Developers BioWares
Publisher Electronic Arts
Platform PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Release date 22 Feb 2019

Anthem. Anthem destiny

Every time BioWare shows Anthem, I have only one thought: they are either fools or geniuses. After the failure of Mass Effect: Andromeda, many expect from the developers of return to basics, to the classic RPG. Instead, they announced the Anthem. Any aspect of the approaches, it all

resembles about Destiny.

Like Bungie, BioWare is trying to cross adventure game with multiplayer. Casey Hudson, standing at the helm of the Anthem promises that we are waiting for all the elements specific to projects Studio: compelling story, interesting characters, moral dilemmas. All this will happen within the walls of the city, where we communicate with the characters, traded and otherwise socialities. But it is necessary to go beyond the gates (pre-dressed in an exosuit, of course), starts the other part of the gameplay.

Behind the fence waiting for us a world of wildlife and ancient ruins, full of dangerous monsters. Of course, you can give them battle on their own, but it is better to call three friends and fight the enemies in the coordinated group. The more that each costume has its own specialization — it should promote interaction. Shows the process is painfully reminiscent of the battles in Mass Effect: Andromeda, only more dynamic and flying. What will be the result? I want to believe the best. But such a clear division between story and gameplay parts are very alarming.

Control. Metroidvania from Remedy

Developers Remedy Entertainment
Publisher 505 Games
Platform PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Release date 2019

Remedy has finally revealed its mysterious project P7 — it was the third-person shooter Control. It was unexpected to see it premiere at the Sony conference, because the Finns last ten years worked closely with Microsoft. Apparently, the experience of recent work on the crossing games and TV series were not very positive. Control is very similar to Quantum Break as a visual style and theme of the falling apart of reality, but with a bit of Psi-Ops. And the world, which the creators describe as metroidvania — the action takes place in the same building, but with new abilities and techniques you will be able to get into previously inaccessible places.

In the shown video you can see how the main character Jessie Paden researched some office space, distorted by anomalies. At least we are waiting for the adrenaline, third-person shooter with the use of various weapons and supernatural abilities. Probably in some form will appear and the puzzle. But the true choice with consequences — is unclear. But I will have the opportunity to fly in zero gravity! If only the authors reworked the shooting mechanics, and then Quantum Break in this regard was disappointing — not as much expect from the authors of Max Payne. It is hoped that a new publisher will give as much time as it takes to bring the game to perfection. Control, in the end, it is also a great opportunity for 505 Games to get into the League of publishers higher.

Cyberpunk 2077. Bright future

Developers CD Projekt RED
Publisher CD Projekt RED
Platform PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Release date 2019


Premiere of the new Cyberpunk 2077 trailer at the Microsoft conference proved to be very effective. Unfortunately, showed no gameplay, but the clip on the engine, but it is possible to draw some conclusions regarding the style of the game. William Gibson managed to Express skepticism about the visual appearance of the project. However, juicy palette should not interfere with the world of Cyberpunk 2077 to be depressing, sinking in corruption, injustice and corporate power.

The lucky people from the press were able to see almost an hour of gameplay behind closed doors. Although the wide public live gameplay showed our colleagues are not forbidden to share the details of what he saw. We are expecting a big open world game, which is reminiscent of GTA. The action takes place in a huge metropolis with thousands of scurrying to and fro citizens and dense traffic. But don’t be deceived, because Cyberpunk 2077 is first and foremost an RPG, with all the consequences: pumping, dialogue, subtle character customization, lots of equipment and nonlinearity. And cheerful (on assurances of eyewitnesses) shooting with the use of shelters and car chases on different vehicles. Adam Jensen has served on indefinite leave, and the poles can quite occupy a niche of Deus Ex.

Devil May Cry 5. The sequel, only whose?

Developers Capcom
Publisher Capcom
Platform PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Release date 2019

With the announcement of Devil May Cry 5 funny thing. Because on the first frame of the premiere of the trailer the impression that now on the stage will rise the representatives of Ninja Theory (also became an internal Studio of Microsoft, which hosted the announcement) and talk about DmC 2. Even when he pronounced the name Nero, had doubts. Only at the very end of the movie everything fell into place when the screen for a few seconds, the good old Dante, with long ash-blond hair and in his trademark red cloak.

