It’s amazing how fleeting time is and how quickly things change in the software market for mobile devices! If until recently the office applications for the Android platform was time-two and miscalculated (see our review of seven years ago), now the situation is different: the sentences became so much that the eyes diverge even experienced. As from this diversity to choose the appropriate functionality, price and quality of product? Just checking in! We have carried out the examination

presented in Google Play a full office Suite and willing to share experiences of working with each of them.

Microsoft Office

Developer: Microsoft
Product website:
Download in Google Play

Classic from the founder of the “genre” of Microsoft. Mobile version of Office is represented by five well-known products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. They are set apart and offer the user an impressive Arsenal of tools for working with documents. The assets of the product: user-friendly interface, availability of funds, data sync with home and work PC, the possibility of collective work on documents, support for various cloud services, built-in spell check in Russian texts and other functions. Special mention deserve the tools to control public access to data, simplify the creation of documents templates on various subjects, as well as support for PDF files directly on the smartphone or tablet to convert it into an editable format.

A basic set of features for editing documents in Microsoft Office mobile is provided free of charge (provided that the screen size of the gadget does not exceed 10.1 inches). To use additional features like tracking and reviewing changes, customize headers and footers for different pages, add and modify chart elements, insert and edit SmartArt, quick creation of presentation slides using the tool “Designer”, etc., you need a subscription to Office 365. If you purchase the Personal edition available, the issue price will be 270 rubles per month or 2,700 rubles for annual subscription. Expensive? Possible. But the product is worth the money and definitely deserves attention.

Google Docs

Developer: Google
Product website:
Download in Google Play

Office Suite performed by Google, including text editor programs to work with spreadsheets, presentations and notes. As in the case of Microsoft Office, all products are presented in a separate attachment, which can be set by the user as needed. This approach, in our opinion, is the most correct and allows you to not clutter up the memory of the mobile device with unnecessary software.

Distinctive features of the mobile Google Docs – tuned minimalism user interface, common to all software the search giant and functional for stuffing in no way inferior to the above mentioned offer from Microsoft. Google Docs provides a rich set of tools for creating, editing, and word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, easily finds a common language with Microsoft Office files and allows multiple users to work simultaneously with one and the same instrument.

Among the other features Google Docs is worth noting the possibility to work in offline mode without connection to the global network, the ability to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint to Google docs and Vice versa, and automatically save any changes to them. The only disappointment in the product — rigid adherence to Google drive, the inability to connect to third-party cloud services and support PDF. As for the rest — a great Suite of office applications which can be absolutely free without any restrictions. Recommend.

WPS Office

Developer: Kingsoft Office Software
Product website:
Download in Google Play

The development of the Chinese company Kingsoft Office Software, combining in one application a text editor, a spreadsheet, an app for presentations and viewing PDF files. Documents in the Russian language WPS Office gets along pretty well, but when I try to open any file from the report on the lack of suitable fonts, and throws in a built-in store with an offer to purchase the basic package for $ 5. Only parting with this amount of money, you can count on the correct display viewable and editable texts — nothing else. Take out so positive, as they say.

The second attention point is the annoying advertising banner that is stuffed along and across the interface of WPS Office. To get rid of their dominance is only one way — when you subscribe to the Premium version of the office Suite. It costs $ 4 per month or $ 30 for annual subscription.

Overall, WPS Office – a rather curious product. It supports a huge number of file formats, can work in conjunction with cloud services Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, “Yandex.The disk” and file servers via WebDAV/FTP, allows you to encrypt documents, to check the spelling (Russian is not supported) and even if you have a subscription to convert PDF to vordovsky documents for later editing. Here you can add on interesting from a practical point of view, the implementation of the custom menu with scrollable left-right controls and quick access to the right tools, tabbed browsing and an impressive collection of document templates, we offer both free and commercially.


Developer: MobiSystems
Product website:
Download in Google Play

Another Suite of office applications from the all-in-one, supporting not only Microsoft Office documents, but also with the files of the OpenDocument formats (ODT, ODS, ODP), PDF, RTF, TXT, LOG, CSV, EML and ZIP. OfficeSuite supports cloud services such as OfficeSuite Drive, Box, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, allows you to restrict access to documents with a password, is able to convert text to speech and check spelling in more than 40 languages, including Russian. It is also reported about the possibilities of converting PDF files to various formats, support teamwork on documents and timing functions of user data between different devices installed. *

Just say that to delude the impressive feature set OfficeSuite is not necessary, as all of them are available only in Premium versions of a product cost 690 rubles. The same amount will additionally have to pay for the font pack Font Pack. As for the free version of the program, it is like a Christmas tree hung with banners, which makes using it rather difficult.

Polaris Office

Developer: Infraware
Product website:
Download in Google Play

The brainchild of Korean guru of coding, functionality which is a mix of the above mentioned WPS Office and OfficeSuite. In the details the product does not make sense, as even Polaris Office application for viewing files not cope with their responsibilities: the program mixes in a bunch of text, images, tables, confused in their structure and frankly chudit playing style even the most simple of Microsoft Office documents — to say nothing of documents with complex layout. The developers themselves assured of full compatibility, Polaris Office documents of all types. Oh?

In General, Polaris Office — obviously not an option for those who appreciate high quality and reliable software. The program may be of interest to researchers, IT-browsers Yes, to fans to gawk at the colorful advertising banners, of which a free version of the app unprecedented number.


Developer: Artifex Software
Product website:
Download in Google Play

Perhaps the most minimalist and easy to use Suite of office applications for Android, compatible file formats with Microsoft Office and supports PDF files. Look at the screenshots. In SmartOffice, there is no pile of different and often unnecessary features — just the Essentials for editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations quickly. Text formatting, insert images, manage pages, search, templates, and file Manager with support for cloud services like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox — that’s the whole uncomplicated set available in the software tools.

