Did you ever wish to pilot the drone, moving parts of the body like a bird? Thanks to researchers from the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne in Switzerland this is possible. They created a system called FlyJacket, which allows you to wear the exosuit, and a helmet of virtual reality and direct the drone.

User movement is synchronized with the movements of the drone. The man throws his hands to the side, and then tilts the torso forward, backward, left or right and the drone responds accordingly. The system supports aircraft with fixed wings.

The exosuit is equipped with a device to track movement and supports the user’s hand, so he wasn’t tired. The researchers argue that such control is more intuitive and effective than using the traditional controller.

The developers FlyJacket sure that the system has commercial potential. “Suit was created to keep low-cost materials and technologies and to make the product available, said Karin rognon (Rognon Carine), one of the authors of the project. — Besides, it is small enough to be put in a backpack and head into the open, and sits perfectly on different types of trunks”.

The researchers also are working on expanding the list of commands supported by the system. In particular, later it will be possible to control the speed of movement of a drone.

Source: 3Dnews.ru

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