Gamescom 2018: part two, the main question is — where to find the time for all the games?

All the news from Gamescom 2018 on the same page

A new star in the publishing firmament

THQ Nordic diligently trying to break into the big leagues. To the credit of the publisher, it is not the way Activision or Electronic Arts, but rather seek to compete with Bethesda, supporting single games and reviving old franchises. Already in the autumn will go on sale in Darksiders 3. Make it the people responsible for the first two parts, although the walls of the new Studio, Gunfire Games.

Trikvel remains true to the traditions of predecessors — it’s still action adventure that combines battle and puzzle. How to show the world the player Gunfire definitely spied a few ideas from FromSoftware. On the horizon is always visible remarkable place, and all of them can be visited. The levels, by design, should flow smoothly into each other. No more barriers — all navigation is logical from the point of view of the world. And remember that many locations are only available when you get certain abilities.

At this time we will present the horsemen of the Apocalypse by the name of Fury, the story develops simultaneously with the adventures of Death until the War is languishing in prison for two centuries. According to the creators of the Darksiders series was originally conceived this way: every Rider — for a single game with the personal stories running parallel. And then we, in theory, will see a continuation of the ending of the first part, where all four come together. Whether this will happen depends on the success of Darksiders 3. Sincerely hope that all will be good at it, because the game promises to be very entertaining.

Crysis 3 takes all the best from the first two releases. Rage collects a bunch of junk, like the protagonist of Diablo, but the weapon promise the most diverse. Of course, it is possible to improve as the character itself. Darksiders 3 is still focused on melee, although the Rider much better with magic than War or Death. In battle she relies more on brute force, and on dexterity. Every enemy promises danger, so even with simple skeletons do not relax.

No less impressive, and even more original looks Biomutant. The developers have brought to Gamescom 2018 brand new Assembly and showed a lot of interesting. Of the notable features of the elements of random generation in the open world. Geography strictly fixed, but each location has its own random type: for example, you have some kind of an abandoned station can be radioactive, and the other player, it is covered with ice and snow.

As already known, the protagonist — intelligent furry animal, martial arts, carry a weapon such as firearms, and melee. The crafting system allows you to create these crazy samples, and late Dead Rising envy. However, the most surprising special abilities and how they can be used to interact with the world. Last year we were shown growing up at the behest of the thoughts of the plants, acting as a trampoline. Now showed a soap bubble. No, seriously, the hero surrounds itself with a bubble that bounces realistically from surfaces — a convenient means of transportation. And if you jump it at the head of the enemy, he will get stuck and will roll with you, funny waving limbs.

Although the fastest way to complete the level — a personal transport. For example, our own robot. Why not? In Biomutant much exists on this principle. Vacuum gun that sucks in enemies and shoots them? Please! These crazy opportunities require time to implement, so the project moved right on to summer 2019. But I assure you that the game already has works great.

THQ Nordic continues to buy up old projects. Although the case of acquired TimeSplitters and Second Sight there are no announcements is not connected, the publisher is brought back to life the glorious tactics in the face of Desperados. The third part is Mimimi Productions, which is a couple of years ago noted caressed by critics and players Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. She, in turn, was created under the influence of the first editions of Desperados, so the circle.

Next to cowboy tactics showed Fade to Silence, desperately seeking to escape already from the early access. The developers are trying to mix the next “varivestis” and narrative storytelling, and created a world they call “narrative sandbox” is actually one of the trends Gamescom 2018. The same phrase used by the authors of RAGE 2, Metro: Exodus and other open world games.

At the level of mechanics of the Fade to Silence resembles a State of Decay, adjusted for a fixed protagonist with written personality and character. The protagonist tries to survive in the icy world of the future, where a mysterious Contamination of the hunts and destroys all living things, from humans to the last blade of grass. The hero is with her in some way linked, and can’t just die. At least a few times after zeroing stretch of life we will rise, but recovery is limited to the number of special crystals, which is not so much. While they are not exhausted — it is necessary to rescue as many people as possible, to equip the camp, to protect her daughter and get to the cause of the extinction of mankind. Will die often, you will have to start passing from the beginning. As a consolation prize — the progress of pumping is saved forever.

If you survive and fight tired, you should pay attention to the Scarf — another novelty presented at the exhibition THQ Nordic. This peaceful adventure inspired by (and in General very similar to) the famous Journey. The main role is given a strange creature with a red scarf. The scarf here is not just an element of character design, but the main tool for passing — he can turn into a shield, sheltering from the icy wind, a large claw or an airplane. With it, the protagonist moves through the world, looking for peace, and lost souls.

