To explain the meaning and motivation of their actions under force far not to everyone, not to mention the software algorithms that simulate the behavior of artificial intelligence. The possibilities of modern similarity of artificial intelligence is strictly limited even in spite of the potential for self-learning and analysis of situations involving the ability to adapt under specific conditions.

The specialists of the Agency defense advanced research projects Agency (DARPA) under the

Ministry of defense believe it is necessary to instill analytical thinking to future variations on the theme of AI. It is necessary to “machine” not just was able to make the right choice, but articulate the principles on which it relied, and even to defend the native “point of view”.

In DARPA intend to concentrate on the development of systems based on the principles of an ideal model of artificial intelligence, with an important difference from existing in the indicated direction decisions. A key feature of the upcoming project DARPA is the ability of digital code to specify an action to perform. AI-like algorithm will have to specify what prompted him to make such a decision, he was guided in the selection process, as well as why they were rejected alternative options.

DARPA experts are confident that this project will bring AI to a new level and thereby stimulate developers to improve the software component. The DARPA initiative requires significant financial investment, however, the government has allocated budget funds will allow in the future to save billions of taxpayer dollars.

Logical thinking AI is the key to solving many problems, including for a significant leap forward throughout medicine. Among the priority tasks of the DARPA and a number of private companies working on similar projects, is the use of AI to detect early signs of many diseases. This process should be fully automated and do not require the intervention of qualified personnel. But in order to make a correct diagnosis, artificial intelligence will not only have to consider a whole set of factors/characteristics, but also to give a detailed explanation regarding the doctors revealed the patient’s symptoms and the best options to get rid of the disease.


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