Genre Adventure
Publisher Square Enix
Publisher in Russia missing
Developers ThroughLine Games
Minimum requirements Intel Core i3-530 2.93 GHz/AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4 GHz, 3 GB RAM, graphics card with support for DirectX 9.0 C and 512 MB memory e.g., NVIDIA GeForce GT 630/AMD Radeon HD 4870, 12 GB hard disk, Steam account
Recommended requirements Intel Core i3-2125 3.3 GHz/AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz, 4GB RAM,
graphics card with support for DirectX 9.0 C and 1GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650/AMD Radeon HD 5850
Release date May 15, 2018
Age limit 12 years
Platform PC, Xbox One, PS4
Official website

The game is tested on PC

With Forgotton Anne I met at Gamescom 2017, and was so impressed that he included a modest adventure in the list of the most interesting projects of the exhibition along with mastodons like The Evil Within 2 and Assassin’s Creed Origins. If you like anime in General and the works of Hayao Miyazaki in particular, it would have done the same. Only I forgot to take into account what little the painting the Maestro could be an exciting game.

The game forgot!

Forgotton Anne fascinates at first sight. Each of us suddenly remembered something forgotten many years ago, any attempt to find that nothing quoted. So these things have waited a long, lounging out of business, but ultimately fell into the Forgotten lands — the land of lost things. There lives Anna with a mentor, to whom all respectfully addressed as “master Bonk”.

With a mentor we will communicate exclusively through a special mirror

Despite the fairy-tale overtones, the events immediately take a steep turn. The heroine wakes up in the night by a series of explosions. Agree immediately that “thing” is an intelligent creature in this world (adequate translation for the term “forgotling” I never came up). It turns out that part of the forgotten things is not satisfied with the local laws, and they bring confusion in the established order. Before us is the case when you deliberately blurred the introductory part plays into the hands of narrative. Becoming genuinely interested — on what can do to make things?

Pretty quickly we learn that the entire population works for the construction of the Essential bridge by which you can get back to the real world, and again become inanimate objects, but necessary. Most of the time Forgotton Anne tries unobtrusive, entertaining way to talk about this very desire to be needed by someone.

A touching story that is understandable to both adults and children, full of memorable and charismatic characters. In the first minutes we meet scarf-rebel, nervous lamp Tiffany and boots Right which misses Left. The authors cleverly picked up the characters of animated objects, making every second dialogue was a sincere smile. Say thank you and high-quality voice acting. Thanks to her, the images turned out even slightly exaggerated (which is only the local Sheriff is jumping the gun a Magnum), but in this case it plays to the benefit of the General atmosphere.

At least once in the history of video games train trip ended without incident?

However, the first, obvious meaning is a more complicated subtext. Forgotton Anne — a pretty serious statement on freedom of will of every rational being. How ethical person to put themselves above the objects that are endowed with the same mind, feelings, dreams? Anna in the Forgotten lands does the job of judge and executioner in one person. Cute girl with the help of special gloves can with one hand to suck from things all the life energy the anima. And no remorse, it’s just stuff, right?

The decision whether to “drain” if the next creation, often lies with you. The story of Anne Forgotton partly non-linear and sometimes makes a choice: to solve the next problem in the rude way or to find a less obvious way. And although the ending is determined only by the latest decision, the character of Anna is being formed as it passes. And the consequences of your actions you will definitely backfire at some point.

On the use of gloves and tied almost all of the local puzzle, which is not very much. They are basically divided into three types: charge the battery for anime, turning the taps so that anima sapitula need a mechanism, or to play a variation of tag. Sometimes the project is trying to pretend to be a platformer, but makes this not the best way: management lacks responsiveness, which is why sometimes it is difficult to calculate the jump correctly, and the animation too Jumpy. As a consequence, such cells are deprived of smoothness.

Using gloves stops time and highlights all the objects working on the anime

Inconsistent rhythm — is the scourge Forgotton Anne. It feels too constricted, especially in the second half. Some times it seems that for the final, but it is not. Although the feeling it is time to put an end. Some moments, perhaps to explain and not worth it. History of Anna and the master of the Bonk is far from unique, so it is unclear why only these two were in a Forgotten land.

Too often on the screen almost nothing happens, only the character runs from one side to the other. Very revealing episode: Anna sleeps in the boat, slowly moving by sea against the clear blue sky. And there is nothing. Exactly. For several painfully long minutes. Anna sleeps. The boat slip. All.

Sometimes it seems that ThroughLine Games so deliberately mocks. I never would have thought that the stairs can be so slow to rise or descend. And you know what? There is an achievement for overcoming a certain number of steps! Just kidding! And whose idea was it to take away the ability to scroll the dialogue? Understand correctly, they are well written and perfectly voiced. Only reading subtitles still faster, and the next sentence will have to wait. And wait. And wait. This is not a serious obstacle on the first pass, but if you want to replay any episode, get ready to listen again. But they say here a lot.

Each background in the game is detailed and perfectly captures the feeling of “depth”

* * *

In the end, you cannot escape the feeling that Forgotton Anne was perceived to be much brighter in a full-length anime. The developers have not come up with enough variety and interesting puzzles and platforming elements were not able to make smooth and rhythmic. The nonlinearity of the choices that actually meant something, the only thing that gives meaning to clothe Forgotton Anne in the form of the game.


  • wonderful visuals in the spirit of Studio Ghibli;
  • interesting story with a “double bottom”, where you can form the character of the heroine;
  • charismatic characters;
  • cleverly written and well-voiced dialogue…


  • … which you can’t skip, even if you want;
  • the overall feeling of the slowness, both in plot and in gameplay.
Graphics Detailed panache in the spirit of Japanese animation creates a unique atmosphere of the world of the forgotten things. Slightly spoils the picture only a few clumsy animation.
Sound Beautiful iridescent melodies piano set a nice background, and the actors literally breathe life into their characters, even if it is only things.
Single game Not the worst but not the best representative of adventure platformers. The gameplay is, rather, a justification for a fascinating story.
Multiplayer Not provided.
Overall impression Forgotton Anne is a beautiful and smart tale. But it should be a game, as the creators seem to have forgotten. Besides, sometimes I get the impression that her artificially stretched — just for the sake of increasing duration.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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Forgotton Anne

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