A redesigned version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) became the best-selling game console in June of this year. It surpassed the sales of the PlayStation 4 from Sony and Xbox One from Microsoft.

Especially in this story it is noteworthy that NES Classic Edition went on sale only on June 29. Only took two days to get around the sales all game consoles, including Nintendo Switch.

Of course, a more modern console, unlike the NES, not worth 60 dollars, which explains

the ease with which it was achieved the number of sales. However, the success of the NES Classic Edition is still very impressive.

Original NES console appeared in the middle of 80-ies. In 2016, Nintendo made it restart. The new model is much more compact and does not require cartridges. 30 games for the NES, which became a classic, already recorded in the memory of the console.

For two days the console Classic NES Edition surpassed the sales of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Ernest Vasilevskiy

source: hi-news.ru

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