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CD Projekt RED


CD Projekt RED

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In just a few minutes after the publication of the material, CD Projekt RED held a stream with a demonstration of the same gameplay (you can find at the bottom of the page). Therefore, everything said in the

article, we can already see with your own eyes.

After The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt developers CD Projekt RED have become real stars of the gaming industry. For many of the adventures of Geralt lifted the bar of role-playing projects to unprecedented heights. Therefore, a new game from the poles expect nothing less than, for example, Red Dead Redemption 2. But in recent years there have been many rumors that Cyberpunk 2077 problems. Only E3 2018 dispelled the fear part of the game finally revealed, albeit behind closed doors. At Gamescom 2018 saw her and me. And I want to assure you with the project all is well.


As in most role-playing games, the first thing you have to do in a Cyberpunk 2077 is to create a character. Rich in capabilities editor allows you to sculpt any of the protagonist by choosing among a backstory that will affect the main narrative and side quests. Strict limits on the classes of no — style game is determined by the characteristics and implants installed in the process of passing.

The friendly inhabitants of night city

The first task of the hero (or rather, on the show was the heroine) to rescue some important girl, who is kidnapped by traffickers bodies. Together we partner and move on the dirty rooms and shabby corridors of a huge residential complex. Atmosphere: the spitting image of Judge Dredd 2012 Karl urban.

On the floor a bunch of bandits, with whom you can deal in different ways. The first few bad guys of the protagonists are eliminated quietly, performing beautifully animated techniques of silent killing. But then the audience was asked to add action (authors played in real time and sometimes asked the audience what to do), so then began a fierce firefight.

It is seen that Cyberpunk is not primarily a shooter, and role-playing. When hit from enemies flying damage numbers like Destiny or Borderlands. However, the weapons felt pretty good, judging by the video. Environment sports interactive — bullets make furniture in wood, and some walls you can destroy to beat the enemy from the flank. In the meantime, we have enough gun and the ability to slow down time to deal with the small things and get to the goal.

Just a scene in the spirit of Tarantino

As vadimcha trilogy, Cyberpunk 2077 is not shy about nudity: in one of the baths is composed of a bunch of naked bodies, including a missing lady. Heroes have first aid, taking the course of a few solutions. It is unclear, however, affect whether they are ultimately on the outcome of the task. But in the version shown, all ended well: the girl we gave a time came to the rescue aid got their share of the Eurodollar (that’s in the future currency) and went to celebrate.

Running through the neon streets

The introductory mission was only a prelude to the main action. The next morning after drinking the heroine ochuhivaetsya at home, engaged in household chores, watch the news, while the partner does not call for a meeting — need to discuss a new deal. We first get to the world of Cyberpunk 2077. From the opening picture is breathtaking.

At this point, the game is impressive on two levels: while we ride the Elevator, gaze presents a huge and magnificent night city stretching beyond the horizon, is it worth it to bring it down, surprised by how fantastic detailed environments. The city is not just a conglomeration of identical gray boxes. Each house is unique and architecturally different from the next. In contrast to the gloomy corridors of the prologue on the streets of the night city bright: all the shimmering neon and screams holographic advertising. Attention to detail is amazing. Here, even the pedestrians waiting for the green light to cross the road! The metropolis is incredibly huge and makes a strong impression.

Frightening transhumanism in all its glory

In the future, we visited several areas and looked to the surgeon-mechanics, where he introduced several useful implants. Remember Prague from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided? So, all of its parts — only a tiny fraction of knight city. Judging by the video, the size of Cyberpunk 2077 could compete with Los Santos from GTA V.

Of course, to quickly to get to something, it is better to use the private car. In someone else’s game it’s hard to say how comfortable it is to drive, but definitely have the ability to steer from the first or third person and to shoot on the move.

After a series of misadventures, we find ourselves at the entrance to the lair of the crazy gang, selling clandestine goods. We need to get the military bot for the customer. Again, there are different options, including the peace. Although to find common ground with the thugs traveled quite difficult, so words must be chosen carefully. It is unclear whether social skills affecting new options or simplify diplomacy.

Machine hero is somewhat reminiscent of KITT from “Knight rider”

The choices shown in the dialogs poor, usually two or three options, but judging by the content and the promises of authors, every decision can change the course of events. As, for example, literally five minutes before I had to get out of a difficult situation — it’s hard to lie when the source is directly connected to your brain via a neural interface. But back to the bandits. Earning the trust, we successfully bought the bot, and, in principle, could go back home… But this fucking drug dealer too boldly led the business. The audience decided that a bear is impossible, and therefore became hot. But when the dust settled, we were in the hands of military robot, and money, and a bunch of new weapons.

This shootout was much hotter contractions of entry. One gun was not enough: in the course went and a shotgun, and smart pistol with homing warheads (just like in “Fifth element”!), and even futuristic katana. In the shows and one of the previously received the implants — ocular scanner that allows you to see the trajectory of bullets rikoshetyaschie. Another view mode highlights enemies through walls. The heroine, by the way, has blades from the first trailer, built in in hand, so deftly to deal with enemies in the jump.

Judging by the color of the background of the icons of the items, the equipment will be the degree of “rarity.” Katana, apparently, was high escarpment, because in addition to the ability to cut off the hands and feet, it generates a force field that protects from stray bullets.

Hangman Rock approves selection

Disassembly ended with a boss battle, where once again demonstrated the interactive environments — missiles only so spread the walls and columns. When behind were only corpses and smoldering remains, a heroine with a partner for the wheelbarrow went into the sunset under a storm of applause. To be honest, I can’t understand why the demo at least in a compressed form not shown to the public, as did Techland with Dying Light 2, because the game works fine, and an hour was not noticed a single bug, not one zaglushina animation or stuck in the textures of the model. What I saw looked like a fully finished product.

The concern is only about how the show was suscriptor — too cool contextual animations and stunning setting of the dialogues. It’s hard to believe that this level of development will be throughout the game, each secondary job. After all, if you select a threat in the dialogue, the protagonist is not just a formidable voice recites intimidation speech — he puts to the head of the interlocutor pistol, but he makes a scared expression. Even if we consider that the choice of replicas is often reduced to two or three options, still the final amount of work is appalling.

Cyberpunk 2077 looks pretty darn cool. The live game quite a bit not up to video shown at the Microsoft conference at E3 2018. Let the model and the lighting a little less quality, but the amount of detail in the shot, the detail and individuality of each location, every corner is just amazing. However, the system requirements for the game are likely to be relevant. So it’s time to think about upgrading. If not for this game, for what?

The walls in the game really so riddled

* * *

Cyberpunk 2077

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Finally someone realized that cyberpunk is not necessarily a depressing grey town and the nasty rainy weather. Cyberpunk 2077 breaks these stereotypes with its vivid picture, as if you are in a futuristic Miami. Just for fun facade lies no less dark secrets and deceit than any Noir metropolis.

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