Genre Action, platformer
Publisher Capcom
Publisher in Russia “Softklab”
Developers Capcom
Minimum requirements Intel Core i3-550 3.2 GHz/AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphics card with DirectX 10 support and 2 GB memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660/AMD Radeon HD 7850, 7 GB on the hard disk
Recommended requirements Intel Core i5-3570 3.4 GHz/AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with support for DirectX 11
and 2GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760/AMD Radeon R9 270X
Release date 24 Jul 2018
Age limit 12 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Official website

The game was tested on PlayStation 4

If you want to know who is Megaman and why is it I still remember (in the Monster Hunter World, for example, can be dressed up ally-palika in his suit), Capcom offers to get acquainted with all games of this character. In late spring, was a collection of Mega Man Legacy Collection includes all numbered part of the series Mega Man, and in the summer, appeared set Legacy Mega Man X Collection — it includes eight games about Mega Man And Mega man X. normal, and the X — robots, only the second is different from the first capacity to make their own decisions. And the gameplay of the game about these characters differ gameplay for X more dynamic.

A good start

The first Mega Man X was released already in 1993, but even modern fan of action-platformers will be difficult to break away from her. It looks stylish, it has wonderful catchy music, and the design of the bosses are damn good. The basic formula of Mega Man X emerges already in the debut game and practically does not change in the future — after the passage of the introductory Chapter will demonstrate the images of leaders, each of whom need to win to reach the finals. This can be done in any order, and the destruction of one of the bosses will lead to some changes in other locations.

In “rookie Mode” all the battles have become two times lighter

Unlike regular Megaman, X is able to slide along walls and bounce off them, allowing him to get out of the pit and quickly climb from the bottom to the top without using the lifts. In the rest of the skills are almost identical: X runs, jumps and is armed with a Blaster with infinite ammunition, with which you can make regular or heavy shots. Defeating bosses give access to new weapons and armor can be improved by finding special capsules, so research locations (small enough) here awarded bonuses.

In the first part, as well as in all others, you can enable the so-called “rookie Mode”. Anyway, many old games were much more difficult modern so when passing on emulators quick save is handy. Here there is no such option, but in “Amateur Mode” enemies inflict half damage, and the main character does not die instantly from falling into the abyss or spikes. But the first Mega Man X for some reason this does not concern you, so get ready to suffer on the level under the water where the spikes are located in the most inconvenient places.

Mega Man X2 was released a year after its predecessor, and at first glance the differences between these games not so much. Yet the new ideas found: added some 3D effects, and boss battles became more interesting thanks to the emergence of weaknesses — the enemy receives more damage, if the fight with him you’re using extracted from the other boss weapons. Level design has become more intricate, so look for the secrets became more complicated.

Screen boss remains almost unchanged in all the games in the series

But Mega Man X3 is obviously created in a hurry — back in the days Capcom has come under fire for trying to sell the same thing for the third time in a row. If you pass three games in a row, the similarity of the third part with the previous really very impressive. The level design is nothing special, the bosses also are not the most interesting, but for the first time in the history of the series has introduced more character — zero. Initially, the Creator of Mega Man wanted him to be the Megaman X, but felt that hero was too much different from regular mega man, but because he took the role of assistant. That’s just zero’s one life, and on many levels it looks inappropriate, so it’s hard to believe his presence in the game plus.

In Mega Man X4, the developers have made a huge step forward and moved from Nintendo to PlayStation. The result was a project of an entirely different quality. The fourth part from the beginning feels like the evolution of the series: it’s got good animated videos, Megaman and other characters are a different design, and the levels are much more detailed. The plot here is much more emphasis, but the voice quite failed, and today to hear this talk especially painful. Well, at least the zero and this time is balanced much better and the gameplay for him was more fun. Although some significant innovations in Mega Man X4 is not, in the aggregate quality can be considered one of the best series of projects.

Not the happy ending

The fourth part is complete familiarity with the series, because in the future games got worse. It is good that the opportunity to acquire only the first half of the collection is available on all platforms where available collection.

