Genre Shooter
Publisher Activision
Publisher in Russia Activision
Developer Bungie
Minimum requirements Intel Core i3-3250 3.5 GHz/AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz, 6 GB RAM, graphics card with support for DirectX 11 and 2GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660/AMD Radeon HD 7850, 4
0 GB hard disk
Recommended requirements Intel Core i5-2400 3.1 GHz/AMD R5 Rysen 1600X 4.0 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 4 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/AMD Radeon R9 390
Release date 8 may 2018
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Official website

The game was tested on PlayStation 4

Additions to Destiny that are included with season tickets, every time disappoint even the most ardent fans of the series. Debut the expansion to the first part offered a mediocre RAID, part of which it was easier to go alone, and not six of us, and the second DLC RAID did not exist. In the sequel, the situation has not changed: Curse of Osiris upset the monotonous mechanics and nightmarish story, not told anything new about one of the most interesting characters in the universe of Destiny. And the second addition includes far better content.

Bright spots

Warmind (“Military mind” in Russian localization), as well as past DLC doesn’t introduce a lot of new characters — most of the actors we know for a long time. Hunter Ana Bray, who became a key character additions, is familiar with the first part, albeit in the form of a tiny biography with the name. She participated in the creation of artificial intelligence “Rasputin”, which is in danger — awakening an ancient army of the Hive seeks to destroy it.

Ana Bray — seems to be an interesting character, but too little

In terms of plot the developers, again, nothing, but at least visible attempts to make a decent campaign. Let all the missions and traversed in an hour and a half, but the direction of movement of the right — introduced a new mechanic (fire spear that you can throw at enemies, dealing massive damage) and added in two missions good bosses. The narrative is thus strongly affected as the events unfold too rapidly and disclosed that no one hero can’t keep up. But fun to play.

The Mars Warmind turned out better than mercury from the Curse of Osiris — at least due to the various zones and the absence of analogue of the “Endless forest”. If you were waiting for new opponents, you will be disappointed — there are those creatures of the Hive, as before, only now they are decorated with cryolite and make sounds of cracking ice at the point of death. Get ready again to fight with running at full speed slaves, knights, who put up the shields at the first danger, “laser” ogres, flying mages, and hanging in the air riceroni. The soldiers of the Hive somehow bored not as much as vexy, so yawn of boredom you will hardly. Especially if back in Destiny 2 after a long break.

A distinctive feature of Mars is the large number of collectible items. Some of them are scattered throughout the map and require a special approach — one to shoot certain weapons, and others do are activated only with the new spears. All of them 45, for being all a reward in the form of exotic bike-Sparrow, and 35 give a good sword. This is reminiscent of the search for the “dead” ghosts in the last game of the series — sometimes they are in places where they would never look. There is also a quest for the fulfillment of which give the Sleeper weapons Simulant from the first Destiny. And one more task divided into several stages, and some day I will get the exotic rifle — even more reason to run the game for several weeks.

Beautiful locations here than in the last DLC

A long way

In other words, the developers wanted to make the addition of “long-playing” to the audience is not dispersed after a couple of days. Therefore, the leveling here is too slow — the normal way you will quickly reach the light at 340 (345 with modifications), but after that the situation will become complicated, as the gap between 345 and 385 (maximum possible) is huge. Ways to get high-quality equipment not so much: weekly tests (which one) RAID and Tested Nine. Periodically you will notice that from engrams begin to fall things a little better, but at some point you will hit a wall and will have to wait for weekly updates tests. In General, if the indicator lights are important for you, then you are going to play very long.

There is another way to spend my time — the passage of the open activities “Escalation Protocol” on Mars. Thanks to this innovation, the planet becomes much more lively than all the other locations in a shooter. What is happening reminds Archon”s Forge of Destiny: Rise of Iron, only the action takes place not in a separate area, but right in the open. The event will be a real challenge for all participants: a lot of enemies, the bosses are too strong to die too easy. All this is clearly designed not for a team of three players and the broader membership to land on planet not here. Now the fans are the entire instructions explaining how you can start the event with nine men, but similar stuff that we were doing about four years ago — it is the time for Bungie to make the process more convenient!

RAID the lair is also quite good. Its main disadvantages include overexposed design locations (for the third time to be on the “Leviathan”, even in the new rooms, not very interesting) and the boss only in the final — before falling to him will once again solve puzzles. The boss battle was the most complex in the history of Destiny, and unprepared teams have spent on his passing much more time than usual. The first group completed the den after seven o’clock, and it was longtime fans of the shooter, an average user probably still have problems with the last stage. Designers should be praised for ingenuity, but the idea of a lair in the future, better to leave behind.

Mars is another planet where sometimes you have to protect satellites

Bungie wouldn’t be Bungie if the new addition was not without absurd solutions that will fix the patches only after the public outrage. And it is not even about the fact that two new RAID is an advanced version of the existing story missions, and the third is exclusive to PlayStation 4. The fact that the heroic raids have complicated — there are additional modifiers and dangerous enemies — but the rewards do not match this complexity. You will drop things with 340 units of light, which is ridiculously low — the same equipment can be obtained in any other mode, with less effort. Therefore, from heroic raids yet no good there.

But the very existence of modifiers is a step in the right direction, and they became available to all players with the release of the major patch. The update has brought to the shooter the ability to change all four gestures in the inventory, greatly improved or reworked exotic weapons, increased the size of the store, added various seasonal grades, and more. In PvP there are closed now matches that in the sequel somehow not moved initially, although in the first Destiny they were. PvP itself remains eerily dull as strikers together on one succeed more often than those who try to fight alone, but by autumn, expect some changes. Not just because in the recent “Iron banner” allowed to play in teams of 6 people, like in the good old days.


Despite some positive aspects, Warmind remains through a Supplement that will not have a significant effect on the interest of the players to the second part. The content is there, but it is artificially distended, as in some kind of shareware projects, but the amount is not impressive. Wait till the autumn when will be released a major addition for $40 — not so long ago, Bungie gathered in the office of the streamer Destiny 2 and find out what they want and why some of them quit the game. They say developers really want to fix it, but why do they need to do this, prompting a group of fans — is not entirely clear.

If you already made the mistake of buying the season pass, you will probably spend in the Warmind some interesting evenings. All the rest can not pay attention to this release — though this add-on and better than Curse of Osiris, to recommend it to the purchase is still difficult.


  • good boss battles in the campaign;
  • good RAID-lair;
  • excellent location on Mars — with the secrets and fun entertainment.


  • crumpled story;
  • old enemies even “in disguise” are old enemies;
  • stretched bleeding and the inability to consistently develop a character even in heroic raids;
  • new raids — extended versions of story missions.
Graphics Artists and designers are once again great did the job — Mars looks much better than mercury, and various locations a lot more. But repainted in different colors enemies cause irritation.
Sound This time the music to compliment not — among songs, nothing memorable. The characters sounded great.
Single game Story missions, as well as adventures on Mars, you can go for a few hours. After that — to go and complete exotic quests, find secrets and to spend time in PvP or useless heroic stranah. On some evenings content enough.
Multiplayer As before, to complete missions and quests is much more fun with friends. With them you can go into the new RAID, the lair, which turned out pretty good. That’s just want your mates to download again long deleted Destiny 2?
Overall impression If you already have a season ticket, spend a couple of nights on new content worth it, because some assignments turned out very exciting. But buy this DLC at full price just not worth it.

Rating: 6/10

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Destiny 2: Warmind

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