Assassins Creed Odyssey. Less assassins, more RPG

Developers Ubisoft Quebec
Publisher Ubisoft
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Release date 5 Oct 2018

New Assassin’s Creed just seems an absolute copy of Origins, saying that the action just moved to Ancient Greece, dressed characters in different clothes, and has recorded new dialogue. In fact, the game, which for several years was engaged in as many as ten studios, including a number of innovations, and some of them will appear in the series for the first time.

The fiddle, this time playing Ubisoft Quebec, released earlier Assassin’s Creed Baldur’s gate. In that game there were two heterosexual main characters, and Odyssey also prepares us to two protagonists. But now to switch between them — the selection is to be done in the beginning. As shown on E3 gameplay video, the same scenes Alexios and Cassandra will react to the same event in different ways.

Appear and the choice of answers in the dialogues, which will lead to different solutions of the same problem. The developers promise to offer more missions to complete which can be two or even three ways. For example, some character don’t want to pay the debt: you either beat him or talk with him and try to negotiate, or get to his house by night and steal the money from the chest.

Greater freedom of action will be noticeable in almost every element of the Odyssey. Put on the main character clothes gives bonuses to various characteristics, you will become more dangerous in battle, or will to act better in the shade. Silent passage will make more attractive due to the increased inflow of experience and additional options. But to fight in the open will be more interesting due to the active skills are activated by different buttons on the controller. Will still be romance, epic battles, regions with separate storylines and more.

Death Stranding. When even with the gameplay nothing is clear

Developers Kojima Productions
Publisher Sony
Platform PlayStation 4
Release date To be announced

Hideo Kojima (Hideo Kojima) has long been asked to show gameplay Death Stranding, as in conventional trailers, people hardly understand what the hell is going on. And kojima showed the audience gameplay — new video lasts a whopping 8 minutes. But it is clear he did not.

Famous game designer and the Creator of Metal Gear Solid is recognized that the draft may be his last. I do not know whether the price he currently fills, afraid to repeat the fate of Sean Murray (Sean Murray) or really goes all out and fills Death Stranding all the crazy ideas he has in mind. Anyway, fans have already started to build a theory, to look for “Easter eggs” and trying to establish a connection between all of the released trailers.

The last movie, shown during the exhibition, we learned about two new characters: the first performed a charming French actress Lea seydoux (Léa Seydoux), a bond girl in “007: Spectrum”, and the second Lindsay Wagner (Lindsay Wagner), primarily known for the television series “the six million dollars.” Norman Reedus (Norman Reedus), Mads Mikkelsen (Mads Mikkelsen) and Guillermo del Toro (Guillermo del Toro) composition impressive.

Details Death while Stranding kojima shares reluctantly. In an interview at E3 he only confirmed what viewers noticed during the trailer, is the freedom of movement is not so great as in most other games. Hero can stumble on a rock, lose your balance while walking, it can wash away the strong current while crossing the river. In other words, this is the exact opposite… Super Mario — this series kojima all forces repelled.

Tom Clancys The Division 2. This time will live longer

Developers Massive Entertainment
Publisher Ubisoft
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Release date 15 Mar 2019

The sequel of The Division will speak about the epidemic ravaged Washington, in which a squad of elite agents will give back the hostile factions in order to restore order. As before, to pass the storyline campaign will be able either alone or in co-op, and this time, after the finals, players will have a lot more fun.

One of the main problems of the first part was the lack of interesting content after the “Suzette”, a clear endgame. Additional modes were added with subsequent updates, but about it knew only the most devoted fans of action — the rest said goodbye to the game pretty quickly. Now Ubisoft promises to correct this defect is the salvation of Washington “is only the beginning of the journey.”

Upon reaching level 30 will allow users to choose a specialization. Survivalist (survivalist) uses traps, and carries a crossbow, demolitions (demolitionist) wreaking havoc and armed with a grenade launcher, and the shooter (sharpshooter) is a sniper rifle — it’s best to cope with the opponents at a distance. Ubisoft promises a redesigned PvP mode, lots of entertainment, but also a complete system of clans.

The good news was the announcement of three major free updates. Throughout the first year, users can expect a lot of new content, including raids, designed for eight participants. Judging by recent games publishers support their multiplayer projects Ubisoft plans for many years to come, so The Division 2 after the release probably will have a lot of interesting things.

Fallout 76. It’s not as bad as it seemed

Developers Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Release date 14 Nov 2018

Fallout 76 will really be online “vyzhivalku” in the spirit of DayZ and Rust, as claimed by insiders shortly before E3 2018. But don’t worry — the developers promise a full story campaign and a lot of quests, so fans of single-player RPG, too, need to stay happy.

