Gamescom 2018: the first part which makes clear that the gaming industry is all good. Almost

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The first two official days of the exhibition gave a storm of emotions, although, according to tradition, began Gamescom on Monday. The conference gave NVIDIA, where CEO Jen-Hsun Huang (Jensen Huang) has unveiled the next generation GeForce graphics cards on the new architecture of Turing, as we spoke in more detail on the news. I was forced to leave the event early and went to Square Enix to look at Life is Strange 2<


We expect to continue

Gameplay of Life is Strange 2 already became Network, but still want to see how wonderfully Dontnod managed to recreate the magical atmosphere of the first part and do not bump into the samopovtory. Instead of old friends Chloe and Max are in the spotlight brothers Sean and Daniel. Sean is a senior, and that for him we have to play. However, Daniel is always there, and our actions in the process of passing will form the personality of a younger brother. For example, if you steal something, and my brother notice it, then one day he may decide that stealing is okay.

Now you have to weigh each decision twice, there was no way to rewind time and fix something. However, Shawn does have his superpowers, which the finale of The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit openly hinted. By the way, the events of Life is Strange 2 begin 2 October — a few months before “Captain Ghost”, where the yard was already winter. As the first part, the sequel promises to be a delight for the ears, especially for fans of indie rock and beautiful instrumental melodies. Well personally to go on adventures with the two brothers get in a month — the first episode will be released on September 21.

The first official day of the exhibition started with the Xbox booth, where you could find a bunch of anticipated releases from the Redmond giant, and from other publishers. Popularity of Capcom, which allowed to play on Xbox One Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5. The first was represented by the same demo, the passage of which is shown in the video from E3 2018, but the gameplay is second — world premiere.

Stand DMC 5 was wildly popular, but I managed to get to the controller and personally chop demons. Despite advertising claims about “back to the old series”, the new Devil May Cry is very similar to restarting 2013. Nero both externally and cocky character is more like an updated version of Dante than himself from the fourth edition. The game looks just great — bright, rich detailed picture, the parade of special effects, realistic faces and very smooth animations. All the beauty runs at 60 frames per second. The visual component is not to find fault with every desire, as by the sound design: the series is famous for rousing soundtrack and the new part was no exception.

On the other hand, the gameplay is a certain slowness happening some may disappoint. Of course, we still vigorous slasher, which will not let you get bored. But at least shown the cut was not different in mad speeds. Nero has boldly and strongly, but the sword never turns into a blur, like you used to. Each combination turns smoothly and is perfectly visible to the player enjoyed the choreography of the battles. The methods are not rapid, but beautiful and even graceful.

It is not possible to place the block, and dodging is not very effective. In fights with ordinary opponents lack of protection is not felt, but the boss got smoked on first attempt. Devil May Cry 5 it is important to control the distance — time to run away from attacks of mass destruction and quickly move in for a counterattack. With the latest helps the prosthesis, replacing demonic arm. However, the function he all the same — to pull the enemy to himself or to jump to a particularly large foe. In battle, he helps a lot of special techniques. The only difference is that the prosthesis is consumable and under certain usawithout to explode. Always worth having a few pieces in stock. And depending on the type of installed hand changes and additional capacity.

Try to project himself will be in March. I have no doubt that we will find excellent slashers.

Impressive wonderful Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I admired the first part, but the sequel killed the already high bar to prohibitive values. Ori visually surprising even stronger, with an updated lighting system, and an incredibly vivid world: moving plants, next to which you run, prominaetsya sand, shaking the bridge, the wind blows grit across the screen — just lovely sight. Instantly captures the gameplay mechanics become more diverse, pumping harder, and the world itself became more and more intricate.

It feels like Ori and the Blind Forest was crossed with the Hollow Knight — the combat system is based on selected skills, of which at least a dozen (and maybe more). Archers, hit them with energy ball or sword — combinations promise a lot. Besides, ori is to strengthen the runes that give a passive bonus and change the effect of skills. There were a kind of multiplayer: the game was pushed to pass the levels the speed, so now you have access to a full-fledged “racing” mode where you can compete both online and with the “ghosts” of other players.

Noticeable progress compared to the predecessor and The Surge 2. The first part was imperfect, so the new release developers have tried to fix everything that worked badly before, and have focused on elements that pleased the players. For example, the game world has become much more diverse. Is the same type of factory facilities and technical corridors we now travel around the city Jericho city, where there was a place for residential neighborhoods and parks, and many other areas. The card is still there, but the creators claim that will skillfully keep the player on these spaces with memorable and unique design.

Than The first Surge was good, so it’s fun battle system, so it is thoroughly expanded. Weapons has doubled, and it is, in the manner of Bloodborne, now transformered. Enemies have acquired not only the new unique abilities, but also the vulnerabilities: for example, if a foe uses a module of invisibility built into the armor, you can destroy the first gadget, which will facilitate further combat. The drone, which was nearly useless, now in certain situations could be very helpful. Finally, there will be more bosses and mini-bosses from the predecessor, it was sad.

The dull, dead, new, old settlers and this is different Bandai Namco

Overkills The Walking Dead made me a very mixed impression. The developers behind Payday, enthusiastically telling about his love for the original comic books, the desire to reproduce the spirit of those “Walking dead”. Only here it is rather harmful. Unlike Left 4 Dead where you hundreds of laid surprisingly frisky corpses of gunfire, even here zombie dozen is a problem. Not for one character, but for the entire group at once.

