Genre Arcade, racing
Publisher Deep Silver
Developer Codemasters
Release date 5 June 2018 release date for PC to be announced
Age limit 12 years
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Official website

The game was tested on PlayStation 4

Arcade racing that year, going on the same pattern. Let’s slap a useless open world, mandatory pumping and tuning, and screw some sob story about revenge,

and the output will get real heavy. Fortunately, Codemasters have sheltered employees closed Evolution Studios, known for Motostorm and WRC, and as these guys know a lot about adrenaline. Onrush from the first seconds of yells: “Aha-ha-ha-ha, to hell with your street racing, Eron-don-don, large maps, story and even the start line and the finish line! More likely to make wild batches!” And 100 % fulfills stated program.

Metal ball

How can that be without the usual elements? After all the hell the finish line is the main feature of this game. Here lies the trick, because the Onrush difficult to attribute to pure-blooded representatives of the genre. The game is much more reminiscent of a session shooter: the machine is five heroes with different skills, plus two teams of six people, plus boxes with cosmetic items, plus a job. And in races it is very important to interact with friends.

After all modes are based on the achievement of any goal. In one case win the six riders that will burn faster acceleration, getting points for it. In the other on a pedestal germinate those precisely pass through the gate, adding a second to a constantly counting down timer. Sometimes the difference is only a few tenths, therefore, to be distracted even for a moment fails.

To lose one tenth, a-A-a-a-A

Although I liked the other two kinds of races. In the first you need to hold out for long in moving the area. And the more allies are near, the more difficult it will be to your opponent to recapture it. However, in such races constantly is something unpredictable. Some crazy guy comes on the jeep side and immediately takes down two motorcyclists pereschelkivaya counter in favor of his team. At the last second he falls on the roof of the buggy, bringing on some time from the game, and a couple of unsuccessful rivals turns in staying behind. A few moments — and for a small piece of land again begins a desperate battle.

In the end, a furious tangle of metal, where constantly out broken machines, worn around the looped track at high speed, while the team are trying to smear each other on walls, trees or just pushed somewhere far away. Adrenaline splashing in all directions, while the heat is very reminiscent of the off-road version of Burnout 3.

In the races of the second type all start motorcycle with three lives. Crashed — reduced scale command, and you change to another heavier class of vehicles. Sometimes it works in the best traditions of Motorstorm, when the poor motorcyclist deliberately hunt a few multi-ton Mahin and he is trying to get away from them. Especially fun when you turn into the bait. What horror, when a few inches and lands a massive metal carcass and immediately tries to RAM you!

The bike quick and nimble kamikaze

The randomness of what is happening and focus on teamwork enables Onrush to avoid monotony and situations when one player pulled ahead, and the others are sadly lagging behind him a few dozen circles. In the game — except for one mode — used cunning mechanics, automatically returns strongly lagged behind or went far ahead of riders in the Inferno, so time off will not work.

Moreover, all kinds of races were specifically created with a focus on the most dense and rigid interaction between the two sides, so each race is transformed into a unique adrenaline adventure. Especially if you add up the four seasons of the year, dynamic change of weather and time of day: race may start in the afternoon, and then move smoothly into the night with a Blizzard. In such conditions visibility is in order, and lights can suddenly whip out out of the darkness not a road, and a huge boulder, ready to receive your car in their stony embrace.

Hybrid race

I mentioned in the beginning that the cars resemble the characters of team shooters. Now, each car has unique characteristics and an analogue of the “ultimate” (the absolute capacity), the energy which is necessary to accumulate. It allows for a short time to turn the car into a flying comet that destroys all in its path, and at the same time to hurt opponents or help his friends. One machine, for example, reserves the barriers that reduce the speed of the opponents, the other instantly heals allies the scale of the acceleration.

Who said Motorstorm?

Vehicles it is desirable to properly combine and change during the race. Opponents from the area is difficult to squeeze if it has a couple of cars, who can cast shields on teammates. But you can take something heavier and try to stretch the team in different directions with brute force. Fortunately, errors in selection of “soldiers” is not as critical as, say, Overwatch. The main thing — not too often to hug trees, waiting for the Renaissance for a few seconds and try to work as efficiently as possible. On the other hand, balanced the team a bit easier to pull out a victory.

Even in the Onrush of a very important flow acceleration. If Motorstorm was required to monitor the overheating of the engine and not to overdo it, we need to fly at full speed, filling scale, a variety of actions: pushing out rivals, high jumps or destroying bots. Yes, according to the map in addition to a dozen living members ride and computer dolls, but their only purpose is to fall apart after the first blow, giving valuable energy. So the more aggressive you drive, the faster you will accumulate a charge for the “ultra”.

All this fun could easily ruin by poor management, but this aspect to Onrush not to find fault. Cars respond well to rejection stick, but quick to steer a motorcycle is not as easy as a heavy jeep, confidently clinging to the track. Although a serious simulation, still not talking. Yes, and don’t need a detailed study of the behavior of the technique, it just would spoil the occasion. Ride is nice, and this is important.

At night, under bad weather conditions, to survive becomes far more difficult

Want to buy the game it is worth considering that in its current form Onrush is a basic platform for further development. There are good single player mode, where you can explore the maps, cars and just to have fun, and online races, which is enough for a few dozen hours. But cars, tracks and modes is still too little. Rating races also not yet delivered.

In exactly the same condition were run both Overwatch and Splatoon. And because of the Codemasters creations ready gorgeous gameplay based on who can hold the screen at the expense of fun and adrenaline, then it is possible safely to increase the content. Now a word for the publisher. If supplements are paid, it is unlikely that many people will want to support it, now many developers, on the contrary, refuse this scheme of monetization. If batch update is scheduled to throw from time to time for free, the game has all the chances to stay on the scene for several years.

However, even in such a basic way Onrush is the best thing that ever happened to arcade racing since Burnout 3. The developers managed to create a great adrenaline race, professionally mixing their achievements in Motostorm with the ideas of friends in the shop and, suddenly, the elements of the sessional shooters. It turned out fresh, fast-paced and incredibly fun. Fans, do not pass by.


  • an interesting hybrid of racing and ideas session shooters;
  • well-developed loops of cards, allowing all vehicles to be equal;
  • stable frame rate;
  • crazy adrenaline gameplay.


  • while the game has only four modes and not too many vehicles and tracks;
  • the need to be online to level up and get new boxes.
Graphics Almost perfect 60 fps with a huge amount of effects and cars on the road can be written to achieve the technical Department of the Studio. Not a new word in graphics technology, but Onrush in the dynamics looks quite tasty.
Sound Commentator good electronic soundtrack is good, but I miss the “fat” guitar riffs and the drive of rock/metal in high-speed games. Still, this is music to bump into each other much more than synthetic beats.
Single game The single player campaign is divided into several different competitions, and in each race there are several optional tasks. At the expense of interesting gameplay to be “alone” fun, but at the same time it will help you to settle on the slopes and try out all kinds of vehicles.
Multiplayer Actually, the modes are exactly the same as in the single, but this time with people instead of AI partners. How do you know if AI turns out crazy, then other players Onrush become very much unpredictable fun. Give rating rides!
Overall impression Onrush took the best from a dynamic arcade racing and diluted the formula elements of the session games. It turned out fresh and incredibly exciting.

Rating: 9/10

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