Sony will stop making cartridges with games for the PlayStation Vita in the US and Europe. The company has notified developers that the production will close March 31, 2019, and the last orders for physical copies are accepted until 15 February. The Asian division of Sony will continue to release physical media: in Japan, the PlayStation Vita is still popular thanks to the database of JRPG projects.

Third-party developers can continue to create games for the PlayStation Vita: what’s new

for the portable console can be sold in digital version via PlayStation Network. However, to run the games console fans will have to purchase additional proprietary memory cards that are compatible with the device.

The creators of the PlayStation Vita do not intend to invest in the development console: console can not withstand high competition from mobile devices. Therefore, in the current market conditions, the company considers options of production of improved or new version of the PlayStation Vita.


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