Genre Roleplay
Publisher Nintendo, Square Enix
Developer Square Enix, Acquire
Release date 13 Jul 2018
Age limit 12 years
Platform Nintendo Switch

Game tested on Nintendo Switch. Screenshots are in portable mode

Square Enix is a funny company. It destroys the series, which has earned the recognition, and at the same time desperately trying to resurrect the legacy of Squaresoft under different names. Dilogy Bravely Default/Bravely Second, mediocre I am Setsuna and Lost Sphear, and the current Octopath Traveler was done not so much as independent projects, but as a gift to modern nostalgic fans. And if the creation of the era of the SNES will remember and love for years to come, then none of the parody of “birdhouse”, which this time has enlisted the support of Acquire, is not threatened.

Need Bo-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-olsha heroes

Before the release Octopath Traveler boasted eight characters and the ability to start passing over any of them. Thanks to the free “demos,” it was time to decide on a hero and then move to the full version of their save. Only samples did not show the main — start is allowed even for a warrior, a healer, at least for the dancer, but then still have to type in the command, the remaining travelers. Passing, uh-uh, seven prologues.

Some episodes are pretty dark

It would seem, okay, the entry is decorated quite well and explain why each of the characters went on the road. However, after the first acts Octopath Traveler rapidly falling apart, because it turns out that the characters, hell the whole pack, but they do not interact with each other! Well, not counting the conversations on the three lines time into eternity. In narrative scenes is valid only for the person whose episode now pass, and the rest is needed only for extras in the battles.

It feels like at the initial stages of the development Studio couldn’t decide on the main character, and then just decided to throw in the game all that managed to come up with. And instead of interesting adventures with developing relationships between different characters get a bunch of isolated branches of the strangers-introverts who don’t know about the existence of their comrades. It looks pretty silly and very strange.

It’s like throwing from Mass Effect 2 to have to go on a suicide mission, leaving her only a small stories about allies, freeing them from any surprises, not allowed to talk to each other and to participate in dialogues if the job does not concern them. Get Octopath Traveler. Here and whether it was necessary to fence a story with a bunch of characters?

The locations in the game diversity does not Shine, to explore have a boring caves and the medieval town

Time to cover someone’s storyline, too, will fail because of the huge gap between acts. Will either have hours to rock the party, or take the storyline pieces for others, simultaneously increasing the level. Already in ten hours the game turns into a monotonous cycle of conversations with the locals, Stripping lackluster dungeons, and conversations with local residents, Stripping lackluster dungeons, and conversations with the locals…

It’s not too annoying, if slowly pass on episode a week (and that such a regime will have time to get bored?), but the daily sessions Octopath becomes routine, and role play is not the best indicator. Especially if she wants to follow the textbook “Classic JRPG for beginners”.

With axes on the bugs!

Because of the strange, broken into tiny little pieces of narrative Octopath Traveler would be quite boring, but the game carefully pulls out of the pit fighting system. Like Bravely Default/Second from the same producers, the project fails in the story, but constantly throws up interesting battles and powerful bosses.

All the classics — big and evil the enemy is well drawn, and fight him chibiki-heroes

Kept “fighting” on the proper use of weaknesses of enemies and the ability to apply tactical advantage in the form of accumulated moves. Every enemy is weak to different types of physical and magical attacks to bring down the defense, and stun once in the next couple of moves, you will need several times to hit his desired weapon. “Broken” monster can’t do anything and gets increased damage.

On the other hand, the characters themselves have no known weaknesses, so to pull off the same with wards will fail. It’s a shame, because it would add tension fights (series Shin Megami Tensei will not lie). However, even without additional difficulties in Octopath Traveler must be able not only to choose the right team under your enemy’s weakness, but also to distribute the already mentioned additional moves. Each character during the battle, accumulate action points, so instead of one hit to put a few or enhancing a spell.

To borrow the opportunity to do anything, as in Bravely, this time it is impossible, but it’s even better. Here the system more convenient. And fully disclosed on difficult bosses: the battle with them turning into real tests, especially when the bastards begin to call on the help of allies and constantly change their weaknesses.

Protection broke, somebody’s gonna hurt!

And everything would be fine, but the developers decided to go rake Grinda. I’m not against it, but only if it is done correctly. In the same Shin Megami Tensei game at each new location offers strong opponents — until they learn to cope with them, then will not move. But to the next boss after all the tests come fit.

Octopath Traveler does the opposite: at the level you can post ordinary monsters once or twice, but reached the finals the next story arc, you realize that the party is seriously not up on the level or quality of equipment. And that and another at once. And begins the tedious winding circles on the patch in front of the conservation area with the aim to gain experience and money, because the armor with weapons are extortionate expensive, and you need to wear not one, but eight.

Due to the interesting combat system is constantly pumped not as boring as could be, but the experience is still lubricated. After half of the eight acts of one of the head swing so that the remaining do not pose any problems, but with the beginning of a new page of the story again repeats itself. Just for the “snapping” of the characters with each Chapter spends more and more time.

Square Enix with the help of Acquire once again tried to regain the magic of classical two-dimensional JRPG — again, the result is possible to count only with great tension. Octopath Traveler it looks great, it’s fun to fight, but outside of the battlefield, the game offers only lean dialogues and ragged, totally forgettable story. And especially do not go to any comparison with Final Fantasy VI, which was mentioned by the developers as an example to follow. Hour chat, the two waved his sword, repeat a few dozen times — that everything that offers Octopath Traveler.


  • interesting visual style, which combines pixel art with modern effects;
  • eight characters with their own skills, features and history;
  • the combat system is diverse and not give quite so bored…


  • what to say about the plot — he’s not even trying to seem captivating.
  • a strange scheme of the narrative, broken into many unrelated acts;
  • the need to constantly spool the characters to the desired level;
  • to make the eight heroes and not allow them to talk to each other — it must be able.
Graphics Nice pixel art, with cool effects from magic and powerful blows. However, the camera in some locations are not too convenient, so it is not always clear where to go.
Sound That’s what the game is not exactly to complain about is the music. Moving motifs included in the right places, combat theme nicely to the pace of the battle. And indeed, the soundtrack itself is quite nice even in isolation from the project.
Single game History repeats itself with the duologue Bravely where boring the plot was side by side with an entertaining combat system. Only this time the narrative is chopped and scattered so that after 40-50 hours it still fits in a couple of sentences.
Multiplayer Not provided.
Overall impression Octopath Traveler — another average game from Square Enix for those who heard about the classic JRPG, but I’ve never seen really worthy representatives of the genre of the era. It was good to try, but after passing instantly flies out of my head.

Rating: 7,0/10

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