Genre Roleplay, action
Publisher Focus Home Interactive
Publisher in Russia “Softklab”
Developer Dontnod Entertainment
Minimum requirements Intel Core i3-2130 3.4 GHz/AMD FX-4100 3.6 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 2GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660/AMD Radeon R7 370, 20 GB hard disk, Steam account
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-3930K 3.2 GHz/AMD Ryzen R5 1600 3.2 GHz, 16 GB
RAM, video card with support for DirectX 1 and 4 Gbytes of memory, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/AMD Radeon R9 390
Release date 5 Jun 2018
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, Xbox One, PS4
Official website

The game is tested on PC

Dontnod has established itself as a Studio that knows how to immerse the player into the atmosphere of the worlds where their stories unfold, whether it is Neo-Paris future or provincial town in the American heartland. A weakness of the project team all of the time was the gameplay. If a wonderful Life is Strange the authors pushed it to second place, focusing on the narrative, debut Remember Me at the time, went for gameplay. So the next project Dontnod —action role-playing Vampyr — I was waiting at the same time and with hope and with apprehension. If you were initially skeptical towards the project, unfortunately, is not in vain.

Red color

Jonathan reed has been to hell and back: was a field medic in the battlefields of the First world and returned home to England. Unfortunately, of all the misfortunes that befell the doctor, the war was far from the terrible event. On the streets of London, the raging epidemic of Spanish flu, leaving in the evening from home, lost in the misty recesses.

I banish you, unholy one!

Night walk and Jonathan turns deadly. But instead of rest in peace, he comes among mountains of corpses, with a terrible thirst that can satisfy but the blood. Barely repulsed from nowhere who took the hunters on evil spirits, Dr. Reid begins to learn its new identity and sets out in search of the creation that turned the hero into a creature of the night. Yes, the word “vampire” among the local bloodsuckers are not honored. So ignorant people call all the owners of sharp fangs, but actually they are divided into several castes.

Agony — the highest layer of the night companies. These aristocrats are closer to the classic vampire as portrayed by Bram Stoker or Anne rice. If you are a fan of the universe of World of Darkness, the word “Ventre” is very eloquent. They even have their own club where women are not allowed. Dorks! Other castes — outcasts: mutilated Scully and the vampire beasts (not werewolves!) bulkogi.

In contrast to the same Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines, where we could choose a clan Vampyr everything is predetermined. Jonathan pay in ekona, that can simultaneously be part of the world and people, and vampires. While Dontnod has its own mythology, in common with brethren of other works from the local bloodsuckers is: they fear sunlight, garlic and aspen stake in the heart. However, this does not kill the vampire on the spot, and only weakens. All the complexity of their deaths that they very quickly heal the wounds.

According to the found notes.

But we all know that they just have a strip of lives longer than humans.

Dr. reed can make a proper diagnosis, even a cursory examination of the body

As before, Dontnod and this time managed to create a world that I want to know. The study notes found in the process of passing, will allow you to compile a complete picture of the history of vampirism. We will meet the representatives of all the castes and find out their views on their family and colleagues. The story develops gradually, but almost does not SAG, if not overly distracted by secondary activities. Skillfully constructed intrigue makes you want to know what all will end. Suppose that in the end, the plot is not enough stars in the sky, but it is logically organized, answers all questions and, in General, is the only reason you probably pass Vampyr to the end.

All events are unfolding in London. And I must give credit to Dontnod, the capital of England came from her damn atmospheric. Last but not least thanks to an original and disturbing soundtrack by Olivier Deriviere, who worked on the sound in Remember Me and Alone in the Dark (2008). The action takes place in four districts: Ambroksol hospital, Whitechapel, West end and Port. Each of them, the assurances of creators, created by old photographs and archival materials. Dark streets, a Gothic Cathedral, impoverished communities, and posh mansions — Vampyr cleverly puts various architectural touches to sheet.

Faceless alleys

Unfortunately, this world does not seem alive. London is strictly divided into safe zones and hostile territory. All the people, which is logical, try to stay away from the riots. And it is strange that the majority believes all evil folly. It is literally to peek over the fence, and there a few rocks to devour the corpse of the neighbor. However, self — deception is also a way of protection.

Special vision light the blood and beating heart. Still active subjects were allocated…

Each of the more than fifty characters is a complete person with their history, mystery and imagination. And sometimes even with additional instruction in his bosom. Residents of the city is a special pride for Dontnod. In all presentations, the authors did not miss the opportunity to boast that Vampyr no nameless NPC and they are all important to the narrative. However, anyone can be killed, which invariably will affect the world. All true… to a certain extent. If you want to unleash the full potential of the vampire Jonathan getting my hands dirty is necessary, because innocent blood brings the greatest experience. For comparison: for a victory in battle over the hunter will give you five experience points, and for the murder of a citizen a few thousand!

Many people working in small social groups of two or three people. One — family, other — best friends, others just got together in the mess. If someone is in a “cell” is killed, the associated characters really react: there are new lines in the dialogues or even played for more scenes. But that’s all. Really important is not the fate of individual personalities, and dry a figure showing the “health” of the district.

