CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment John Kodera (John Kodera) expressed his opinion about the future of the PlayStation brand and mentioned that he thinks about Sony and portable gaming.

Speaking with Bloomberg, the Coder did not agree with his predecessor Andrew House (Andrew House) on portable systems such as the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita, which, in the opinion of the house is limited on a global scale. The coder is not sure that the failure of the idea of portable

gaming devices is the ultimate solution Sony.

“In my opinion, instead of separate portable gaming console from, you must continue to think of him as one of the ways to deliver more impressions and explore what our players want from [portable] — said Encoder in an interview with Bloomberg. — We want to consider several options.”

Andrew house at the time was quite firm in his belief that the low popularity of the PlayStation Vita and the decline of the Nintendo 3DS compared to DS means that the portable market is dead outside of Japan. But, it seems that the Encoder is much more open towards him.

On the Internet there are some rumors about the created Sony hybrid Nintendo console in the manner of a Switch, but rather, they are simply the desires of the fans, and not evidence of development. The Coder avoided to associate your comments with the Switch, but when considering the chances of a portable market without regard to it anywhere.

At the moment Sony has an internal initiative for mobile games called ForwardWorks, which the company launched two years ago, though still she did not provide any major hits.


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