SmartOffice is free and work makes a good impression: start in a split second, instantly opens documents (including multi-page), quickly responds to user actions and no annoying advertising. But there is a fly in the ointment — the app displays incorrect formatting of some Word documents. Also in our case there was a malfunction of the program when opening PowerPoint files. For these reasons, we cannot enable SmartOffice to the category of recommended office suites, although this is a very interesting product.

Docs To Go

Developer: DataViz
Product website:
Download in Google Play

A typical multi-function “combine” that supports working with files Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and cloud data stores and includes the necessary set of tools for editing documents and proprietary InTact technology, which ensures absolute preservation of the original formatting of the file when editing. Among other features of the product developer calls the built-in tools synchronize data with PC, the ability to protect documents with a password and support already 111 formulas (functions) of the tabular processor Excel. It is easy to guess that all of these plushies are available only in Premium versions of office Suite for 800 rubles.

Is it worth it to give their blood for Docs To Go? Rather no than Yes. If the functional content of the product more or less correspond to modern realities, on the part of the user interface, it resembles a hulking mastodon from the era of Android 2.x. Look at the screenshots — it’s last century! From such a popup on the entire screen of the menu items developers of mobile software refused for a long time, but DataViz still adhere to the design solutions almost a decade ago. In addition, the office Suite Docs To Go Premium version seen to impose unnecessary software like the Amazon App Store, and this is evidence that the creators of the product do not shy away from dirty tricks distribution partner. Alas, such a philosophy of doing business will not get far.

AndrOpen Office

Developer: Akikazu Between Yoshikawa (Akikazu Yoshikawa)
Product website:
Download in Google Play

The development of the Japanese enthusiast, which is a ported to the Android platform version of the original Suite of office applications OpenOffice with the classic desktop interface!

In the composition of AndrOpen Office submitted text editor Writer, Calc spreadsheet, presentations program Impress, a vector graphics editor Draw and equation editor Math — all with a full feature set, including support for macro commands (macros) which you can use to automate common operations in documents of any size, whether it’s creating and saving files, and formatting and converting content. Similar feature set cannot offer, none of the reporting in the article of products.

In other words, AndrOpen Office — OpenOffice with their typical advantages and disadvantages, which are not repeatedly described in 3DNews. Will not be repeated. Just to say that the mobile version of office ported to Android as there is absolutely no sharpened by the use of fingers (will fit except the stylus, but many have is an input device?). Besides, he slows down considerably when working with documents — impact associated with product transition to a new software platform technical details and costs.

AndrOpen Office supports extensions (you can install additional font packages, means of Russification, library, content) and presented in two versions — free and commercial value of 300 rubles. In the latter there is no advertising and there are additional functions. To agitate in favor of AndrOpen Office will not, but to look at this software “product” is definitely worth it.


Developer: OlivePhone
Product website:
Download in Google Play

Another “Chinese” in our review. Functionality as simple as SmartOffice, but slow and brooding, like a turtle. OliveOffice is especially difficult given Mordovskie files of a few megabytes and scaling of text when performing these operations, the office Suite falls into a stupor and starts to brake terribly. The program behavior is able to bring to a white heat, even the most patient and calm of the user.

But that’s not all. Immediately after you install OliveOffice machine launches the built-in app File Transfer and without demand expands on the smartphone to the FTP server. According to the developers, it is done ostensibly for the convenience of the user, so it is easier to manage stored in the memory of the device documents from your computer. Dubious decision, as indeed the whole product. I do not advise.

Thinkfree Office

Developer: Hancom
Product website:
Download in Google Play

With a hefty package of office applications in our review, the distribution of which is 225 MB! Thinkfree Office includes a Word with a built-in PDF viewer files, tool Cell to work with spreadsheets and a tool Show for presentation files. A distinctive feature of the product interface, usability stands on the same level with Microsoft Office and Google Docs. No confusion: all the controls, menus and settings are located under the arm in place and the problems with editing documents does not arise. It is seen that Thinkfree Office was created with close attention to detail and details is the strong point of this decision, the annual subscription to which costs $15.

In order to use Thinkfree Office, it is mandatory to register an account with the Thinkfree Connect and to subscribe for the website for two months. At each start the program checks the relevance of the account, so without these formalities, it just will not start. It is noteworthy that for verification of data every time the application accesses to the server of the developer, this means that if the mobile device has no Internet connection, then use an office Suite will fail. Such rigid adherence to the Network completely negates all the benefits of Thinkfree Office.

“Maiofis Documents”

Developer: “New cloud”
Product website:
Download in Google Play

Office Suite home development designed for editing texts and spreadsheets, and view presentation files. “Maiofis Documents” supports cloud services, equipped with quite convenient and thoughtful in a practical sense user interface, but it suffers from a tendency to damage and distortion of the appearance of documents created in Microsoft Office. And it is unacceptable for products of this class. I remember almost 2.5 years ago in the review of “My office”, we focused on the existence of the problem, but it’s been so long, and things are there. Nothing has changed, it seems, will never change.


So which office Suite to choose for Android? The range is huge, but set of characteristics — ease of use, ease of interface, functionality, price — by a considerable margin from the rest of the lead Microsoft Office and Google Docs. Seasoned geeks and fans of open software can be interesting AndrOpen Office. It is not necessary to write off, and Thinkfree Office, which is more than enough for text editing, spreadsheets, and presentations, but only under condition of availability at the mobile device permanent access to the Internet.


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