Genre Interactive movie
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertaiment
Developer Quantic Dream
Release date 25 may 2018
Age limit 18 years
Platform PlayStation 4

Once David cage doing unique projects. Fahrenheit, even if it was a short circuit in the final, memorable unusual for the time gameplay, and Heavy Rain for all its inconsistencies severely beat on the senses. Then Telltale Games and others picked up the

banner and put interactive movie on stream, greatly reducing the value and quality of these games is infinite or obsolete consumer goods. And indeed Quantic Dream failed with the failed Beyond: Two Souls. Worthy replacement to the works of French never appeared (at least in the big-budget segment) — well, except that the guys from Supermassive Games unexpectedly shot with Until Dawn, but it was an isolated case.

Streaming “the movie” so tight “jade” concept, Detroit: Become Human inertia can be attributed to the total mass. But it would be a mistake, because the story of the androids turned out to be not just a good interactive movie, but also the best “Quantico”.

System status: running

Detroit, 2038. Mankind has seriously moved forward in terms of technology and created for himself a new toy — androids. Handy when machines can work 24/7. Most of the workers or the worker. Out of order — fixed. Broke — bought a new one. As a smartphone, computer, any other consumer electronics. You can treat them like anyone, still don’t feel anything! It does not matter what get led head — and assistants already indistinguishable from humans.

Night, rain, elegant lighting

Arguments about the dangers of AI for humanity has stepped into a new stage. Some do not see artificial intelligence nothing wrong, while others consider it a serious threat. What if the Android, which is every night frustrated because of their own problems, suddenly give change, but will not silently watch as its been taken apart? Has he not the right, or the first law of robotics will keep it? What will test the machine itself, when suddenly disobeys orders and, still, will kill its living host?

Detroit: Become Human is all about. About the androids, who are faced with a completely strange phenomenon for themselves — to be independent. Slaves, obediently fulfill any orders, and personalities, with their own views and opinions. We, the people once again fail to understand this. We tend to destroy what seems to us strange or uncomfortable. As the Spanish colonialists massacred the civilization of the Maya, like other Europeans mercilessly destroyed the native Americans, and machines that happen to face the same fate. The only question is how many are angry and they will not start against us an open war in response to the genocide of tens of thousands of colleagues.

Convenient to be the Android system will tell you how best to proceed

On the other hand, by 2038, humanity deeper into crisis. With the advancement of technology, many have lost their jobs — androids corny better fulfill heavy tasks, it is better remembered, better cared for the sick. But should we blame a harmless machine that society could not adapt to the changed reality? Become Human shows the near future, amazingly scary and plausible. Already, the shadow of automation looming over many of the usual occupations, and when computers will become humanoid, who knows where it will lead.

If I live?

Blow, another blow, girls scream. The program embedded in the memory, fails from contradictory data: the machine has already managed to make friends with the child and wants to protect her, but the owner ordered to stand still. An important order… important… but what is it inside? The desire to help following? But I can’t! Or is it the phone makes a step to freedom, makes the second. Now he is responsible for his actions.

Perhaps the first deviants (those who choose to live independently) among the machines appeared because of our cruelty towards them. Or someone specifically put into the program a workaround. Anyway, the three main characters Become Human there are no people, because it is not the history of our species. Connor, Marcus and Kara — androids to the last screw. But what they will become is up to you. It’s a shame, but despite the gorgeous short film, storyline girl proved to be the most boring and straightforward. But two other ways full of different events to the eyeballs.

Virtual operator constantly provides exciting camera angles

Marcus is prepared to stand at the head of the liberation movement, and to act differently. To threaten, to frighten, to destroy, showing the superiority of AI over mankind. Or try to resolve the situation through peaceful demonstrations. How people will react to the March of thousands of cars and what is the result? Sometimes it is hard to resist not to grab the gun.

Detective Connor on the contrary, too the right of the top, received the mission: by any means necessary to find and destroy deviants. However, even this resistant can be persuaded and “humanize”, especially when the partners went to a seasoned investigator with a fondness for alcohol and the desire to put a bullet in the head. However, I never got to make friends with the sarcastic type. My Android was just a soulless machine, which sets the goal above all else, but that doesn’t mean the same it will be you.