Unfortunately, the gameplay in this video almost was not, however, shown quite enough to see great visuals, Devil May Cry 5. The game runs on the engine, Resident Evil 7, making looks just great (especially facial animation). At the moment there will be three available character. From the fourth part of the returned Nero, who is still wielding a sword Red Queen and a gun “Blue rose”. But instead of demonic hand he has a mechanical prosthetic. Will he again to scream hysterically: “Kyrie-e-e-e-e!”, it is not clear yet. About Dante no updates. And who will be the third under our control a hero — nobody knows. There’s a chance to see Virgil, however, judging by the cover, we are waiting for someone completely new.

Dying Light 2. Zombies and nonlinearity

Developers Techland
Publisher Techland
Platform PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Release date To be announced

Techland for more than three years maintains its latest hit — Dying Light, and just releases patches, and offers new content. But now the time has come for the announcement of a full-fledged sequel. Apparently, our attempts to stop the spread of the zombie virus failed, and he gradually captures the whole Earth. The trailer hints that at the time of the events of Dying Light 2 in the world there was a real Apocalypse, and society is rapidly heading in the middle ages. Firearms are almost never used, instead people in makeshift armor and carrying swords or axes at the ready to fight for survival. Times are tough, and in order to save power, the group is not averse to hold public executions.

Of course, the sequel will retain and develop all the key features of the original: parkour, intense melee, an advanced system for creating objects. But what no one expected, so is Chris Avellone in the ranks of the writers, and the branching decisions that directly affect the game world. In the published video, you need to deal with a group of people who control the water source. Depending on whether you kill them or agree, the situation in the area will change significantly. And such moments of promise hundreds of. How true this is, find out… someday. While Techland are not ready to give even a year of release, not something that date.

Gears 5. Just the gears

Developers The Coalition
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Platform Xbox One, PC
Release date 2019


At the conference, Microsoft confirmed rumors that the universe of Gears of War will be replenished as many as three new projects: mobile arcade Gears Pop!, Gears Tactics to understand what genre and, of course, a full fifth part of the simple header 5 Gears. The action takes place several years after the events of the previous issue, judging by the much-changed JD Phoenix — hero Gears of War 4. This time, however, we have to assume the role of Kate Diaz, with which we are familiar in the last number of the series. We have to figure out how she’s connected to the monsters-the locust — hostile alien race, which are usually the antagonists in the series.

The video shows several minutes of gameplay, which continues to use founded twelve years ago ideas: will have to actively use cover and sometimes rely on the help of teammates. Of course, in the old tradition you can pass the entire game either alone or in co-op. While we are waiting for new elements. For example, in one scene, it is noticeable that Kate uses a huge spiked Mace. The fourth part brings a point, but a very good change in mechanics. Gears 5, will likely go the same way. Added new types of enemies, like robots infected with a certain biomass.

About the multiplayer, which is a series too, no word yet. Although you can almost certainly expect the usual mode “Horde”. Probably details online modes the authors have in store for the August Gamescom.

Ghost of Tsushima. Beauty, blood and death

Developers Sucker Punch Production
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform PlayStation 4
Release date 2019


The Oriental theme at E3 2018 proved to be unexpectedly popular: Nioh 2, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and, of course, the delightful Ghost of Tsushima. If the first two projects are pushing the fantasy elements, Sucker Punch Productions is clearly trying to present more realistic look at feudal Japan. The action takes place on the island of Tsushima during the Mongol invasion in 1274. We get the role of Jin — samurai who is trying to repulse the enemy, relying on ancient traditions and sharp katana.

The game world is open and you are free to navigate through it. This is all that is known about the global structure of the Ghost of Tsushima. However, the gameplay demonstration has shed light on some mechanics. First we got acquainted with the combat system. The authors tried to maximize the accurate transfer of the weapons skill of a samurai, which the development has attracted experts. In battle, Jin did not make a single unnecessary movement, and every shot is aimed to kill the enemy. It is unclear how many skills will require the player himself to be good looking to duel, but looks great. Some elements of the project is clearly borrows from Assassin’s Creed. For example, the hero cleverly climbs on buildings, what helps him the hook-cat, and can quickly eliminate the enemies in the jump.

Not to mention how beautiful it looks new creation Sucker Punch Productions. Only one color scheme speaks volumes about what we find ourselves in a world completely different culture. And the scenery in the game is amazing live. As the developers say: “If something has to move in the wind, it will move”. The wind rustles the grass in the vast fields, the oppression of the branches of the trees and circling foliage. Taking off under my feet fencing heroes cherry leaves — it would seem, a trifle, but how fascinating!