Ammo, gunshots attract more enemies, and melee weapons are not particularly effective. You have to Dodge, use your surroundings and act quietly. Have you ever tried to sneak in a cooperative with three random people? I think the hint is clear. The game has a lot of interesting ideas: crafting, unique skills, heroes, non-linear locations and different enemies, including other survivors. But to enjoy what is happening, need to find friends with a clear view of what they subscribe.

After unsuccessful attempts to get through the crowd of zombies brought me to the office for the fight against the supernatural. Control seemed to be a dark horse at E3 2018, but on closer acquaintance it leaves a highly positive impression. At first glance, this either: at First you may think that if it is not a sequel, spin off Quantum Break. However, the total between them not so much. Except that both have shooting and superpowers, but both elements in a new creation Remedy look much more elaborate. The shots felt great — like a return and hits.

However, not fun to shoot, and kill enemies with special abilities. While only three showed: levitation, shield, and telekinesis. And the power of thought can throw everything not nailed down, be it wall clock, huge wardrobe or body defeated enemies. And thanks to the elaborated physical model for the result is always interesting to observe: for example, a tank of gas when hit can explode and expand the whole room.

Remember Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy? Control — its true spiritual successor, only with particles metroidvania and The Evil Within. The action takes place in one building, which can be relatively free to explore, but in some locations you will get, only acquiring certain abilities. And almost everywhere is going real hell: the bodies of the employees floating in the air, the direction of gravity can change, or the room your eyes suddenly begin to transform. The developers promise a fun story, so I hope mystique will explain convincingly.

Pleasantly surprised by Bandai Namco, had organized a mini-conference behind closed doors, where he told about all the upcoming projects and presented the Dark Pictures — an anthology of horror from Supermassive Games. Conceptual design is a collection of small games, not the same story. Such a dedication to diversity horrory directions. The first “episode” in the line will be a Man of Medan, who immediately managed to test-drive. And really it is no different from Until Dawn — all the same interactive story with a nonlinear narrative and different characters. The same fixed camera, the same mechanics, even the same techniques. For example, the character can find the item that will help in a difficult situation sometime later. Have inattentive players chances of survival will decrease. Of course, every character can die, and only you can determine who will reach the finale in one piece. Intact sure no one leaves.

Twin Mirrors — one broken into episodes game from Dontnod. It strongly reminiscent of mix Life is Strange and “Sherlock” with Benedict Cumberbatch. The action will unfold in a small American town, where the hero escapes from his problems and trying to figure out what to do next. He just finds a new problem. After a noisy revelry, he wakes up in the hotel room and sees his own shirt, stained with blood. Of course, the tragic events of no memories. Will have to find out what happened, what the protagonist must be able to enter the “mind Palace” and to reconstruct the events, building a logical chain. Mechanics organized interesting, but how diverse will the game know early next year when will be available the first episode.

Fans of games as art is strictly necessary to wait for 11-11: Memories Retold. The game tells the story of the First world war on behalf of the young photographer Harry, and an elderly German Kurt who find themselves on different sides of the barricades. Characters voiced by Elijah wood respectively and Sebastian Koch, so in acting you can be calm. The gameplay is simple — very similar to the projects from Telltale. The authors rely on emotional content and unique visuals that turns 11-11 in a real watercolor painting. Will be very beautiful and mentally exhausting.

A number of fun projects showed the well-known anime franchises. One Peace: World Seeker looks interesting adventure action, even if you are not familiar with the original. And a crazy crossover Jump Force for the Eastern market — bomb-level “Avengers”, who would unite with “justice League” on the same screen. Nothing says random passer-by, but people in the topic with delight and gasp can.

Ubisoft is back from oblivion a series of The Settlers, long time gone under the radar. The new part is called just The Settlers, although it is not so much a restart of the franchise, as the return to the roots. It is very much like the first few issues of “Settlers”: different types of resources, some of which can only produce, others — to produce from raw materials, many types of interdependent buildings, the need to build trade routes and establish delivery of supplies. Will not be bored, and then there’s the hostile natives. In battles you still cannot give direct orders, but the war compared to the first releases were considerably diversified and added to her depth. Under certain conditions, you can even avoid mass bloodshed, causing an enemy champion to a fight. Defeat and lands the opponent will probably switch into your possession, including all buildings and the population.

Finally, I managed to get to Transference — adventure horror film from the Studio Elijah wood, exclusive for VR-helmets. And this is the second really good application technology after Resident Evil 7. May there is no action, but the atmosphere of madness, born of false consciousness, jumped in with both feet. The project cleverly uses virtual reality as a support for the carrier’s own story and not just as a fun thing that you can do once or twice to show friends and forget.

Ended my first day at Gamescom mental conversation with Josh Sawyer (Josh Sawyer) from Obsidian Entertainment. It turns out that the events of Pillars of Eternity II could happen in the distant Northern lands, but in the end, Obsidian has decided that a tropical flare is more suited to the gameplay and allows you to show different cultures. However, the authors have other ideas about where you can throw players in the future of the franchise (the triquel, however, speech does not go yet). How about Alpha Protocol, the rights to which are still at SEGA, but developers themselves would like to return to it. Unfortunately, an intriguing RPG in the “Alien” is unlikely to ever see the light project at the time was too big, and the creators did not have time to keep within the framework set by the publisher.

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The first few days of Gamescom is always the madness and flurry of emotions. This year’s outstanding projects, especially a lot, and really want at least a few sentences, but to tell about each. In the next article wait for news about the line THQ Nordic RAGE 2, mobile The Elder Scrolls: Blades and other games. There will be surprises, so look down!


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