Genre Adventure, action
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Publisher in Russia Microsoft
Developer Undead Labs
Minimum requirements Intel Core i5-2500 3.3 GHz/AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 2GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760/AMD Radeon HD 7870, 16 GB hard disk, Microsoft account, Windows 10
Recommended requirements Intel Core i5-4570 3.2 GHz/AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz, 16 GB RAM,
video card with support for DirectX 11 and 2GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960/AMD Radeon R9 380
Release date 22 may 2018
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, Xbox One
Official website

Game tested on Xbox One X

In a review of the first part, I wrote that State of Decay is a good basis for a truly great game. So the sequel was awaited with anticipation. Five years of work, the creators probably had to study all the problems of the project and to make a sequel better in every way. Right? Really? Well-at…

A new beginning

Since the outbreak of the zombie virus half a year has passed. All attempts to contain the infection failed. The protagonist and her partner arrive on a military base, where instead of the brave soldiers discover a hotbed of the living dead. It turns out that another camp had fallen, but the inhabitants at least have time to evacuate and resettle in the surrounding area. Their example is followed by the characters, along the way taking in the company of the warrior and doctor.

Welcome to Zombieland!

Gasoline in the machine where we are in time washed away from the hordes of zombies, only to the nearest town. And then there’s another bit of particularly dangerous the body, and an urgent need to treat fever. In General, the time to stop and find permanent shelter. Spacious country house tucked under the arm very well — a great chance to relax and live with a roof over my head. At least for some time.

Unlike the first part, which with varying success tried to combine survival and full-fledged storyline, the sequel focuses only on how to stretch out until the next day. More precisely, to concentrate forces on you. Instead of sequential tasks in front of you there is one global goal — to clear the neighborhood from so-called “bloody hearts” sources as the “blood” plague. From these vile growths, usually occupying half of the room, in all directions scatter the spores, which become zombies plague: the eyes become red, and the desire to suck the marrow of living of people increases manifold. If this has bitten you several times, the character might be carrying the plague. Conventional medicine is powerless then we should prepare a special antidote, and as soon as possible.

All this we learn in the first hour of the game, through which we are conducting unobtrusive tutorial. And after we leave it free in one of the territories. Locations here are a few, and in some of them the game will throw you — only a matter of chance. On a thorough study of each card, you can easily spend a dozen hours. However, once you get bored in one area, you can collect all your belongings and go conquer the neighboring countryside.

As you begin to shoot the heart, around immediately materialized dozen zombies. The game does not shun dirty tricks

The old rules

Familiar with the first part immediately understand what was happening. The process is globally divided into two parts: the study of neighborhoods with associated extraction of resources and the construction of the base. In fact, after the entry into State of Decay 2 lost the concept of “hero”. Housing is home to a community where everyone contributes to the common cause. You can possess any character, from whose face would like to play.

First, the selection is small, but over time you will cling newcomers. Just remember that each of them is another mouth to feed, which you want to allocate and a bed. So make the community every counter — not the best idea. In the harsh world of survival of the one who is able to adapt, so should give preference to people with useful skills. And constantly work on improving.

Options for the resettlement of asylum became more. The buildings are of several types — some are for resource production, others for making items, and others help to raise the wounded. Each building can be improved by hanging additional equipment that you find in the field. For maximum effectiveness is to bring water and electricity.

Construction in full swing. Don’t trip on the corpses!

In the first house where we will settle, free space is almost none. To expand, you will need to find a roomier and precious resources on expansion leaves a lot. So I have to go on runs and ransack the abandoned building, trying not to attract the attention of the walking corpses. Here we have Dead Rising, so even five of the dead are a threat. And thinks to shoot them with a shotgun — the noise of running a dozen. One to fend off a gang is difficult, so you should take a partner from the base. Together much easier.

If you really want to kick dead, it is better to join forces with friends or random players. In the sequel, appeared co-op, which players have asked since the first part. On the one hand, you can initially gather a group, or in the manner of Dark Souls to call for backup through the menu (well, or to go to someone for help). Cooperative play makes much more sense specializations of the characters. All can and hand to hand to fight, and shoot with any weapon, but each character has a certain tendency: one is better in driving and gentler turns with the gas pedal (the car is less “eats”), another well-aimed sniper, whose bullet pierces through multiple targets, and the third resilient and effectively holding back the crowd, sweeping blows of the hammer.

To bribe the authority

State of Decay 2 tries to give the player bored and constantly throws up additional tasks. They all, however, very simple. This files most often have to help any survivors or the whole group. Podsobil other communities, you will improve relations with them. Come to the rescue several times and the neighbors will even be able to answer a useful service. For example, to customize a brand new car with a full tank, if your wreck was finally abandoned. Or just give a discount when you trade.

Let go already!

The main currency is why some are considered to be points of influence. They give as a reward for helping, the effective extermination of carrion and contribution to the development of the group. The influence goes out to buy a pair of Molotov cocktails, to take a new base or to establish an Outpost — a base that gives a small bonus and allows you to change the character. Here it is, the true power of credibility in the eyes of society!

State of Decay 2 cleverly into the game’s loop: get the material and complete quests to expand their community, then it will take even more resources for its maintenance and further development. Soon it turns out that you cleaned out the whole area, and it is time to weigh anchor and move to a more suitable home. Where it is possible to build more structures. Forcing them to collect even more resources. Again and again, until you get bored.

The game manages to give a sense of achievement. Spacious base, big guns, armored vehicles, all of this comes with time. But you will never be able to relax. The neighbors are asking for help, suddenly someone accidentally spoil part of the reserves of medications, so that will have to go through a local pharmacy or to rebuild the farm for cultivation of medicinal plants. State of Decay 2 skillfully balances: forces to be agile and quick to think, but punishing bustler operating without a plan. Unfortunately, as the first part, the sequel eventually rolls down into a routine. It lacks narrative momentum, there is only survival for the sake of survival.

One of the rules of survival: the screamers kill from afar

Sad that Undead Labs was again rolled out to the public is not too well-polished product. Zombies, for example, literally raining from the sky. Artificial intelligence sometimes goes crazy and gets stuck somewhere in doors, and the assignment may not be counted. Sluggish sour cherry on the cake is the periodic drawdown of personnel cleanliness. And this “world’s most powerful console” Xbox One X. How it works on the normal Xbox One is a horrible thought.

* * *

State of Decay 2 develops the ideas contained in the first part. She successfully blends survival in the open world of the zombie Apocalypse and manage a group of survivors. However, the authors were unable to shake the feeling of routine, which sooner or later confronts the player in full growth.


  • atmospheric zombie Apocalypse, where survival really need to work;
  • a good mix of action in the open world and simulation of a group of survivors;
  • simple, but fascinating handling;
  • conveniently organized cooperative.


  • history is not simply relegated to second place — it was abandoned somewhere in the far corner of the darkest closet;
  • the process ultimately slipping into a routine;
  • small but frequent technical problems.
Graphics The game offers beautiful scenery one-story America teeming with zombies. Slightly cartoon style smooths not the most advanced graphics. However, the technical bugs spoil the impression.
Sound Minimalistic soundtrack almost do not notice, and interesting characters through which could stand out actors in mono, not here.
Single game Endless, but from time to time a fascinating cycle of the base construction and invasions in the field, where danger awaits at every corner.
Multiplayer Co-op is conveniently arranged and logically complements the specializations of the characters. A group of four people is transformed from victims into zombie hunters.
Overall impression This sequel was afraid to stray too far from the original. If you played State of Decay, then the list of innovations will continue to consist of only one item — you can share the game with friends.

Rating: 7/10

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