Rainbow Skies — difficult math. Review
Genre Roleplay
Publisher eastasiasoft
Developer SideQuest Studios
Release date 26 Jun 2018
Age limit 6 years
Platform PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita
Official website

The game was tested on PlayStation 4

One of the most obscure exclusives on PlayStation 3, Rainbow Moon is a cute JRPG with turn-based battles and a huge number of various settings of the characters. Stars in the sky it is not enough, but to spend a few dozen hours was nice — good graphics, interesting battles, and the characters become stronger with each successive battle. The spiritual successor to Rainbow Moon called Rainbow Skies should have been released a few years ago, but development was delayed. And, frankly, it is not clear that the authors took so much time.

Friends for a while

It’s the same JRPG with the numbers, characteristics, million improvements and other similar elements, and storyline once again leaves much to be desired. The main character along with a friend trying to repair the broken wiring on the starting island, but because of aggressive monsters, both characters fall into a different part of the world. There’s a magical girl suffers for amusing creature the spell that binds her to the monster, but uses it precisely at the moment when the sky fall our hapless islanders. In the end, the Trinity cannot move away from each other, and now forced to travel in search of an experienced magician is able to remove the spell.

Over the heroes, which can give out side quests, no badges

The story itself seems to be normal and even funny, but the presentation makes the narrative one of the worst in the genre. The characters are constantly bickering and arguing, dialogue tightened, in a second interlocutor utters a few words, and his next remark — text on six lines. If at first reading the text more or less interesting, then after about two hours, losing all desire to follow what is happening — everything is so boring, banal and primitive. Excessive positivity of all the actors is also very annoying — who in no way came across, he either flat was joking, or he is the object of ridicule.

But never here jokes don’t make you smile. Moreover, they do not contain any information that can help you learn something about the world. In most cases, the dialogues lead to the need for someone to fight, and as a reward for winning the group gets the key to access the next location where a simple pattern is repeated. It’s not so bad for a JRPG, but usually the lack of original and diverse assignments trying to cover up the thrilling story and great characters. Here, alas, nothing of the sort.

The most annoying mode of study that spans several hours. Before the start of the passage, you can specify whether you want to see tips by heart or remember all the details of Rainbow Moon. I held her too long, so I chose the first option and quickly regretted it. The fact that every little thing chew here for a few minutes, presenting information in the form of small scenes involving the main characters. They continue to argue and quarrel sometimes turn to the player, remember about Rainbow Moon… Training eventually scored in the debris, without which it was easy to do.

Even the change of day and night are telling a 13-slides

Faster, higher, stronger

Like the previous game, Rainbow Skies will be of interest primarily to those who like “grind” and a gradual improvement of the characteristics of the characters. With each new level, the team members improve their health, and also provide opportunities to improve the parameters. For this purpose, the items, which can be found in treasure chests, secret passageways and sacs, which lies near the majority of opponents. In General, the more monsters you kill, the higher the chance to increase strength, speed, luck and mana.

The combat system remains one of the strengths of the series in turn-based battles Rainbow Skies is a very interesting tactic to pick up and determine course of action. Traveling through various regions, you will find a formation that allows different ways to place characters at the beginning of each battle. And during the battles themselves, you are offered standard actions like moving a few spaces forward, attack, block, escape, use potions and use spells. The turn order of your characters and opponents is indicated in the corner and any time you can move the camera and look around the entire battlefield.

Character is really getting stronger with your every action. Activation of special techniques, the use of which is wasted mana, allows you to raise it and make even more devastating. And sometimes, using the technique too often, you will unlock an additional skill — it would cost more, but the damage is appropriate. The characters always have a two stroke, so you can take a step to the side and hit, to damage and stand up in defense, or even to spend all the time to be filled with potions.

Every time we have to wait until all the opponents will make moves

Unlike many other jrpgs, where during the trip the player may accidentally stumble upon some of the enemy, in Rainbow Skies of enemies are always visible on the map. And, approaching him, you can see how many monsters is in the squad. Killing all in the area, you are free to move across locations without worrying about suddenly attacking monsters. But if someone fight all you want, look in the lower left corner of the screen: there always appears a line with a random list of opponents and the ability to challenge them.

And that sometimes you will need to do, since the complexity of the configured not the best way. At one point you will easily scatter the enemies, not allowing them to touch your heroes, and after a few seconds, will meet with much more dangerous opponents will regret the absence of inventory kits. Such episodes are confusing, because sometimes on such strong monsters hanging red sign indicating too much difference in levels. If the game assumes that you can easily have to deal with these opponents, but in reality it is not so simple.

And those who fights especially will like, like the ability to increase the rank of the hunter — this will make the battle more difficult in exchange for the increased amount of captured gold. Otherwise you will get quite a modest reward — will always have to sell junk, and all the stupid potion to make an extra penny on top. But the characters are not only bibs, but also hats, gloves and other equipment, not to mention the weapons. Freely change the rank of hunter at any time is impossible — if you lose, you’ll have to gradually re-earn again. So will not be able, for example, to reduce the complexity during clashes with the boss, and then switch it back.


And after five, ten, fifteen hours, realize that grades, numbers and characteristics — all Rainbow Skies. She has nothing more to offer: the world is empty and boring, despite the bright color, the plot is almost nonexistent, and to read the dialogues boring. If you are ready to sit a long time in the menu and choose who should invest and who increase in speed or power requires more the interest will evaporate pretty quickly. Because it is unclear what the developers were doing for so long. The game is not much different from Rainbow Moon in terms of graphics, and a good writer as there was no and no. And in the background a promising Octopath Traveler, which is about to be released, Rainbow Skies looks really funny.


  • interesting turn-based combat system;
  • a lot of opportunities to make your character stronger.


  • sad story with prolonged dialogues;
  • not a single memorable character;
  • simple graphics;
  • poorly balanced difficulty.
Graphics The game was released on PS3 and PS Vita, so even on PS4 it looks so-so. Sometimes the animation in General, similar to “neighbours from hell”.
Sound Music was bearable, but the replica that the characters utter at the beginning and at the end of the dialogue, like recorded with not the best quality equipment.
Single game If in these games you are only interested in turn-based battles and deep pumping, but not component of the story and characters, Rainbow Skies may come to mind. The rest never have to sit through those 40-50 hours that is passing.
Multiplayer Not provided.
Overall impression Formulaic JRPG without interesting plot and vivid characters. Worthy alternatives too much to spend her time.

Rating: 5,0/10

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