Genre Horror, adventure
Publisher PlayWay
Developer Madmind Studio
Minimum requirements Intel Core i3-560 3.3 GHz/Athlon Phenom II X4 805 2.5 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphics
card with 1 GB of memory and support for DirectX 9, for example NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 v2/ATI Radeon R7 240 v2 15 GB on your hard disk, Internet connection and a Steam account
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-860 2.8 GHz/Athlon FX-8120 3.1 GHz, 6 GB RAM, graphics card with 2GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti/AMD Radeon HD 7850
Release date 29 may 2018
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The game is tested on PC

There are games good are bad. With the first everything is clear, and secondly, often, discern the idea, the proper embodiment which is not enough time, experience or funds. There is a third type — the projects causing a rhetorical question: “What are you and what the purpose is at all there?” Hatred, for example, tried to go to the excessive violence, but turned into a dud. Agony went even further, promising to show all the horrors of hell in the most blatant form. With blood, guts, violence, grotesque-erotic succubi and other entertaining sketches on the theme of eternal torment. However, instead of shock Madmind project Studio is a laugh.


We all know that sinners go to caricature the red dungeon, where rivers flow of ketchup in the corners of the carefully stacked pyramids of rotting bodies, and the most guilty “happily” sit on the stakes. But why get this template? Life after death can show in many different ways, see “Jacob’s Ladder” or “Tension”. But Agony did not dare to go in the direction of allusions and metaphors, and was limited to a straight slotted head against the wall. From the first minute she pokes dismemberment, simultaneously trying to squeeze out at least some sense. At the same time trying to frighten the absurd. Not just the atmosphere or events, and the fact that in the game a damn sight. Sometimes it seems like turned off the monitor, but no, the little cursor is still there, you can go… somewhere.

Several times for completing the game tries to look good

Although Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-very rare moments the game can show interesting locations with good design, often have to Wade through confusing mazes, so dark that even pitch dark. And okay if it just needed to be dragged (and the character is really barely lagging), but no, once we have a hell, the demons walking everywhere. They give themselves away with sounds, but in black from time to time still face them nose to nose, and is similar to the following:


— Well, Hello!

— Do I have to go back to the last save?

Yeah. And while I’m om-nom-nom (indicative guts flying at the camera)

And there would have to move to another body of the Martyr or demon, because actually control the soul, able to change physical form, but a nasty bug chains to the place of death. It is impossible to fly, you have to restart from a checkpoint, and she was 15 minutes ago. If all the same luck and the character responds to key presses, I notice that a bunch of disembodied reason is not able to pass through the bushes. You’re not some ethereal, right? Conventions conventions, but not so ridiculous after all.

Generally, the Agony is simulator walk, which at the last moment hastily screwed the enemies and barely working stealth to stretch the timing. Those fiends who can’t kill a hero, one poke will only get in the way, because it does not represent no threat whatsoever and incredibly stupid. The rest of living creatures, nevertheless noticing sitting in the corner the poor guy and hit him about ten times, will gladly deal with the extraction on the spot and make us once again to Wade in the muddy, monotonous corridors.

I think it’s time to call an electrician

Though even more annoying is not it, but the lack of any interesting moments. The entire game consists of the agonizing process of trying to understand what you want from the designers. They constantly throw the character in a closed room, somewhere behind put the pesky giant spider or a two-meter trait, and further guess myself. And starts winding circles through the location in search of something: the way out of the maze of items that need the symbol to open the door. In the latter case, we have almost close to look at the wall, looking for hidden signs.

Amid all the above seems particularly ludicrous stats after each level, showing, for example, that this Chapter was a hundred (!!!) figures for the gathering. Are you serious? To collect. Hundred. Figures. In the pitch dark. In locations where one corridor is no different from the other. Thanks, of course, but you slept there or what? The same situation with multiple endings — Agony barely have enough for one pass, and only run it a few times will only become the most notorious connoisseurs of the flagellation.

Of course, to draw blood

Maybe make a game showing the abomination of the existence of sinners in hell, and cost, but not so. All in Agony, literally screaming about the fact that she barely passed the rating Committee, but the widespread dismemberment and the deliberate cruelty here are corny for the sake of dismemberment and cruelty. As if the Devil himself came to the Studio, but instead of a coherent technical specifications issued: “I Want a game about his Kingdom! Should be a lot of Boobs, butts, bodies, blood, any nasty scenes. You know, in hell, in short, draw me, quickly!” That drew. As ordered.

PS now the developers desperately patcat game: adds a control point, fix the bugs and various technical issues. Agony however it still will not help because its problems lie much deeper than the sea-level bugs and rare checkpoints is a bad game design and lack of patches will not cure.


  • perhaps the succubi. Ugly, but cute.


  • all that did not get to the merits.
Graphics It seems to be under the hood of Unreal Engine 4, but in Agony one of the most powerful and popular engines reveals the strength in the quarter. Even and light, almost none.
Sound Well, it is. And even allows you to define which side walks the demon. Nothing more on the soundtrack is not to say.
Single game Campaign story is a fascinating adventure in hell offers a dreary and routine so much senseless violence, that in half an hour you stop paying attention to another “shocking” scene. There are multiple endings and a survival mode, but the need for all this under a big question.
Multiplayer Fortunately, not provided.
Overall impression Agony like was done in defiance of the system. That prohibit excessive cruelty, and we now remove it to the max! Please, spin, but let it be meaningful and interesting, not just for the sake of bragging and desire to show how brave you are.

 Rating: 3.5/10

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Agony — save your soul.

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