Genre Roleplay/Strategy
Publisher Versus Evil
Publisher in Russia Missing
Developer Stoic
Minimum requirements Windows 7 and above or Mac OSX V10. 7. 5 and above CPU Intel Celeron E1400 Dual-Core 2 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 4000+, 2 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 or Radeon X1900 GT with 256 MB VRAM, 4 GB hard disk
Recommended requirements Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2 GHz or AMD Athlon II X3 425, 4GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 v2 or AMD Radeon HD 6670 with 1 GB of video memory, 6 GB hard disk
Release date 26 Jul 2018
Age limit No
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Official website

The game is tested on PC

Four years ago, the people from Bioware, United in a small indie Studio Stoic have created The Banner Saga – awesome game, one of the most powerfully shot projects “Golden era” of the Kickstarter and the beginning of a planned trilogy. Despite some turbulence associated with the release of the second part (left the team’s key writer Alex Thomas) that the third (Thomas back to the team, but Stoic, despite the great success of the first part, not enough money to create the game – had to go back to using Kickstarter) – triptych still finished.

Stoic has created an interesting recipe, mixing together the road-game, the game book, full of hard choices for which it is often impossible to predict the outcome, and simple, but elegant step-by-step tactics. All this is based on Scandinavian mythology, incredibly beautiful scenery and the majestic atmosphere of a Nordic Saga. The recipe turned out so delicious that someone has decided, almost without changing the ingredients to create it’s own game. But The Banner Saga glorious than the sum of its constituent elements, and a captivating story and beautiful work on the characters so it was easy to bond the first part is a relatively intimate and personal, where it was even about the end times, but through the prism of individual destinies.

The second scale has significantly increased the number of actors increased, and the level of empathy declined in proportion to them – a classic problem of epics. Added to this classical problem of the middle parts, which are often several “SAG”. All hope was that the Stoic will be able a powerful flick to cut the tangled knot, while returning the intensity of the first part.

The hero title you can assign each character who have reached 11th level, and then to develop – it has five steps

Technically in the trilogy from part to part, almost nothing has changed visually is the same game mechanically it has grown in just a couple of new races (to people and Varlam added centaurs coprodeli and Draghi) and small nodules in the pumping system fighters. The same thing happened in The Banner Saga 3 – touch that and it works great, Stoic did not. But due to the fact that many characters at the beginning of the game was “swung” to the maximum or so, introduced a new parameter – the title of hero. In the manner of additional parameters, added in the second part the characteristics, here we can emphasize certain properties: add movement points for the mobile or glasses protection warlu, covering his powerful back passage to the archers.

Whatever it was, the mechanics were left untouched – developing heroes over the glory points earned in battle, equip them with things found on the battlefield or bought for points on the market, and fight has long been a familiar scheme with a fixed order and sequence of moves and the life force that determines both health and damage.

Finish them quickly and move on, time is short!

Battles became no more and no less than in the previous series, however, if you this component of The Banner Saga likes, you can borrow from it more. The majority of combat consists of several parts: you have a certain number of moves to finish the first segment – if you have time, you can leave the field of battle or to regroup, picking up fresh soldiers to replace the injured or beaten, and to fight with the second wave, earning the extra fame points and items. If you did not, then the option with the escape you will not be offered – but will still give replacement in the team.

Fight these still look optional seasoning to the main dish – the movement through create on the go, but the seasoning that great variety of gameplay. It’s great that it is now possible to dispense at its discretion.

All we have in varying degrees seen before trilogy, The Banner Saga is inseparable, meaning to play the second or the third part without touching the first, no. Even in the main menu there is an item with a brief retelling of past events, it is necessary rather to refresh the memory of those who played a long time. The important thing is, were Stoic to put powerful point in such a marvelous initiated four years ago history?

The story ends again immediately in two ways. With one unprecedented sprawling tribe Hand or Aletta, which is now going nowhere, and tossed in the walls of the besieged Arbitrage – you have to get your hands dirty sometimes very unpleasant political Affairs. With another group of mercenaries-the ravens with two wizards rolls a Juno and Eivind; the leader in it is a legendary winner sundra Iver for him and will have to make decisions in a spooky edge, untouched by the Darkness. It was there that the fate of the world.

All three parts of The Banner Saga is a stunningly beautiful

In the art to give its history katritzky the finals, which will be remembered perhaps for life, Stoic is impossible to deny. The first part is one of the summits of this art, it is the creators grasped the essence of the Northern Saga, in which we must not forget that in life there is something more than life. But with such a beautiful beginning it was very important not to spill this feeling with the constant increase of a degree of tragedy and scale of what is happening.

And the artists who created truly beautiful Inside out, the heart of the world in which we have to face the answers to earlier questions, and composer Austin wintory, who made his majestic masterpiece in three parts, did everything to give us a touch of the grandeur of the design.

And the details of the story written again great concern about food succumbs to a number of serious election story, where sometimes even “in good conscience” to do anymore, and we can only trust the Rock.

And tied the whole Saga is beautiful in its love story and its consequences – the beginning and the end of all things here, both good and bad.

If you only knew how, Oddleif…

But the focus at some point shifted from private to General – with the fate of individual people to save the world, as we have learned before. The second part seemed to be in some degree a breath before issuing the final song. In it the degree of tragedy is raised to the limit and glow in the end falls down – but somewhat crumpled and hastily. Is codes – Symphony simply ends. The narrator sings her ballad, our names will not be forgotten, and the banners will hang in the throne room and the descendants they will be able to worship.

But the heart of this story is still in its beginning. The Banner Saga turned out to be a triptych, in which the emotional peak was the ending of the first part. Stoic have enough patience and strength to tell the Saga to end, and do it well. However, to sustain the level for the same exorbitant height did not.

Graphics The case when in the four years the game has not aged one iota – and perhaps get old ever. It only remained in the given framework again to make a beautiful and Stoic artists coped with its task in full. Sketch in purple tones.
Sound Another masterpiece Austin Wintory – I wanted to write that this is the best this work, and then listened to the sound track Journey to the past “Sagas”… No, just once – at the highest level.
Single game In The Banner Saga 3 almost disappeared care about the caravan, and the battle over swung to the limit of characters even easier, so it remains only to do the most important to move towards using harsh and full of plot.
Multiplayer Not provided.
Overall impression The final part of the trilogy is beautiful, emotional peak which remained, unfortunately, the ending of the first part. The entire triptych as a whole deserves only flattering assessment, but the bar of expectations was lifted too high.

Rating: 8,0/10


  • the scenery is still very beautiful, and the music is still great;
  • the atmosphere of this Nordic Saga and the end of time;
  • interesting combat system.


  • slightly crumpled ending;
  • poor quality translation (although this is certainly not a claim to the game itself).


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