The head part of the holding of units of the Alphabet to develop technologies for Autonomous driving Waymo John Krafcik (John Krafcik, pictured below) said Saturday at a meeting of the National automobile dealers Association (National Automobile Dealers Association, NADA) in Las Vegas that the company’s technology would have prevented the accident that occurred last week with the Uber self-propelled vehicle that hit the pedestrian.

“We Waymo there is a high confidence that our technology

will be able to cope with this situation,” said Krafcik, referring to the case when the pedestrian crosses the street at night.

Fatal accident on March 18 in Tempe (Arizona) raised questions about the safety of Autonomous technologies in General and about the specifics of the system of Autonomous driving Uber, which is known not so much.

Currently the investigation of a road incident, during which the test car, Uber moving in the night in offline mode, hit and killed a woman crossing a highway with a Bicycle nearby.

When developing self-driving technology since 2009 and with more than 5 million miles (8,04 million km), overcome her robomobile tests on public roads, Waymo has extensive experience and significantly ahead of its competitors in this area.

The company intends in the coming months to expand in the Phoenix (AZ), taxi service using a fully self-driving cars without driver, planning to significantly expand later this program.


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