Brothers in controller

Gamescom 2018 have something to offer people that appreciate the game in the first place like a piece of art. In the last article I already told about the stunning Ori and the Will of the Wisps. But the fabulous view does not bother you — it’s a pretty challenging platformer that requires dexterity and good reaction.

And for relaxation is more appropriate Gris. She is amazingly beautiful and reminds both the painting and the European festival cartoon. Simple puzzles will not get bored, but mostly Gris refers to the already mentioned Journey: move to the goal on the horizon, enjoying the stunning views and beautiful orchestral music. Sometimes my heart aches! Surprisingly, the project was picked up by Devolver Digital — not exactly her type of madness.

For lovers of the cooperative also will be entertainment. While one of Gunfire Games is working on Darksiders 3, the other team busy Remnant: From the Ashes. The latter began even before the authors undertook the continuation of the story about the Riders. Both projects have in common related topic is post — Apocalypse in the background of the demonic invasion. However, if the Blade of the weak of humanity died, the Remnant of the people gathered together and rebuffed the evil. We obviously get the role of one of the hunters of supernatural reptiles.

The world of Remnant is randomly generated for each passage. In that moment, when you start a new game, the algorithm will create for you unique location with random missions. Access to each area is via a shared social area which serves as both a sanctuary for those you can save, and lobby for co-op. Here you will be able to improve the equipment, to pump a hero (no classes, only a set of attributes and skills) and to gather with friends or random fellow travelers on the hunt.

In battles, the emphasis is on shooting. According to the developers, their first and main goal was to convey the correct feeling of the shootings. And they succeeded: from the Remnant seems to be a mediocre shooter, but it is necessary to take the controller and kill the first demon as the feeling changes dramatically — to press the trigger very nice. This is a slow, but intense action game where the assorted enemies are constantly creating interesting situations. And the bosses are not far behind. At least the fire-breathing dragon that I encountered, turned out to be a worthy opponent.

Similar in concept and Breachthat came from Bioware, who have United under the roof of the Studio QC Games. If you remember, four years ago, Bioware suddenly announced, and then as suddenly closed the project, Shadow Realms — I talked about it in the Gamescom 2014. It is on this basis and developed Breach — cooperative action role-playing for four with asymmetrical multiplayer. To confront the Quartet of heroes is also a live player: in this case the fifth participant takes on the role of the Demon Fault, which in a disembodied shell soars on the level and repairs to the travellers obstacles.

In contrast to the Remnant: From the Ashes with active shootings, fights in Breach operate under the rules of most of the Korean MMO — all the fighting techniques have a fixed recovery time and are exactly on the enemy, which is targeted for an attack. Alas, the action itself is not very interesting. Yes, characters is a lot, we all have our own set of unique skills, has its own role in the group. But somehow all of… again, something, forced. Rap for the gameplay entertaining entourage, which mixed a variety of mythology — from Egyptian gods to the East of demons and youkai.

Of special note is the Generation of Zero from the authors of Just Cause. Primarily attracts unusual venue — the Swedish countryside of the eighties, overrun by hostile robots. Where are all the people and what kind of hostile machine — the main riddle of the game. To search for survivors, you can solo or group up to four players. Unlike many cooperative projects, Generation Zero does not send on a separate randomly generated locations, and takes place in a big open world. And the multiplayer on the principle of drop in/drop out, that is, at any time, you can call for help from a friend or join someone else’s game.

Well, if you want to already proven, then wait for The Division 2. All the fans of the first part for sure will be satisfied with the sequel, because, in fact, it is a global extension of the original without noticeable changes in mechanics. Only action now transferred to Washington. The authors proudly tell you how I recreated almost the entire city with the surrounding area in scale of 1:1. Impressive, of course. Even the sounds and those recorded on live streets of the city. Let’s hope that a huge world is created not just in order to be huge, but there’s something to do.


By the way, about the sizes. Croteam introduced the pre-alpha, but rather, a technical prototype Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass. Every minute, the creators stressed that the demo in no way reflects the quality of performance of the final product, and is intended only to convey the basic idea — the fourth part is a game of colossal proportions. “See that mountain? You can go back” — joke writers. Why? Because they can, and generally we’re lost its”. Graphics, animations, sounds — many resources at this stage taken straight from the third part. But there is a huge world in which we have to confront dozens and hundreds of enemies at a time. However, the Croats tag is much higher — they tend to achieve a real war on hundreds of thousands of participants. At the same time. On a single screen. Lost its is not the word.

