Hardly the first such case in the modern gaming industry has become the Bedrock is-update Minecraft, released on June 21, and the opening cross-platform game on the Nintendo Switch with the owners of consoles Microsoft, PC, Android and iOS. Unusual to see the Xbox logos, and the Switch next to the official YouTube channel of Nintendo. Players can also continue the game on another console, keeping their achievements.

In this regard, the decision of Sony not to allow cross-platform

play with other consoles looks worse. During the last E3 a debate has been raging about the inability to use the accounts of Epic Games on the consoles Switch and the Xbox One, if the players Fortnite already launched it on PS4. In its response, Sony has recognized the problem, noting that the support mikesolo game there is no need, since only one PlayStation Network has 80 million active players per month, and in addition supported cooperative play with PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Fresh is Minecraft aims to show you how to attract users, rather than demonstrating a competing console, and at the same time makes a call to the recalcitrant Sony. At the same time Twitter is a division of Nintendo of America came to the Xbox with a proposal to build something in Minecraft.

Hey @Xbox, since we can play together in @Minecraft now, did you want to build something? pic.twitter.com/LIylWy3yXZ

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) June 21, 2018

Aubrey Norris (Aubrey Norris), head of PR-Department Minecraft already talked about the desire of the team to bring cross-platform game on PS4. Expressed misunderstanding of the position of Sony and head of Xbox Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer): “I think the players have no doubt that will be better for them to have a common online environment between platforms. In this case, I don’t understand why we should not move in this direction, especially when trying to make the gaming business a large, grow it, get more games, to create new opportunities?”.

He thanked Nintendo for openness (which, by the way, Japanese companies until recently it was extremely unusual) in relation to Minecraft and Rocket League. By the way, and its developer Studio, Psyonix, have reported on the readiness of cross-platform features that Sony just does not allow.

Before Sony explained the closed nature of its platform that the interests of the shareholders, by care of children, whose security company says it can provide within their ecosystem. But the last argument after the opening of the play together with the users of computers and mobile devices had lost all credibility.

At GDC 2018, the head of Epic Games Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) expressed the belief that after the appearance of Fortnite on all consoles and even the accounting of purchases on different platforms, the next logical and inevitable step will be the introduction of full cross-platform play. Given that the main participants of the gaming industry ready to work together, Sony risks being left behind.

Now publisher Square Enix is negotiating with Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony that its MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has got the support of crossplatforming between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC. Possible under the General head of the samurai Sony still soften its position?

Source: 3Dnews.ru

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