Various studies suggest that travel in robotic cars will trigger a higher risk of seasickness. The company Citroën has proposed an original solution to the problem.

Sea-sickness is expressed in the sensations of nausea and motion sickness because of the monotonous vibrations. Cause this condition may be a conflict between the signals coming into the Central nervous system from the vestibular apparatus and organs of vision: the vestibular apparatus detects repetitive movements, and eyes

see a stationary object, say, a computer display in the car or book.

Citroën notes that seasickness chronically affects more than 30 million Europeans. Every third man at least once in life experienced the symptoms of this condition. To help in this situation can glasses called Seetroën.

The gadget uses a technology called Boarding Ring. Glasses are composed of four rings, and inside each circular rim is colored liquid. It flows as horizontal axis (left and right), and sagittal (forward–backward).

Thus, the glasses reproduce the horizon line, eliminating the conflict of signals to the brain from the various senses. It is argued that the efficiency of this method reaches 95 %.

At the first sign of sickness you need to wear glasses, and after 10-12 minutes they sinhroniziruete signals from the vestibular apparatus, with a stationary object on which to focus the mind of the person (such as a smartphone or book). As a result, the imbalance will be eliminated. After that, glasses can be removed and enjoy the ride.

Seetroën glasses do not have lenses, so suitable for anyone. The price is 100 euros.


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