In General, the beauty of Detroit: Become Human in that it is due to the forks allows you to mold the characters what you think is right. Information and items that you find at the locations, open new branches, in dynamic scenes the game uses simple but effective technique, letting go of the important decisions a hell of a lot of time. You have to act impulsively.

Hide and seek — a very nervous and tense

Therefore, the first passage is most vivid and memorable. And although you can roll back to any point but to replay the scene (thanks to a detailed chart after each Chapter), I would not recommend to do that. You will leave feeling that the past will not return. If wrong, then move on, it will be interesting to see how this will result in the end. My Detroit has become a drama about unfulfilled dreams and the loss of loved ones. Something I noticed, somewhere was stupid, not smart enough, but that’s what I did an interactive movie a very vivid and emotional. After the final credits I’d like to see other variants of development of events, but feeling already a few not the same — history is imprinted in the mind, became his close.

Although David cage would not be itself, if the game was not a couple of blunders and controversial episodes, created purely for the sake of emotion. If you went through the demo, you probably noticed that Android, which you can’t use a gun, takes the gun right in front of the operative. Or, say, blood from her clothes suddenly disappear between the heads, although to change clothes and wash it anywhere. The overall picture does not spoil, but such moments are sometimes still evident. The finals also turned out to be too open, with hints of a sequel. Still after with the characters through fire and water, I want to see a bit more detail in their lives and not a sudden credits.

Marcus does not know that he will in the future

Besides, the game returned control scheme from Heavy Rain, where you need a stick to write out the pretzel in the manner of Street Fighter, but at the same time periodically to yank the controller from side to side. Not too convenient when the camera movement and interaction with objects tied to one key — try getting at the right thing, especially in tight spaces. And a couple of game mechanics causing issues. The androids are able to scan areas for evidence and calculate their actions in advance, if you need to move in parkurom style. When doing this for the first time, due to the newness of what is happening, everything looks great, but then the same thing repeats. Though not often, but still a little annoying.

Detroit: Become Human due to the dominance of base games of this genre do not manage to surprise the mere fact that this “interactive movie”. The new creation of Quantic Dream takes the other. It’s a grim picture of the near future, where several of the characters, when faced with the unexpected freedom, trying to understand what they should do next. Trying to find your way in a cruel world where no one understands. Perhaps in the end will be put to death. Perhaps the triumph. Fulfilled hopes or crashed on the harsh reality of the dream. Tears. Joy. Whatever the result, Detroit is worth it to go through it at least once. Ten amazing hours in the year 2038 will be remembered, believe me.

In Detroit a very attractively designed main menu. In fact, it’s your personal Android that will welcome you to explain the meaning of each of the items… and to ask different questions. Very unusual, but the car as it passes and will have to respond to events in the game! More such ideas.

A very tricky question. You could?


  • Detroit — the best of Quantic Dream projects in terms of staging and cinematography;
  • the three-story branch tell three very different stories;
  • interesting and quite plausible view of our near future;
  • the game has a lot of forks, so your passing will surely differ from passing the other. Of course, if you don’t think exactly the same.


  • waving the controller and the writing Karakul stick uncomfortable, especially when it’s hanging camera control;
  • storyline Kara is weaker than the other two;
  • the mechanics of scanning objects have time to get bored;
  • an open ending leaves a feeling of incompleteness.
Graphics Detroit looks good, especially in regard to the study of individuals, lighting and animation. But too confused semilunate at far distances. Whether an art course, or trick to improve performance.
Sound Music turned out not so touching like in Heavy Rain. However, the composition is entertaining and always sound at the right time.
Single game Three stories of Detroit talks about the world of the near future and explores a plethora of themes, from racism to domestic violence. However, the most important is that it is perfectly possible to put the player in the place of Android. What will you do in the mechanical body — it is already up.
Multiplayer Not provided.
Overall impression Detroit: Become Human represents the prediction of the future with widespread automation and the almost inevitable unemployment. Emotional story about the cruelty of the world, gaining freedom and the price you have for this freedom to pay. And just the best game Quantic Dream.

Rating: 8,5/10

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Detroit: Become Human

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