According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, General condition of the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, as well as the owner of the publishing house, The Washington Post, exceeded $150 billion. in Other words, Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) has become the richest man in modern history, at $55 billion, beating the second-ranked co-founder of Microsoft bill gates (Bill Gates). This is unlikely to surprise anyone, given the unstoppable growth of the already monstrously huge Amazon.

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way, if bill gates gave away part of his fortune (mainly the bill and Melinda gates Foundation), his condition now would have estimated at about $150 billion. however, The 54-year-old Mr. Bezos also walked around and past achievements of bill gates, adjusted for inflation. Strap $100 billion, which Mr gates for a short time took in 1999 at the height of the dotcom boom, is now estimated at approximately $149 billion in Other words, the Executive Director of the Amazon is richer than anyone else on Earth, at least since 1982, when Forbes published its first ranking of wealth.

Personal fortune of Jeff Bezos grew by $52 billion, one this amount is more than the total state Chairman of Chinese company Alibaba Group Holding Jack MA (Jack Ma), considered the richest man in Asia. In addition, the personal status of Mr. Bezos is more than the combined $151.5 billion from the family of the Waltons — the richest dynasty in the world.

“It’s hard to even imagine these amounts in the future, — said the Executive Director of Cresset Family Office Michael Cole. So this is a staggering figure”. According to the report of the Federal reserve system, 1% of the richest families in the US in 2016 controlled 38.6 percent of the wealth of this country against the 22.8 % who have 90 % of the population. Last year Oxfam International found that more than 80 % of revenues accounted for 1 % of the world population.

Data on the achievements of Jeff Bezos, was published simultaneously with the beginning of the 36-hour summer event, sales Day Amazon Prime, the launch of which turned into a headache for the largest online store because of the mistakes of the website and mobile apps. The company’s shares, which reached a record level of $1841,95 on Monday, was down 0.5% following the news about problem start Prime Day. And after the publication of disappointing results Netflix the company’s securities further declined in price to below $1800.


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