On the server players will be with dozens of other users, but the map is big enough (4 times bigger than Fallout 4) so that they do not have to face every minute. One of the main differences from the usual Fallout 76 “vyzhivalok” would be that after death you will not lose the contents of the inventory. And among the common elements is a construction base and the construction of defensive structures. The location of the accommodation you choose for yourself, and “move” will be the most painless process.

76 Fallout wouldn’t be Fallout if it wasn’t nuclear explosions, and players will have the opportunity to carry out these explosions with their hands. The worldwide spread of launch codes for nuclear missiles — you either find their fragments in the open world, or get for killing enemies. When the code is fully assembled, the player, apparently, can attack at any point on the map, erased from the earth database to another user on the server. At the same time this place will be a zone of high radiation hazard, clogged stronger monsters, and promising substantial rewards to those who dare to explore it.

Another feature will be the VATS system which works for the most part identical to Fallout 4, but only in real time. We also know that Bethesda plans to add Fallout 76 full support for modifications, but not on release, but in the future users will be able to play on private servers with mods at their own discretion.

Forza Horizon 4. Game mixed with The Sims

Developers Playground Games
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Platform Xbox One, PC
Release date 2 Oct 2018

Fans of Forza Horizon was hoping to see in the fourth part of Japan, but instead will go to Britain. There they will be a huge open world and the change of seasons, which will strongly affect the behavior of the car on the road. To drive in the snow will not be nearly as easy as on a sticky summer asphalt.

Enjoy the trip alone, in co-op with friends or online multiplayer, which includes casual fun, and the rating of the race. In an open world in one session can be up to 72 users, so the creators call Forza Horizon 4 “the most social racing game ever.”

But not the racing one will live the player have to think more about real estate, which will open up new items and abilities. Purchases range from tiny cottages to Grand castles. And to earn enough money for all this, it is possible to get a job — for example, to become a stuntman for the automotive television show.

Over time you will not be able to start your own business or buy an existing firm. Alternatively, to start a taxi cab company to transport people from place to place on the classic London cab Austin FX4. In General, the developers clearly want buyers Forza Horizon 4 “settled” in the game for weeks or even months, and therefore added not only new opportunities, but also the most extensive to date collection of cars — more than 450 models.

Just Cause 4. Even tornado is not terrible

Developers Avalanche Studios
Publisher Square Enix
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Release date 4 Dec 2018

In Just Cause 4 permanent agent Rico Rodriguez will once again blow it up, destroy and destroy. This winter it will bring on a huge island of Solis in South America, where he will try to “find out the truth about his past.” The plot in this series hardly anyone was watching, but fans of the explosive gameplay you will notice a few interesting differences from the third part.

The island of Solis is divided into four approximately equal-sized regions, each of which are raging natural disasters. The huge tornado, tropical storm, heavy rains — to fly a wingsuit in such situations will become much more difficult. On the other hand, thanks to this inclement weather, you can gain an advantage over enemies.

Much will change and the hook Rico — he will get new versions. Will be able to attract objects or repel them, and to cling to them balloons and control them with the help of cables. In the version which saw the visitors E3 2018, members of the press were able to raise the parachute container and to run with him on location, knocking over everything in its path in a row. Played it all as fun as it sounds.

The developers at Avalanche want to give players as many experimented with new possibilities and think outside the box, trying to solve a particular problem. The new physics engine will allow you to do things that previously were not possible (although the cows and in the third part regularly fly jet-powered). Unfortunately, sampling the environment at strength will still allow only a single mode — either co-op or multiplayer in the fourth part will not.

Kingdom Hearts 3. You probably won’t understand

Developers Square Enix
Publisher Square Enix
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release date 29 Jan 2019

Long-suffering Kingdom Hearts 3 finally got a release date. Fans of the series waiting for the game for many years, will soon travel to various Disney worlds and meet with familiar characters, including goofy and Donald duck. And for those of you not familiar with this franchise on consoles sold by the collector of the third part and all of the past games. It is likely that without their passing, you’ll see KH3 not all.

At E3 2018, the developers first showed the world the “Cold heart” — Sora and his companions will meet Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff. In the same trailer could once again see the world “Rapunzel”, and during a press conference Sony was shown a clip from “Pirates of the Caribbean” — captain Jack Sparrow played by johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) is attached.

Sora will meet up with characters from “monsters, Inc.”, “toy Story” and other universes, never appearing in the series. In one of the commercials there’s even a little mouse Remy from “Ratatouille” — he was sitting on the head of the protagonist while he was preparing, as it happened in the cartoon. In General, before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, it is desirable not only to pass other games in the series, but also partly to review creations Disney — visit these worlds will be more interesting when they know more.

