spleen” syndrome of a fan of Freddie mercury.

If for you the robe of a doctor new, also not a problem — to understand the big work will not make. The path to the conventional “sandbox” with a full range of features and, accordingly, a problem is divided into fifteen stages. Each episode is a separate building in the new district with its own characteristics. So, in the Northern regions is cold, South is hot — you should care about batteries and air conditioners respectively. In a rich quarter of customers are literally throwing money and calling on them to cash in, whereas the poor have to play in the “affordable medicine” and serve the people for free, beating government grants. The University can only hire unskilled staff, but the administration is willing to pay you for each trained employee. Somewhere frequent earthquakes and eruptions, which at times flying instrument, somewhere will have to clear the mountains of garbage, to fight the epidemics or from the knees to lift someone else’s money-losing hospital. With Finance, however, goes weird. Nominally you run a Fund, so that the progress of research and the supply of Krutikov (additional currency for open objects) the same for all hospitals under your command, unlike what the money — if the level of debt, withdraw funds from other institutions will not have to borrow from local banks.

Your life is full of joy and fun? I got it!

Criterion of success of the hospital’s business is a three-star rating. To advance to a new place just one star; the second and third are not mandatory, but give their bonuses and, of course, put forward more serious conditions. Most often, the Manager is required to cure a certain number of people to keep some of parameters (satisfaction, effectiveness, etc.), and also to do something specific for that particular level. So gradually new layers superimposed on each other, and you’re all deeply buried in the wilds of County health Two cute Tops.

In most cases you start with an empty building already looming on the horizon, the early customers. The trained gesture set gentlemanly set of offices (Registrar, General practice, General diagnostics, pharmacy, toilet), seated first administrators and staff who purchase a couple of machines with food and drinks and then act according to the situation. Although each stage has its own theme, patients can come with anything, but because the course is all available Arsenal for healing and pumping money. Did the trick — I moved and started a new one. Of course, the repetition of the same action quickly becomes routine, but in itself it would not be a problem, work create a mechanism like a watch — because in this sense of the genre. And Two Point Hospital here suddenly fails.

One body too little — an urgent need to build a new

From a small — not very clear the commit authors on the decoration of the hospital. In the game there are a lot of items for the decoration of medical institutions: some are purely decorative, others still up — fast-track diagnostics, for example. It is clear that any patient would be nicer to wait for reception, sitting on a bench with a magazine in his hands, and the doctor in the break you want to collapse on the couch in the break room and sleep in the TV. Yes and most want to see a private clinic well organized place with all the amenities. But for some reason the developers give an abstract “charm” of such significance, which she clearly deserves. And this leads to the fact that for the three stars for the level or from the whim of some VIP visitors spit on everything and mindlessly make cabinets wardrobes and chairs, corridors are planting plants, and the walls are entirely covered with paintings. It turns out the ugliness, but who cares if it is expensive-rich? Customers like the customers are drawn.

The worst thing about the tenth level of the clinic, when the inflow of patients increases dramatically. Suddenly it turns out that all well built system with the influx of not coping, and not because you foolishly disposed of diagnosticians in three buildings from the therapists, but just because. At one point artificial intelligence like breaks. Languishing with thirst nurse may be hard to ferment past the drinking fountains, threatening to resign from the unbearable conditions, and the patient before the doctor’s office suddenly decides to read the newspaper or to run to the deli across the hospital, although there is a same. Plants wither, machines break, people get stuck in queues for years (it’s very strange timing) and dying like flies… And the most surprising — it’s not a loss. Whatever confusion or going on, the doctors will go to work, and people give hundreds and thousands of dollars that may never to leave the walls of the clinic. It may, of course, all so soon and thought to once again emphasize the absurdity of Mirka Two Vertices, but if so — I admit, humor is not appreciated.

A cozy corner for pharmacist

Generally, it is surprising that of games the last couple of years (even beyond timename games in General), namely Two Point Hospital gave me the coolest leap in feelings. How beautiful and funny she was even on the fifth hour, as she managed to ostochertet to the thirty-fifth — and because the economic strategy is not great period. After placing several successful hospitals, plenty mocked the hilarious lyrics and antics posabilitys pseudoplasticity men, understand that more will not be. The joke was over, the headphones have been playing their own music, and some new diseases with absurd methods of treatment are not worth the headache trying to keep up with the human chaos and twitchy at the sight of the inscription “Promote the attractiveness of the hospital.”


A game in which a fair share of the insane of the atmosphere rests on the text of the humor and play on words, a bad translation could easily bury. Two Point Hospital, fortunately, such a fate was over. Localizers correctly shifted the original, but in many ways it was adapted for Russian-speaking audience. In the end, things like the song “I’ll go to Doktorovo” bench “straight out of the fourth dream of Vera Pavlovna” or the invasion of the “professional of casseroles,” remembered brighter than any light bulbs instead of heads.

The only thing missing is the translation of ads for the hospital — voice acting or subtitles, though. The lady sometimes gives funny lines, and let them a little hurt.

Evaluation of localization: 9


  • nice looking and easy to learn game;
  • laughter is the best medicine;
  • exemplary remake of the classic.


  • the need to repeatedly rebuild the hospital from scratch tires;
  • wild behavior computer dummy.
Graphics Simple but cute and funny. The style of “Wallace and Gromit” definitely came in the game to face, giving a special charm to the author’s ideas with unscrewing light bulbs-heads and other ascolipiceno sketches.
Sound The music is pleasant and unobtrusive, but it is small, and most of the ears and cling not for that background hospital noise and noise to be expressionless.
Single game Planned construction of clinics, personnel management, timely response to problems — as it should be economic strategy, but with a strange skewed from treatment for embellishment. “As you want” hard to do — you have to do a “how to”.
Multiplayer As such, no, but you can compete with friends who earn more money, put diagnoses or cure the sick, and even with those who have the game there.
Overall impression Two Point Hospital could easily give many hours of genuine fun and great to lighten the mood, but the monotony and clumsy AI can kill the joy of the game rather any paracites.

Rating: 7/10

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