Games of small and medium caliber can afford genre experiments, but when the project invested tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, it is necessary to use tested recipes. Such a path is Assassins Creed Odyssey, entirely rely on previous Origins. In fact, both pieces were created in parallel, but the “Odyssey” was lucky to have in development a year longer. Ubisoft Quebec have spent that time wisely, concentrating on the variety of the combat system.

Adventure Baleka was largely fascinating, but for fifty hours of opportunities in fights is not enough. Odyssey took the protagonist (whether Alexios or Cassandra) shield, but were allowed to take any one-handed weapon in each hand. And now you can assign four active skills for melee and ranged combat, making battles much more exciting. In the rest of the new release of Assassin’s Creed is not very different from the previous one, but a change of epoch — now we will explore Ancient Greece, full of secrets, myths and historical landmarks.

Expected looks great and Metro: Exodus. In the depicted version of Artyom throws in the Soviet children’s camp “solar”. Despite the devastation, he was not abandoned: its inhabitants faithful to the ancient covenants, and it is not like bandits. Who doesn’t Komsomolets, in order to hang! Although, if you do not go into the possession of these guys, then they are not moved. The problem is that the path to the goal passes exactly through the camp. And only you can decide what to do: kill all or carefully sneak past.

Metro: Exodus considerably more Metro 2033 or Last Light. As said 4A Games, open world here, but each level itself is a miniature “sandbox” with a purpose, many paths, secrets and additional instructions. For example, you can arrow to rush to save your partner, or explore the surroundings of the camp, to help the victim of the local fanatics, to find an underground chemical factory, pirates or learn a lot of small stories, submitted via note or the environment itself.

Metro: Exodus encourages a measured, unhurried study. RAGE 2, on the contrary, thrusts a horse dose of adrenaline. In an interview the creators said about the open world “narrative sandbox” (again in Cologne is a fashionable phrase!) and the reason for such a sudden change of mood in comparison to its predecessor. The developers deliberately distancing the sequel from the first part — say, it does not necessarily play to enjoy RAGE 2. Although familiar with the RAGE you will find many references and links, including key characters.

The demo was devoted to mad action. In General, the game can be briefly characterized as “post-apocalyptic Doom with clowns, mad men, instead of demons”. The main development is occupied Avalanche Studios, but in all that relates directly shuternoy part, the Studio strongly exhorts id Software. Because of this, each skirmish becomes a Symphony of rage and weapons. Very nice shoot: say, a volley of shotgun at close range gives it the effect that you expect. The recoil of the weapons feels great. RAGE 2 is not Call of Duty! Coupled with their new abilities like the energy of the impact or force of wave action turns out very saturated. After any firefight, the whole environment remains destroyed, and the walls slowly sliding down corpses.

Near RAGE 2 you could try The Elder Scrolls: Blades. Of course, many of us want to finally see a full sixth of the “Ancient scrolls”, but yet we have to settle for the mobile branch. However, Blades looks and plays surprisingly nice. It is almost (keyword almost) full TES experience, Packed into a mobile phone. At least in terms of dungeon exploration and battles, the game is associated with their elders. However, this schedule will afford not every smartphone.

The last project I looked at the Gamescom 2018, was Dying Light 2. Therefore, the exhibition for me ended on a high note — the sequel of the zombie action in the open world looks beautiful. It retains all features of the first part, including excellent parkour and emphasis on close-quarter combat using improvised weapons, but it feels much deeper in all aspects. And just more game play in comparison with the predecessor grew by four times. And, apparently, in the vast territory.

The surprise for me was the incredible non-linearity occurring. We return to the phrase “narrative sandbox” (again!) but Dying Light 2 it describes very precisely. Techland offers not just an open world where the player is free to entertain yourself with a few key mechanics, but the environment that is constantly changing under the influence of the decisions taken. The city is divided into many districts, and each player’s road to the finals will look totally different. In some order of peace keepers will maintain order with an iron hand, others come to power, the bloodthirsty gang, and the third will devour all zombies. How and in what order you complete the tasks, determine which will be the last refuge of humanity on Earth.

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Phew! Well, that’s that, then. Of course, there is still a lot of interesting things: I will tell you about various small projects in a series of notes, and Cyberpunk 2077 will get a separate big preview, which will be released in the coming days. Stay tuned!


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