In addition, the worlds look completely different, and the gameplay mechanics are different. In the universe of “Pirates” can not do without naval battles, so there they are, and, moreover, look great. Rapunzel with her endless hair is going to help Sora to move quickly on location — that can cling curls the branches of the trees. And all this is only a small part of the upcoming large-scale adventure.

The Last of Us Part 2. Now with the jump button

Developers Naughty Dog
Publisher Sony
Platform PlayStation 4
Release date To be announced

Gameplay trailer The Last of Us Part 2, shown at Sony’s press conference at E3 2018, impressed with the tremendous attention to detail. What turns out to be true, yet it is impossible to say — until the release of the first part of Naughty Dog published a similar trailer, and part of what he saw there mechanic players in the final version is not found. However, as the sequel will still no doubt.

According to the creators, they want to make the journey Ellie across post apocalyptic world realistic, so the heroine will have more opportunities to interact with the environment. There’s even a separate jump button, without which the first and The Last of Us decided to do. Locations will become more “vertical” and increase in size, allowing you to choose how and where to start the battle, see, that clicked or bandits.

During combat, Ellie will use the shallows — they will save her from injury or even death. Artificial intelligence will undergo big changes — the opponents will actively talk to each other, passing information about the possible location of the heroine, and will even call colleagues by name. And to destroy the enemies will be able with the help of arrows of different types.

So far we haven’t seen in the trailers Joel, but Naughty Dog says that he’s okay and he “somewhere nearby in Jackson”. Shown at the beginning of the new video the Church is located there, and since the first part he was for four years. Since then, Ellie had managed to join the patrol, watching the procedure around the sacred place.

Metro Exodus. Big, but not open world

Developers 4A Games
Publisher Deep Silver
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Release date 22 Feb 2019

Metro Exodus Artyom and the Rangers go on a journey across post apocalyptic Russia, but the developers tend not to use the phrase “open world” and not bragging about the size of the territory. The game will be related to each other extensive locations offering freedom of action, where earlier in the series.

From one city to another characters move on the train, a kind of armored base on wheels. Each region will have its own atmosphere, weather conditions and inhabitants. The decisions and actions of the player will affect the development of the plot and the fate of his comrades Artem — sometimes not even removed the holster weapon will change the attitude of others to the character.

Journalists who have tested the earlier version, and argue that Metro Exodus, with all its innovations, still reminiscent of the old part of the series Metro. Partially a game like S. T. A. L. K. E. R. — here, for example, there are anomalies, sucking life energy. And it is possible to create items, including bandages, ammo, throwing knives, Molotov cocktails, first aid kits and filters for the mask. Ammunition, incidentally, is not used instead of money — dealers in Exodus will not.

Portable workshop that Artem wears a backpack, is not only used to create these things. It also modificeres weapons, and, according to journalists, even the slightest change can greatly affect the shooting. It was already noticeable in the first location, which, incidentally, is 20 times more of the swamp Metro: Last Light.

Rage 2. Shelter for the weak

Developers Avalanche Studios, id Software
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Release date Spring 2019

First Rage, released in 2011, is primarily remembered podgryzayuschie textures and a bad ending. Rage 2, judging by the first impressions from E3 2018, will be much better and bigger predecessor. This sequel, which is set many years after the events of the last game. Players will visit a huge open world where you can spend “hundreds of hours”.

And this world is full of dangers at every step scurry or crazed looters, or bloodthirsty mutants. But to sit behind cover is not necessary — the game gives all the opportunities to use against the opponents entire Arsenal and make a wasteland of chaos. So Rage 2 at the same time reminiscent of Mad Max and Doom worked on them, the studios want to offer such Rage, about what they dreamed of seven years ago, but could not implement its plans due to a lack of powerful consoles.

Ammo in stock is always a lot of abilities like telekinesis and crushing blow are quickly recovering — fight as required by the soul. The faster you eliminate the enemies, the sooner the filled bar Overdrive that greatly increases your damage and healing health. So there’s no point in being careful — better to fearlessly break into the crowd and smash everything to smithereens.

But this does not mean that the weapons in the game are too strong. One shot from a shotgun, for example, a strong enemy not to kill, but his volley toss back or toss in the air and his head will fly helmet. The wizards of id Software doing everything possible to each weapon felt great physically and to make the player have fun shooting, especially when committing fatalities. Captivate do it for hundreds of hours without the co-op (and he, like other multiplayer modes, not provided), is difficult to say.

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