In later games, dialogues and videos became more and more

The producer of the series, … Keiji (Keiji Inafune) wanted to end the series in Mega Man X5, but because its creators have drafted in a heap of new mechanics, which eventually worked somehow. Appeared the timer and the speed of the passage depended on the ending, forcing to rush and replay the fifth part for another final. Conversations became more, but it is better to pass than to sit and read all this graphomania. The bosses are boring and repetitive, the leveling system, the armor is complicated, and in General the game very tired after a few minutes. And depending on, for Megaman you start the passage or zero, the second available character will become weaker, and that is quite an inappropriate innovation.

With the passage of Mega Man X6 fatigue developers almost oozes through the screen — they seemed to think there was nothing to keep the series exciting. Locations become more dull, the bosses are significantly easier. This is the case when the “rookie Mode” simplifies the game so that you can put on the gamepad and the cat he once held. The sixth piece not memorized is a good action-platformer, but after its completion I feel a little regret about spent time.

Mega Man X7 is the first attempt to offer full 3D, and this attempt was a failure. Available characters are not balanced, the music is not as catchy as before, and the transition to two-dimensional locations not felt something new-it only brings to mind the glorious times of the first Mega Man X, which gave a lot more emotions, being “flat”. Many of the shortcomings of the seventh part was corrected in the eighth, made in the style of 2.5 D. She was the only good game in the second half of the collection. Although many of the old 3D games now without tears will not look, Mega Man X8 is preserved very well.

And then Mega Man X tried to make a three-dimensional

But it’s still not a reason to buy the second collection, when is possible to buy separately the first. Fans of the series who watched the evolution and degradation of Mega Man X in those days, for the sake of nostalgia will want to re-take all eight games. But for beginners (which will be very much, because the last part came out almost fifteen years ago) it is enough to read only the first half of the collection. Even more bonuses in the first collection, the second is almost identical: trailers, animated film and gallery with toys, Arbuckle and other attributes. Differ only in music players and collections of concept art.

Visually the game series Mega Man X has not changed, but the reissue includes several options allowing you to configure all the pieces for themselves. Each game has three image resolutions: normal the original 4:3, slightly enlarged 4:3 with the “Wallpaper” only on the sides, and stretched horizontally and vertically to 4:3. In the latter case, “eaten” part of the picture, but on the monitor or TV there is no empty space. Also available filter a little smoothing pixels, but you can disable it. All these settings are available right in the middle of games, complete walkthrough to switch between them is not necessary.

The eighth part in a 3D view better than seventh, though, because more like the usual Mega Man X

There are mode X Challenge — consecutive boss battles of different games in the series. Megaman locked in a room with two large enemies, allowing you to pre-select three types of special weapons. The better you play, the higher will be the online table of records. Unfortunately, for a long time, this mode is not exciting, though, as Mega Man X in the process of passing levels were no less important than the final battle. If you wish surely you can come up with something more interesting than the dreary regime in the spirit of the boss rush from lots of other games.


In General, the Mega Man X collection Legacy Collection was very good. Bonus content enough to justify not the lowest price, and the option to buy just the first four games came together.


  • the first four games is preserved;
  • sufficient number of settings in the reissue;
  • lots of bonus content for fans and those interested.


  • the last four games with a years, did not have a better;
  • bonus mode to quickly get bored.
Graphics Pixel games (with rare exceptions) do not expire, but the three-dimensional part of the series look so-so. Saved by the fact that they are stylish and with the filters of their age are not as noticeable.
Sound Music player allows you to select and play any song, but most of those games the soundtrack is gorgeous. With voice there are problems, but if you want you can switch to the Japanese version.
Single game The first four pieces are recommended reading to all fans of action-platformers. For the General development it is possible to look through the rest, but they will not entice as X, X2, X3 and X4.
Multiplayer Not provided.
Overall impression The first half of the collection is much, much better than the second, so it is best to buy it separately and enjoy it, and the second part did not waste time and money.

Rating: 8,0/10

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Mega Man X Collection Legacy

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