Genre Strategy, Tactics
Publisher THQ Nordic
Developer Weappy Studio
Minimum requirements Intel Pentium Dual Core E2140 1.6 GHz/ AMD Athlon 4050e 2.1 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphics card with DirectX 10 support and 512 MB of memory, such as NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M/AMD Radeon HD 4670 4 GB on the hard drive that Steam account
Recommended requirements Intel Core Core 2 Quad Q6400 2.13 GHz/ AMD Phenom 9700 Quad-Core 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with DirectX 11 support and 1GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560/AMD Radeon HD 5830
Release date 31 July 2018
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch
Official website

The game is tested on PC

Life is relentless. Man adjusts or turns as you can, or disappears into oblivion, buried monstrous system. And only in one case out of thousands is impossible to overcome all obstacles, never sacrificing principles. Surprisingly, about such high matters, in fact, was This is the Police is the debut game of the young Belarusian Studio Weappy Studio. Critics met the project reserved reviews, but the players love for the interesting visual style and a compelling story. The sequel develops the ideas of its predecessor, offering more mechanic. And anger at the injustice of life.

Our work and dangerous and difficult… and how not to drink?

This is the Police 2 with the first frame gives aesthetic pleasure. Austere visual style gives an interesting effect: the imagination begins to fill in the gaps, graphical panels, and in half an hour instead of the simple silhouettes are shown brush strokes, I see a hell of a detailed person. Literally there are lines on my face, Jack Boyd.

No one here does not mince words

Yes, the protagonist of the first part back. I hope I will forgive the developers who have kept this under wraps before release, but first, the secret is revealed already in the introduction, and secondly, I just have to highlight the excellent work John St. John (Jon St. John), who once again gave his voice to the protagonist. If you don’t know that he voiced at the time, Duke Nukem.

Acting is good. Everything. This time in the composition and Sarah Hamilton (Sarah Hamilton), known primarily by The Longest Journey — it was her voice tells April Ryan. The developers understand that a compelling story in the first place should be authentically played. And, of course, skillfully presented. The characters communicate to the surprise alive: mad, frustrated, fall into a stupor, go away. Believe them, and even forgive the slowness of the narrative. But the lack of logic at times not to close my eyes, especially when her sacrifice for the sake of forcing drama. Why take to the hospital wounded COP when you can drag him to the station, where he tragically died?

Accelerates the game slowly. After the demonstration one of the main innovations of the sequel — tactical battles — get ready about an hour mainly to see successive comic book panel, with occasional animated inserts. So the game takes a big part of the story. By fate our protagonist, fleeing from authorities, is again at the head of the police station — now in a provincial town, Sapwood, somewhere in the Northern States.

If you get to the leader of any band, you can cut the perfect doll! And for such a torture to go you can…

We have to observe the order of about one and a half months. To the best of their moral qualities and managerial abilities. The main task is to monitor the peace in the city and react to challenges. Interactive map of the city here and there are flashing alarms, where you need to send a police outfit. The patrol is up to you. Importantly, the total experience of the group exceeded the minimum requirements for the call.

Unfortunately, the town is restless, and have to work too hard to have time to help grandmother to cross the road. For each day you assign shifts. If yesterday drove his subordinates, and left no fresh faces, then get ready, because today the service will take up half crippled, and those are unlikely to be able to work productively. The cops, besides, extremely squeamish. And fans to attach to the bottle. A couple of clever will come with a hangover. Such a no-no, and will get into an accident, after which in the best case will go to the hospital for a few days. And can and the light — and then the financial help to widows. But the money and the most useful — you have to pay a weekly bribe to the feds that you didn’t.

This is the Police 2 no regrets of the player, especially at first. The plot is poorly staffed with experienced employees — one-two and obchelsya. Every game day you need to finish five minutes is to award enough for the recruitment of the new players. The award, incidentally, is given no money, and pull-tabs from beer cans. However, the good old $ to earn too. They are useful on the black market, and buy off the feds, like I said, I have to. Money are not the most honest of ways. Sometimes cash can be earned by performing innocuous tasks but sometimes offer to get your hands dirty for a decent reward. Where to draw the line is your decision.

When I guessed day shift

Live happily ever after, the game does not. Just seems that things are looking up, something goes wrong. The extortionist will require you to pay more often the site shows up another contender for the position of Sheriff, and will have to compete in who is better at his job. Can reach the ridiculous: a police officer on the call will die from allergies by eating pecan pie, or you bring the dogs back to the station, and tomorrow will have to arrange another funeral. I understand that this is, apparently, a metaphor for life — no matter how you try, fate will find a way to pay a slap, but such “surprises” are perceived as unfair. And you most likely will want to replay the day again, deftly bypassing the pitfalls.

And that’s not to mention the daily problems of personal composition. One drunk, the other finger will hurt, others will ask for a day off to read a new book. And will not give risk to fall in the eyes of subordinates. It is a pity that all complaints — random. The official game description says that each COP is an individual, but their personal problems appear randomly at one, then the other. Moreover, the system is clearly not designed for Russian localization. About another difficult situation the police officer says the first person, and in English the explanation is the same for both sexes. Translated into great and mighty verbs exclusively in the masculine gender even if the girl says.

Subordinates need to care, to cherish and to pump as much. After all, every day challenges harder, and to quickly solve crimes, you must raise the clever detectives. And in addition to regular visits and investigations, the sequel gives hold and tactical operations, Recalling such moments is a simplified version of Xcom.

Successfully thrown a stun grenade can turn the tide of battle

You can take the squad up to six people and personally cover any lair of the bandits. Depending on the characteristics that every policeman is allowed to choose four unique skill, in accordance with the purpose of the trip. Of course, the possibilities are very limited, but the mechanics of tactical battles perfectly dilutes somewhat monotonous gameplay. And looks damn stylish.

* * *

This is the Police 2 successfully mixes several genres: novel, interactive, management and tactical strategy. Add to that the stylish visual style, vivid soundtrack and great acting. However, many may discourage excessive complexity in the beginning and others will get tired of the gameplay before going final credits.


  • original visual style;
  • a varied and rich soundtrack;
  • excellent acting;
  • fascinating and convincingly tells the story (with a few reservations);
  • relevant tactical mission.


  • galloping complexity;
  • a lot of unpredictable moments that you don’t want to just accept and restart the game;
  • the appearance of choice, which is actually not.
Graphics This is the Police 2 is characterized by the phrase “beauty in simplicity”.
Sound Expressive soundtrack perfectly fits every situation: from relaxed ambient and jazz compositions working everyday to rock and electronics with Celtic motifs.
Single game An interesting mix of many genres. Each of them are presented superficially, however, they successfully complement each other.
Multiplayer Missing
Overall impression Police to be difficult. To manage the area — it hard to order.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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This is the Police 2

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