Resident Evil 2. Origins

Developers Capcom
Publisher Capcom
Platform PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Release date 25 Jan 2019


Capcom finally ceased to torment in waiting and showed the audience the remake of Resident Evil 2. The basis mechanics of the fourth part and technology Resident Evil 7, but the spirit of the recognized classics not disappeared. As in 1998, we are waiting for many of the puzzles and the emphasis on survival, not action. Enough demonstrate twenty minutes of gameplay for the updated “Resident Evil 2” for many has become one of the most anticipated projects of next year. And the wait is only six months: the game will go on sale in January 2019.

The publisher continues to focus on the revival of the classic horror films, where the cornerstone was placed a thick gloomy atmosphere and survival. Only without old sores like the crooked management. The character feels great, responds accurately to commands, but tenacious zombie, coupled with the shortage of ammunition constantly kept in suspense. And the faint-hearted better stay away from the game — Resident Evil 2 does not shun violence and “meat”. Too realistic dismemberment with spilling entrails looks really creepy and scary.

Sea of Solitude. Go mad from the beauty and loneliness

Developers Jo-Mei Games
Publisher Electronic Arts
Platform PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Release date 2019

Surprisingly, the most interesting screenings at the conference Electronic Arts have become indie projects. Unravel 2 in addition, became available for purchase on the same day. But the Sea of Solitude will have to wait, and the project looks more ambitious on the adventure of a knitted doll.

Kay lives in a world which is absorbed by the ocean. The city was on the bottom of the sea, and boats were the main means of transportation. And, as if all the troubles were not enough, from nowhere appeared a bizarre and hostile creatures. Or is it just a figment of a sick imagination Kay?

The authors describe their project as an emotional journey of the heroine at the world, riddled with loneliness, which is reflected in the title. This loneliness is driving people crazy, literally turns them into monsters. Our task is not to give the Key to lose her humanity, the way of escaping from various creatures and solving puzzles. Sea of Solitude definitely stands out grotesque visual style and psychedelic episodes, which is probably born by nightmares of the heroine.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Dark deal

Developers From Software
Publisher Activision
Platform PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Release date 2019

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice — the result of an unexpected collaboration between From Software and Activision. For the publisher, which recently gets from the gaming community for Destiny 2 and Call of Duty without single mode, Sekiro is a great opportunity to improve the image. However, and for From Software’s new game is not quite typical.

At first glance, Shadows Die Twice can be reminded of Bloodborne, only in the Eastern style, not the Gothic-Victorian. However, it is important to understand that this action adventure, almost devoid of role-playing elements: the sea, nor the equipment, nor the characteristics here, and character spelled out in advance. Although the roller is easy to notice that dark signature style will not go away.

The gameplay brings back memories of the first Onimusha when it was still located in the notes of horror, and suddenly Tenchu. The protagonist in Sekiro knows how to deal with enemies unnoticed, to hide in the dark bushes, and hanging from the cliffs. Instead of a left hand he had a removable denture: in the trailer we see that a single prosthesis turns into a shield, the other turns with the axe, and the third allows you to water the enemy fire (literally). And it is certainly not a complete set of all features. However, some familiar to the developer elements will remain: death arranged some special mechanics, and boss battles resemble puzzles, where it is important to see through the tactics of the enemy and adapt to his abilities.

SpiderMan. Too much responsibility

Developers Insomniac Games
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform PlayStation 4
Release date 7 September 2018

Insomniac Games is not enough to give us the best game friendly spider-Man. Judging by the videos, doubt the promise is not necessary. None of the many projects we tried on the red and blue tights, gave such an incredible experience. Flights on the web even in the commercials are breathtaking and look incredibly smoothly. Beenox in his best years well implemented move on the web, but Insomniac Games has reached a new level.

The web is actually actively used in the process, to the extent that you can associate two completely any object — even a bandit and a passing truck which dragged the poor guy along. The goal is to make the player really feel like spider-Man, with all his incredible abilities, agility and strength. The fights look impressive and exciting, and opportunities to settle accounts with the enemy — the sea. Fists, on the web, a lot of objects around us, even the enemies — everything is in motion.

New York seems to get a really lively place, which reacts to the presence of Spider: passers-by shy away from him and point the finger, make a joint selfie and high-five. Something like that usually expect from Rockstar. Hope and Insomniac Games. At least fans of Marvel comics certainly need to stay happy. Judging by the shows story missions, we have to fight against the “Sinister six”, and the mention of prison “the Raft” tells us that the probability of occurrence and other superheroes.

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