The health of residents also affects this indicator. Each night, they get sick, and you, as a doctor, must carry them medicine. But how to find the right person at times problematic, and the open world even modest size is too lazy to cut circles without any quick movement, such a bypass quickly becomes routine. Healthy blood will ultimately bring you more experience, but is the game worth the candle?

Sometimes Vampyr mesmerizing

The authors lead you by the nose, create the illusion of the importance of committed action. They want you to suffer moral dilemmas. Because the resulting experience is affected and how you know the person. The idea is that it must be difficult to decide to murder a good friend, which you probably even have time to help. The first time really think so. And then I realize that no matter who you kill: the poor boy with a mental disorder, maniac or the leader of the gang — Vampyr will warn you: “Your actions have been detrimental to the district.” It is important the number of dead and healthy. A simple correlation of numbers that will define the monologue in the epilogue.

It’s a shame that the entire role-play is mostly a screen that does not affect gaming experience. For example, to recognize a resident of London, you need him to talk extensively, to make inquiries of others, to find related items, and notes. The more you know about the person, the more additional replicas in open dialogue with him. But again, no affect. Do not open additional opportunities for passing his personal quest will not change his behavior or attitude towards you.

The real difference is one — if the health of an area falls below a certain point, all the residents lost, and taken additional jobs will fail. Know how it will affect the main plot? No way. Except that a pair of replicas. You can lose thus all four districts, but it does not change the course of history, and plot important characters very prudently not included in the list of London residents. Or invulnerable to a certain point. After all, to suck the blood out of the man, it is necessary to hypnotize, and different characters to such effects is resistance. Your ability to cloud the mind only grows in the plot. So leash your inner bloodsucker release dosed in strictly defined moments.

Vampire abilities very effective. And effective

The only exception is the so-called “pillars” of the district. They are important people, which really depends on the situation in the district. Even here, the extracted information about their past becomes important — there is an option at the fateful moment when the writers will oblige you to make a decision. And again sorry, as if you do, most likely, for the area it will end in tears. After all, even a custom action that opens under certain conditions, can have the same effect as available by default. So what’s the point of such action?

Military duty

Despite the peaceful profession, the war had taught Jonathan to fight with the enemy. He skillfully holds both cold and small arms. Vampire powers obtained after the bite, further increasing the Arsenal of techniques. However, for pumping or have to kill innocent people or try to do all the side activity, regularly hand out medications and discover all the possible replicas. Experience points for bloodless passage will be enough to test most abilities, although it is unlikely you can pump them to the maximum. However, it does not matter, since any fight to come out a winner is relatively easy.

The combat system is vaguely reminiscent of Bloodborne, well, or The Witcher 3, only with far fewer opportunities. Arms a little, and almost no matter what to swing — a hammer, a saw or a sword. All the difference is mainly in the additional effects. For example, two-handed club, where you can stun and fend off the enemy’s attacks, is a clear argument in your favor in any battle. The recipe for victory is simple: bounce from enemy attack, apply a few retaliatory strikes, and so on to the bitter end. The presence of special abilities is much closer to its approach.

The epidemic epidemic, and tea in England, always on schedule

Not to say that the fight came out very faded. They just lack diversity. Types of enemies are few, what kind of special treatment they require. Some have good resistance to shadow damage, others — fire, but the overall picture does not change. Bounce, hit, bounce, ability, shot. Again and again, over two dozen hours.

The weapons definitely need to improve, what to spend resources scattered in the streets of London. Need workbenches are in shelters, where we create products for residents and serum for myself. And only here you can distribute experience points in various abilities. At the same time, the city squandered until the next night, and only at this point modest the consequences of all your actions occur in the game world. At the same time increases the level of enemies to become your. I don’t have time to test the new game, but there is a suspicion that if you do not sleep and therefore not pumped, no one will get sick, and the enemies never become stronger. Can try for yourself.

* * *

In Vampyr, there is a lot of interesting ideas and the rudiments of the original mechanic. However, the distinct features of the project for the most part turn into a skillful imitation or shadow of the original ideas. But underneath all that atmospheric, but average by all standards, role-playing, shooter, spiced with interesting history.


  • a fascinating story, cleverly maintaining the suspense;
  • atmospheric London;
  • written more than fifty individuals, each with a skeleton in the closet.


  • important, not the fate of the characters, and dry statistics;
  • your “solutions” often lead to the same disastrous results;
  • medical debt and the execution of secondary tasks — annoying, but unavoidable routine.
Graphics Vampyr — stylish game. London looks dark and gloomy, but it turns into gray mush. Vampire abilities are spectacular, but the faces and animations are not enough elaboration.
Sound Atmospheric soundtrack create a truly unsettling mood.
Single game Average by all standards, action role-playing with the illusion of the importance of choice. And only the verified history about vampires-aristocrats go to the passage.
Multiplayer Not provided.
Overall impression Dontnod continues to experiment with genres and entourage. She, as always, managed to come up with an interesting world, but the fun gameplay still not given.

Rating: 6,5/10

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