During the meeting in June, game show in 2018 E3, Microsoft mentioned that is working on a next generation game console over the gaming streaming service. About the same time respected blogger Paul Thurrot (Paul Thurrott), covering the activities of Microsoft, announced that the new console means a family of devices with a common code name Scarlett, which is scheduled for release in 2020. Now he decided to tell some details.

First of all, he confirmed that Microsoft has two gaming system

Xbox Next. The first is a traditional and familiar console. It is designed for those players who prefer to have all game equipment to yourself, and not rely on the cloud. As regards the technical characteristics of this system, Mr. Turret won’t be able to tell.

But the second device is designed to work with streaming gaming service, is somewhat more interesting. As reported by one of the informants, the service is code name Scarlett Cloud and developed since 2013, when Microsoft first demonstrated at the conference for their employees, the cloud-based games. But this time Microsoft has solid plans to bring the technology to market.

So, the second Xbox Next will be different with reduced energy consumption and obviously the cost. An important feature of this solution is Microsoft technology designed to reduce ” lag ” problems that inevitably arise in the performance of the game on a remote server. Cloud console will produce locally a very limited amount of computation, but it will be critically important tasks such as data input from the controller, image processing and, most important, collision detection.

Part of the game, which will be executed locally, some informants referred to as a layer (slice), and others — bonding (splice). Microsoft’s approach means that the game is executed locally at the same time (critical delay data) and cloud (the most demanding graphics and other calculations), then the result is combined and displayed on the TV screen in the living room of the user.

The disadvantage of this approach is the increased hardware requirements on the local client system that will increase the cost of streaming unit. However, such a system would still be much cheaper than people used to pay for the game console of new generation. In the result, Microsoft hopes to rapidly increase the installation base.

This is very important because Microsoft usually earns little on the sales of the actual hardware and receives profits through services like Xbox Live, Xbox Gamepass and game sales. If the company will be able to create next generation game console, which will differ a minimum price, but to compensate for this increased cost of subscription, it will be a big win for Xbox and Microsoft. It is worth remembering that all games will run in the cloud and to access them, you may have to subscribe or otherwise pay for the servers and the developers ‘ work.

Data centers Microsoft has in each major market, so the company can quickly deploy the system worldwide, where there is sufficiently fast Internet connection, and delays in transferring the information from the client to the local Azure servers will be relatively low. Floor Turret notes that the software giant strives to Scarlett Cloud technology could potentially work on any type of device, not only on the Xbox Next — this will allow the company to significantly expand market coverage.

As for games, it is argued, all projects developed under the Xbox Next will be available on both gaming systems of the family Scarlett. In other words, there will be games that can only be run on a full, not a cloud system. New gaming system is scheduled to launch in 2020 — will see if Microsoft do finally, cloud game a worthy alternative to the usual locally fully executable projects.

Source: 3Dnews.ru

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